Cannabis Product Review: Animal Mints Ivory Strain from Fig Farms

by Carrie Dabshaw
Fig Farms Animal Mints Ivory Review from Emjay

Animal Mints At-A-Glance


Fig Farms loans us the expertise of their reverent experts with a bountiful bouquet of juicy, thriving flowers.


An inspiring sense of one-ness and a soothing spiritual grounding bubble up instantly for a loving, alive experience.


Animal Mints is something special. Dollars cannot encapsulate its worth. But $55 is a generous low-balling.

About Fig Farms

Hit up Fig Farms’ website next time you are in need of some breathtaking cannabis photography. A short 360* clip of the cannabis plant in all its glory repeats into infinity on the homepage and kept my attention for nearly that long. From jump, Fig Farms makes it clear that its sole focus is the soul of its flower. Fig Farms is 100% owned by its growers. It’s good to see the people closest to the labor closest to the power and having the flower experts at the helm promises a superior final result.

Fig Farms offers unique and hard to find genetics such as The Pink and Dark Karma. In line with other cannabis labels of its caliber, Fig Farms offers t-shirts for its most loyal devotees. It’s interesting how succinctly and precisely merch can encapsulate a brand’s identity. Fig Farms’ clothes come in earth tones and are made for comfort with logos that are discreet and understated. Fig Farms seems to come from a place of hard work and humility with the quality of the cannabis taking the first, last, and only priority in their business strategy.


Animal Mints Ivory Pheno is Wedding Cake x Animal Mints F1. The Ivory phenotype is named for the color of its crystals and is one of the lowest yielding plants so each individual bud is thought to hold more of the cannabis magic. Phenotypes represent an important concept in the theory of evolution. Each group of organisms has a wide range of genetic variety. The members of each group with the most advantageous inborn traits are the most suited to survival and as a function of this viability will produce the most offspring. Over several generations the most favorable traits will predominate the gene pool thereby evolving the majority of the population with its enhanced characteristics. In cannabis cultivation “pheno hunting” represents the grower’s intervention to intentionally influence which characteristics continue on. 

Each cannabis plant is a unique manifestation of its parents’ genetics. Like humans this idiosyncrasy may not be fully realized until maturity and the plant blossoms into its own unique flower. Growers sequester and label seeds at the beginning of the grow process to later redeem the ones they find most favorable. Including the  phenotype in the strain name speaks to Fig Farms focus on the growing process. It’s a cool detail and it provides the opportunity for the consumer to become more educated. 

Fig Farms is your most informed friend who shares their knowledge with passion, not arrogance.

Animal Mints Ivory Strain


The Fig Farms box is beautiful. Mountains, the moon, and a starlit night are summoned for a really comforting effect. On the inner flaps of the box are a mystic sailor resembling Willam Defoe in The Lighthouse and two wolves facing off on either side of some illuminati iconography. A parable reminds: inside each of us are two wolves constantly fighting. One of the wolves is love, warmth, and courage; the other fear, jealousy, and hatred. Who wins the fight? The one we feed. 

Inside the box is another really gorgeous iteration of the moonlit mountain, this time on the top of a sturdy, simplistic jar holding the flower. The image of another ancient sea mariner inside the box might take a split second of your attention before the utterly spectacular flower inside the glass becomes your sole focus. 

Animal Mints is visibly sugar coated and looks like snowcapped Christmas trees. The buds are full, sparkling, and look almost fuzzy from the jaw-dropping abundance of trichomes. 

Every grain of sand on our beaches, every droplet of water in our air, every branch and twig in the forest greets you lovingly in the multifaceted Earthy aroma of the flower. It doesn’t smell like the world after it rains but it is of the same genus-ephemeral, nuanced, and too far beyond our comprehension to put into words. Shake up the jar to aerate the finer notes and a bright ribbon of orange citrus opens.

The buds are fluffy and puffed full of life. Mystical light orange hairs wisp about light greens and lots of cream colored parts (there’s that ivory pheno).

A really beautiful range of flavors bursts through on the inhale. This is a great bowl to use a hemp wick on to get all the finer tasting notes. Herbal spices meet some smooth underlying coconut hues. There’s a real nuttiness to the exhale which is really interesting. 

Bearing witness to another person’s (or your own) experience is a very powerful act of love. Holding the space for everything to be okay, without judgment is a truly transformative and radical act of creativity in the truest sense. In this way, Animal Mints is a virtuoso-casting a wide net of acceptance over your experience. Maybe its the combination of nautical and celestial themes in the Fig Farms aesthetic but Animal Mints really feels like a pensive, starry night at sea. Greater insight, wonder, and a comforting awareness that we are simply one small part of a much bigger universal tapestry are aroused. It truly comes across in the experience of this flower that it was brought to us by the farmers in commune with the divine rhythms of our living planet. 

Animal Mints is something special-a gorgeous undiluted fruit of our earth.


Fig Farms flower is an extremely rare caliber. Absolutely worth $55.

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