10 Most Affordable Weed Brands

by Carrie Dabshaw
photo by drew taylor on unsplash_10 most affordable weed brands

Checking out at the dispensary doesn’t need to be a contact sport. Get lifted and spare your piggy bank. Here are 10 affordable weed brands to try.

1. Presidential Moon Rock Pre-Rolls: Most Affordable Infused


Presidential makes weed for high tolerances and Moonrock is aptly named for the out-of-this-world experience it gives you. With each flower infused with distillate from end to end before it’s coated in dry-sifted kief, moonrock is unabashedly to-the-point.  Available in a broad rainbow of flavors, Presidential blunts and jays kick in after a hit or two and can last you quite a while based on their strength. $18 is a steal for the unrelenting fortitude of this President.

2. Glass House Farms Ice Cream Cake: Most Affordable Eighth

Glass House Farms completely took me by surprise when I tried it. At $35/eighth Glass House Farms delivers an experience well beyond its price point. Although there are 3.5 grams that cost a few bucks less they are a fraction of Glass House’s quality. With great trichrome retention in their seaside grown flower, this is a great mid-grade purchase to start elevating your tastes. I like their Ice Cream Cake but they have a handful of options available for free delivery and often via the super-fast Emjay Now option.

3. Sherbinskis Gello Gelato Live Resin Gram: Most Affordable Cart

Gello Gelato cartridge from Sherbinskis Emjay Review

Gello Gelato Live Resin completely outpaces its price point. It is not the cheapest vape cart but it is by far the most affordable for the quality. This single-source concentrate with no additives offers a truly elevated experience. With a uniquely tapered mouthpiece and Sherbz signature bright orange swag, Gello Gelato manages to stand out in both its physical manifestation and its enigmatic high. Gello is the latest in the long tradition of delicious Gelato incarnations-skip the imitations and gets it straight from the originator: $46.

4. Raw Garden Live Resin: Most Affordable Dabbable

Raw Garden concentrates_Emjay

With unique and hard-to-find seeds and strains Raw Garden’s organic, Clean Green Certified, fresh frozen flower makes a gorgeous no additive, no filler concentrate that blossoms into spectacular formation across their wide range of offerings. With single-use vapes, 510 carts, Pax Era Pods, and concentrates from diamonds to rosin and the live resin featured here, Raw Garden is a well-tended, verdant burst of cannabis wildlife. The Beach Party Pax Era Pod stole my heart with its elevation of the vape genre and at $32 per gram of Live Resin, this is a mind-boggling addition to the dabble cannon as well.

5. Utopia Peanut Butter Macaroons: Most Affordable Edible

We are living in the halcyon days of edible cannabis and they are only getting better. With restaurant quality bites in all flavor profiles, we have tons of opportunities to get the most bang and yum for our buck. All of Utopia’s remarkable line of macaroons are vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, and paleo-friendly and use only organic and low glycemic ingredients. Unmedicated these would be worth eating for flavor alone and even with the good stuff included they avoid the heavy skunkiness many edibles still have not shed. With 10mg THC per macaroon and 100mg a bag, we are robbing them blind at $16.

6. Wunder Higher Vibes: Most Affordable Drinkable

Wunder amps up their gorgeously mixed seltzers with an extra dose of cannabis love and care. Wunder’s flavors rival any mixologist’s creation and their Higher Vibes series shakes up much more plant magic than their original microdose offerings..Wunder serves up 10mg of Delta 9 THC (the one we know and love) alongside 10mg of Delta 8 THC (a body-centric contended cannabinoid more akin to CBD) in each of their Higher Vibes. The combination yields a sparkling perceptive shift towards joy with a life-affirming uplift. $5 per loaded cannabis cocktail is a much better deal than any bar can pour you. Non-GMO, Gluten-Free,  and unpoisoned by booze $20/4 pack.

7.  Level Protabs: Most Affordable CBD

All of Level’s Protabs are molecular treasures. Formulated by a Ph.D. who chose to spread plant power instead of Big Pharma poison, Level’s Protabs are precisely dosed and reliably accurate. If you want a complete mind and body de-stress I highly recommend the Indica formulation. If you’d rather just give the body the good stuff you can drop $30 bucks here on 250mgs of CBD you know will work well. The “wellness” industry can be a crap shoot but this is the real deal. I have a friend undergoing chemo for breast cancer and another with chronic pain and they both reach for Level when things get rough.

8. Leune Calibre Infused 2 Pack: Most Affordable Pre-Roll Pack

Enter the Leune-iverse for an exciting new take on cannabis that advances the genre. With a move away from the false binary of “indica” vs “sativa”, Leune offers results-focused categorizations that appeal to cannabis users of all levels of experience and tolerance. In imaginatively named eights like Cloud Berry, Leune offers accessible flower everyone can get behind without breaking the bank. In Calibre, Leune offers full flower jays with single-source ice water hash for a potent buzz that vibrates with a deeply loving well-being. It is completely shocking that you get two jays of this quality and strength for $18.

9. Fig Farms Animal Mints Ivory Pheno: Most Affordable Top-Shelf

Although this might sound oxymoronic the most affordable brand in the top tier is important. Within the wide reach of the top shelf, there is a range of affordability and it must be considered vis-à-vis the quality. There’s a vast spectrum of reactions to spending $60. To avoid “I can’t believe I spent $60 on this!” go for Fig Farms Animal Mints. It’s $55 and better than almost any other flower that costs more than that. Owned by the hands that grew them, this flower-forward company lets the love for this magical plant shine through in superior attention to detail and quality.

10. Cheers Queers Space Crystals: Most Affordable for Celebration

Cannabis can be expensive. But in comparison to a night at the bar, it’s super cheap. You can get down on some amazing flower for a fraction of the price of rideshares, rounds, and of course the greasy food you eat afterward. Skip the $90 bar tab and toast to the good life with these better quality, longer-lasting, better feeling cannabis shots of utter exuberance. Honestly, I would love to wax poetic on how nostalgic these feel and what a fevered daydream it is that they exist but let’s just cut to the chase. These are fucking weed Pop Rocks: buy them immediately. $8/bag.

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