Does Cannabis Help With Meditation?

by Leslie McMann
Meditation_ Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

So you want to increase your mindfulness and center yourself with meditation, but there’s just one little problem: your mind is still racing with thoughts and troubles. If only there were something all-natural, organic, and locally-grown in California that could help calm your mind for better meditation…oh yeah, cannabis can do that.

Cannabis can be used as a meditation aid for those having trouble releasing inner anxiety and “turning off” their mind. Since both cannabis and meditation are recommended separately to treat stress and anxiety, they make a perfect pair together like peanut butter and jelly.

Cannabis meditation is taking off in the wellness world. While you can certainly attempt it solo, there is probably a workshop or studio near you already offering cannabis meditation classes.

Which cannabis strains work best for meditation?

It’s important to consider what kind of experience you want while meditating. Are you looking to relax your body because you can’t stop thinking about how your arm itches, your back hurts, etc.? Certain indica strains are known for their “couch-lock” effect, where the body is so soothed and relaxed that one can sit unmoving for hours, like Grandaddy Purple. Or do you want to clear your mind of intrusive thoughts that are preventing you from truly settling into the meditation? A hybrid like Girl Scout Cookies is perfect for meditation due to its balance of relaxing body high and introspective head high. 

Does CBD help with meditation?

Yes, CBD can help with meditation by relaxing stress and pain in the body, increasing the sense of awareness in and of the body while still leaving the mind unclouded. CBD has a much smaller psychoactive effect than THC. CBD is a good choice if your meditation contains any physical or strenuous activity or incorporating meditation into your substance abuse healing.

Does cannabis help with yoga?

Yoga practitioners also find cannabis useful for increasing one’s awareness of body, mind, and connectedness, enhancing the yoga experience. Cannabis was used ritually by ancient Hindus, who consumed it as an elixir called bhang. Modern yogis suggest trying sativa strains for those who would like a mind-focused high and a mild strength indica for a body-centered high. The indica Northern Lights is a favorite choice in yoga studios because it relaxes the mind and body without slowing movement. CBD can also help increase your awareness of your body by stimulating a mild body high without the strong psychoactive effects felt with THC use. 

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