Cannabis Alternatives to Smoking and Edibles

by Leslie McMann

Can you get high without smoking or edibles?


You don’t have to inhale or ingest cannabis to feel it’s effects anymore. A wave of wellness products infused with THC and CBD has flooded dispensaries– and you can use all of them even if your jaw were wired shut! Check out our guide below to all the new products designed to fit seamlessly with your lifestyle.

Cannabis topicals (patches, balms, etc.)

Yes, you really can get high just by rubbing cannabis-infused oil or lotions on your skin. Your pores will absorb the THC into your bloodstream while the remaining ingredients moisturize the skin. Topicals are also effective at providing targeted pain relief. Mary’s Medicinals Muscle Freeze and Papa and Barkley’s Releaf Balm are meant for soothing achy muscles, like cannabis-infused Tiger Balm. No area of the body is off limits for topicals: Foria’s Arousal Pleasure Oil is meant to be applied directly to the genitals in order to increase sensation, relax the muscles, and even help you orgasm faster. If you don’t want to fuss around with goops and goos, both Mary’s Medicinals and Papa and Barkley offer transdermal patches, which work just like nicotine patches. Stick directly to the skin, and they will slowly release a controlled dose of THC or CBD.

Weed tablets & suppositories

Are you one of those people who could spend hours in GNC looking at all the supplements and vitamins? Well now you can get high simply by swallowing a tablet or oil capsule, or even by inserting a suppository. Level makes discreet and fast-acting sublingual tablets of concentrated THC and CBD called ProTab, available in sativa, indica or hybrid varieties. Absolute Extracts has soft gel capsules of THC oil that look just like a fish oil supplement. Hello Again and Foria both make suppositories that can be inserted rectally or vaginally to slowly release their active ingredients over time– and they’re so comfortable, you can even sleep with them in.

Cannabis tinctures

Like magic potions, one sip or drop of these powerful cannabis-infused tinctures will have you feeling fine and dandy. Just drop the tincture into a drink or under your tongue, and you will soon feel the effects (check out our guide on how to use tinctures). Emjay has a variety of tinctures for sale with different ratios of CBD to THC, allowing you to choose one that is best suited to your lifestyle. You can try a tincture to put in your morning coffee, like Kikoko’s Day, or one to use after work like Kurvana’s Recovery. And if you would like a little flavor, we recommend trying Five Star Extracts flavored syrups. All the power of a tincture, with a sweet, delicious taste.

The cannabis industry has evolved

The cannabis industry has certainly come a long way from doobies and pipes. These new wellness products are perfect for treating medical issues like painful joints or muscle aches, or for someone who wants to consume cannabis as discreetly as possible. Cannabis wellness companies aim to show consumers that weed can be enjoyed by everyone, not just stereotypical stoners.

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