Cannabis Product Review: Big Pete’s Vegan Strawberry Coconut Cookies

by Carrie Dabshaw
Big Pete's Vegan Strawberry Coconut edibles review

Big Pete's Strawberry Coconut Cookies At-A-Glance


Big Pete's feels like family night with surprisingly delicious bite sized comfort food fortified with the healing power of cannabis.


Profound somatic comfort and an effortless well-being humbly steer your physical and mental experience towards joy.


It's hard to believe that plant based, gluten free edibles of this quality cost less than $20. Buy them immediately.

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About Big Pete’s 

Big Pete’s Treats opens on mouthwatering footage of the magical baking journey from simple ingredients to cookie dough to pastry masterpiece that speaks directly to every stoner’s heart. With the invitation to “Bite into Adventure” Big Pete’s bites are infused with Santa Cruz soul and, of course, weed. Also available in Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Sugar, Lemon, Birthday Cake, Double Chocolate, Insane Churro, Seasonal Holiday Sugar, Strawberry (and for those who can’t choose) Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Big Pete has got all the bases covered. 

Since 1979 the #CannaFam headed by the cookie’s namesake has been making cannabis cookies off the Central California coast. Passing the cannabis game down to his kids Katie and Pete Jr., Big Pete’s began professionally baking cannabis in 2009 after experiencing the healing power of cannabis and a desire to spread the good word to others. With Santa Cruz surf culture centered in the #cannafam soul, Big Pete’s gives back with beach clean-ups preserving the natural beauty and wildlife of our shores and oceans.

Sourcing from local cannabis farms and remaining under the control of the Feurtado Family, Big Pete’s remains dedicated to a community-focused approach. Packaged in 10, 6, and single pack options, Big Pete’s many offerings come with activity-based pairing suggestions such as lazy Sundays or long hikes. This approach is based on the lived-in reality of the California cannabis lifestyle. No individual thing in and of itself is that special. But all things as part and parcel of this ever-flowing ceaselessly fluctuating stream of experience are sacred. Weed is great but it doesn’t become truly special until it’s weaved into the fabric of a deeper connection with this infinite tapestry. Community values, environmental reverence, childhood nostalgia, and the healing power of cannabis together are what really make this a big treat.


Offering plant-based, gluten-free, all-natural options in all aspects of social society is now par for the course in California. Big Pete’s family business shows its ability to recognize and respond to the times. Although the other blends rely on the old-school basis in cannabutter, the vegan option calls on organic raw agave nectar for the delicious flower infusion. Although a wide range of plant-based edibles, drinkables, steep-ables, and of course Sonder’s fantasy miracle of cannabis Pop Rocks are now easily accessible, baked goods for vegan cannassieurs are still hard to come by.

The Cookie Club offers fans of Big Pete’s the opportunity to earn rewards and gain access to special promotions and giveaways. Maybe it’s the little kid still losing their mind at Chuck E. Cheese speaking but I love the opportunity-however small-to get prizes with my sweets.  Big Pete’s keeps the communal vibe goin’ with an awesome blog highlighting fantastically delicious-looking recipes that incorporate Pete’s cookies. From Insane Churro Infused Pumpkin Pancakes to Key Lime Pie with their Lemon Cannabis Cookie Crust, I deeply and fully have developed a crush on their homey Santa Cruz aesthetic. 

As the years go by cannabis becomes easier and easier to get our hands on (Emjay delivers weed to your house for free for god’s sake!) it is really easy to let it lose its novelty and fundamental sanctity. When we are so lucky to have a million options (and Emjay alone has over 600! of them) it’s really important to use of economic vote to support the brands that care. That really really care. Because the gift of these teaching plants matters and should be treated with respect. Let’s throw our dollars at heart-centered labors of love and skip the profiteers.


Big Pete’s packaging is decidedly approachable with the appeal of the Costco brand that your grandma buys that is secretly the best. The bag hits like the comfort of a hoodie with the unpretentious charm of showing up in a goofy button-down to an LA nightclub up its own ass about how exclusive it is. Beach culture shines through with holographic weed leaves and shaka symbols emblazoned on the black background.

With surprisingly low calories, vegan and gluten-free ingredients, and the friendly packaging drawing you in it is nearly impossible to resist digging in any longer than a few minutes. These are the type of edibles I intentionally hide from myself before I start dosing because I know once they set in I won’t be able to stop myself from eating more. Pro Tip: take out the dosage of edibles that is right for your body, hide the rest of the bag and prepare non-medicated snacks in advance if you don’t want to overdo it. 

I’ve been buying licensed edibles for years and the goddamn childproof packing still gets me every time. If you’re like me don’t give up! It’s worth the time it takes to get in. Coconut is heavy on the nose as soon as your minutes of effort and brainpower finally outsmart the packaging. The cookies smell really fresh and feel alive. None of the cannabis aromas comes thru on the bouquet but you get a whole lot of fruitiness. Big Pete’s vegan cookies pack all of the love and allure of home cooking into each bite. Keep your corporate cookies-I’ll take edibles from the heart.

The smell and flavor of the is the perfect blend of strawberry and coconut with the ripe red berries melting so effortlessly into the creamy, nuttiness of the coconut it seems like one fluid motion instead of the deftly maneuvered combination that it is.  The ingredients vibrate with a flavor much more robust than you’d imagine just looking at them.  Practice mindful eating for these treasures-close your eyes and focus on the flavors and sensations of the cookie as they melt effortlessly in your mouth. The cookies’ texture is incredible-creamy to the point of feeling fluid with consistent bursts of fruit throughout.

Even when searching diligently for the cannabis flavor it is hard to detect with only a faint aftertaste fingerprint of our beloved botanical friend remaining. These are remarkably easy to eat for flavor alone so be mindful of your tolerance before you open the bag-you can very easily finish these off in one fell swoop before you realize what you’ve done. I would gladly purchase these just as food without the weed supercharge because they are that tasty and comforting. Big Pete’s hits more like the Cool Mom’s with fun, colorful earrings and a hearty full-hearted laugh addition to the bake sale than a professionally manufactured product. 

I started with half of the 10 mg cookies because I didn’t want to miss any of the nuances that the Feurtado family so diligently poured into the batter. About a half-hour in a loving embodied physical sensation hits the surface of your skin like a raver’s favorite pill and somatic well-being settles in gently and naturally. If you save the second half of the cookie-like I did for the 30-minute mark you return to a treat that is now somehow more delicious and soothing than you remembered. 

Big Pete’s Vegan Strawberry Coconut Cookies prove to be a treat in the truest sense. Ease flows effortlessly into your experience and an ever-present but unobtrusive okay-ness pervades whatever else you’re doing. Like the release of really good exhale, these make everything more manageable and connect you to a deep well of equanimity for whatever you’re facing. Sometimes just being in the presence of other people can make you feel better even if you’re not interacting. Big Pete’s feel like a full house of jovial, effusive loved ones on their best night. 


Cookies this good without weed rarely cost less than $20. $19 for 10 glittery bursts of well-being is truly shocking.

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