Cannabis Product Review: Island’s Strawberry Banana Quarter Ounce Bag

by Carrie Dabshaw
Island cannabis review on Emjay.

Strawberry Banana At-A-Glance


Island preserves the ease, simplicity, and price point of cannabis days gone by with approachable, affordable weed.


Strawberry Banana is a zoned out pick-me-up that makes you a little less bothered and the world a little more brighter.


$35 for 7 grams puts Island at about $17 an eighth-a truly shocking bargain in LA's cannabis market.

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About Island

Island has been rolling up the California beach lifestyle since 2014 with its laid-back line of flower, prerolls, and vapes.  Drawing on a devoted collection of cannabis farmers across The Golden State, Island focuses on a forever bloom Endless Harvest approach.  With Classic and Mini flower-only pre-roll options, Island triple-tests their product for quality and strain authenticity. Five .5gram minis make up their darling and well-designed tin in 6 different strain offerings.  Infused options make an appearance in single full gram pre-rolls combining flower with full melt ice water hash.

A flower-focused approach founds everything Island does and that is actually much less popular in the magical flower game than you might expect. The hand-selected and hand-trimmed flower is evaluated on its most cogent metrics and Island sticks to rigorous standards on what they seek and choose to share with their consumer. It’s easy to take flower for granted and get into the mindset of “weed is weed” but it’s one of those things. Once you get the good stuff there’s really no reason to go back.

Island delineates the rubric on which they are grading their flower and this is an excellent template for anyone looking to get more discerning in their herbal selections. Terpenes and trichomes very much should be at the top of the list. Using the bud’s structure and overall health to speak to the quality of its germination is how we can start to learn the plant’s language and listen better when she’s talking. Island’s vapes come solely in the utterly superior Pax Era format and that boosts my confidence in their acumen even higher. 


Inspired by the forever summer of California’s climate, Island focuses on an Endless Harvest approach to maintain the freshest possible supply. Not to name names but some of the most beloved top-shelf companies have been known to put some crusty buds out into the world. This is poor form and an indication of laziness and greed. Imagine if you went shopping for roses and they came to the store brittle and wilting.

Island utilizes both indoor and outdoor farming techniques across California to offer a rotation of blooms that fluctuate naturally with the seasons. Island sticks to a handful of strains for all of their offerings and this is another step in the direction of a reliable year-round harvest. With an eye towards sustainability and recyclable packaging, Island is situated to make it to the upper echelon of Earth-conscious cultivars who take greater responsibility for the true reach of their impact.

With an in-depth dive into the terpene profile of each of their core strain offerings, Island really takes a leadership role in the sorely needed educational aspect of cannabis. Just walking into the dispensary on a whim and pointing at the prettiest package is officially over. When this type of information exists and is easily accessible we have a wonderful opportunity to dig deeper into our relationship with the plant that gives us so much.

Island's Strawberry Banana review from Carrie Dabshaw


Island’s sunny yellow pouch and gorgeous tropics inspired logo may be the cutest quarter ounce I’ve ever seen. In larger quantities it seems the majority of the market moves  from fashion into function but Island preserves a healthy scoop of swag in it’s 7g’s. The pouch is elevated and refined enough to feel good about guests seeing it sprawled out on your coffee table and not the instant cringe of loose tobacco sacks.

The Island Flower Pouch glitters like a Cullen in the sun when you move it back and forth in the light and I have a feeling the flower will make us do the same. Before you even open the pouch the strain’s namesake becomes clear as a lovely, potent bouquet of the expected fruits shine through. Big ripe bananas predominate the fragrance with a more faint red berry backend. Inside, a bounty of smalls await with more sparkles and frosting than most in their size.

The smalls’ loose nug structure lends itself to grinding up quickly and easily so if you love to roll hefty blunts or 6 foot bongs this is the ideal pairing.  The inhale skips the fruity notes and heads straight to gas without reservation. Although the hit is not the smoothest, Strawberry Banana is incredibly smokeable. If you’re in the mood to blaze and blaze for hours on ends Island has nailed an inviting, affordable, and easy solution for your revelry. 

At 21% THC, this is a great potency to allow for extended smoke sessions that keep you lively and engaged in the experience. In every way, Island’s Strawberry Banana is the Piña Colada of weed—it’s an approachable, crushable, crowd favorite that really wants nothing more for you than to have a good time. Reserve Strawberry Banana for times when you are seeking and can remain entirely unbothered. Strawberry isn’t great for focus and isn’t particularly energetic so save the chores for later.

High volume smalls in quarter O pouches are all the rage these days—Island’s Strawberry Banana is by far the best and most pleasant I’ve tried of these. The quality and trichrome retention of the buds is heads and shoulders above the others and it is wild, wild, wild that this whole bag is only 35 bucks. I spent a lot of time in college arguing about what the best choice for a 30 pack was—if you get in a similar debate about weed it’s Island no competition.


$35 for 7 grams is an absolute steal.  If you want a quick, easy solution for your smoking needs, this is it. Strawberry Banana from Island is normally $35 per quarter and goes as low as $32 per quarter on Emjay (depending on the timing and deals). You’re welcome!

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