Introducing Emjay Essentials Wellness Kits

by Doug

Emjay Essentials Wellness Kits

Emjay is proud to unveil our Essentials Wellness Kits! With these packs, we want to celebrate all of the different feelings great weed can give us. No doubt, cannabis-connoisseurs use cannabis in a variety of different ways for a variety of different reasons – and, as the millennials say, we’re soooo here for that.

That’s why we’ve created four uniquely targeted bundles designed to help improve different aspects of your life. We’ve named them: Mind, Body, Sleep, and Sex.

The Mind Kit

Emjay’s Mind Kit comes complete with pre-rolls from Canndescent and Good Flower. Canndescent’s Create 316 pre-roll is perfect for getting in the headspace for highdeas, finishing that script you’ve been working on, or writing that song trapped inside your head, while Good Flower’s Peach Ozz will give you a light and happy buzz to help take away any nagging anxiety or stress.

Included in the price for these heady cannabis products, Emjay will also send a special non-cannabis item to help facilitate all of your inspiration. And to get yourself flowing, we’ve even put together a Mind playlist on Spotify, full of great lofi hip hop to get the juices really flowing.

The Body Kit

Emjay’s Body Kit comes in clutch with Dosist’s new BlissPlus Pod and Pod Controller. Dosist is known for creating highly-curated products for specific results, so we probably don’t need to tell you how you’ll be feeling after puffing on the Bliss pod

Included in the price for this blissful experience, Emjay will also send a special non-cannabis item to help your body relax after a long day’s work. And if you’re looking at this Kit as a way to reward yourself after a hard workout, may we suggest our Body playlist on Spotify for some high-energy workout music? Yes we may, and we just did.

The Sleep Kit

Emjay’s Sleep Kit is all about helping you catch some Z’s. How are we going to do that? By packing along an eighth of Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato, of course.  Beyond just the delicious sweet taste of this strain, Bacio Gelato has a higher THC percentage than most gelato strains and is perfect for letting the day melt away and for melting you into your bed.

Included in the price for this strain from Sherbinskis, Emjay will also send along a special non-cannabis item to help you get to sleep and stay asleep longer. Plus, this bundle wouldn’t be complete without some relaxing music from our Sleep playlist on Spotify.

The Sex Kit

Emjay’s Sex Kit is all about promoting fun, safe, and romantic sex. To do so, we’re including Foria’s THC-infused Pleasure Arousal Oil and a 2-pack of Sno Cone mini blunts from Artisan. Really, the only choice you need to make is if you’re going to toke before or after getting jiggy with it. Either way, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time

Included in the price for these sexy products, Emjay will also send along a special non-cannabis item to help set the mood. And since we’re all about vibes, we also put together this fun Sex playlist on Spotify, full of great tunes to get you all hot and bothered.

Only 25 of each, so order now!

You read that right. There’s only 25 of each kit available, so be sure to order yours on Emjay quick before supplies runs out!

Whether you’re buying this for a special someone or a little treat for yourself, these kits are designed to make the most of however you or the people you love enjoy cannabis.

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