Cannabis Product Review: Leune’s Cloud Berry Sungrown Gee Mo’ Eighth

by Carrie Dabshaw

Leune's Sun Grown Cloud Berry At-A-Glance


With a well-crafted constellation of approachable flower, Leune delivers on pleasant, accessible magic.


Chill as a Polar Bear's bathtub-leave all drama at the door with this carefree, body-monogamous high.


$35 is killer for the quality. Absolutely worth trying.

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About Leune’s Cloud Berry Sun Grown Gee Mo’

Leune is on a mission to elevate cannabis and the conversations surrounding it with their Weed 3.0 approach. Based in the state the Red Hot Chili Peppers just won’t stop singing about, Leune peddles purpose-driven-weed for everyone from the noob to the pro. Leune seeks to advance awareness about the racist “War on Drugs” and the many innumerable injustices it has caused and works with a variety of organizations to undo them.

In 2021 Leune lauched an All-In-One Piña DayDream vaporizer with all its net proceeds donated to Last Prisoner Project’s efforts to free all 40,000 people held in for-profit cages for weed. A proud member of the Floret Coalition, Leune is one of 135 brands engaged in funding equity-oriented actions prioritizing the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. An effort to date at the the time of writing that has raised over 60,000 dollars. It is this type of activism everyone making money off of weed is tasked with and it is gorgeous to see Leune take the reins on their responsibility.

Inside the Leune-iverse there is none of the Indica vs. Sativa false binary but instead a handful of situation specific blends.  For their big bud eighths, newly released large quantity littles, All-in-One vapes, Pax Era Pods, and infused pre-rolls [Link] the selection is limited to 6 mood specific blends: Cloud Berry, Sol Berry, Desert Gold, Naked, Piña Dream, and Calibre. Leune offers a fascinating evolution in cannabis categorization and other brands would be wise to follow their lead.


The Cloud Berry archetype offers flowers focused on stress relief. With a rich combination of full body relaxation and an accompanying mental ease, the Cloud Berry archetype houses several individual strains under this umbrella of effects. Brilliantly named (Peyote Cookies for example) and gorgeously designed, the Cloud Berry family invites a wider circle of cannabis consumers into rotation.

Founded by Nidhi Lucky Handa, Leune aims to avoid the hypermasculine bro culture of prototypical cannabis brands for a more socially aware aesthetic.  The categorization of her options is an accessible entry point for people who haven’t spent years pheno-hunting but want to know how the weed will make them feel. No parentage or lineage is available for Gee Mo’ but there are clear instructions on how to use it: “If using casually, it’s a great end of night smoke that’ll have you happy and ready for bed in no time.”.

And with that sweet kiss on the forehead of a tuck-in, let’s see how we float on Cloud Berry.


Leune’s packaging is incredibly comforting and lands somewhere between high-end spa product and delicious candy wrapper. The lid is made from reclaimed ocean plastic and this is another example of Leune’s incredible leadership. Cannabis is of the earth and when we receive it’s gifts we should give back in return. The use of cannabis has often run counter to law enforcement and in the 1960’s was one of the tools of the counterculture. Let’s uphold cannabis as an anti-authoritarian force. 

Inside the vacuum sealed goodie bag, Gee Mo’ bursts into a truly inviting and comforting aroma of sweet cream, understated earthiness, and unpretentious bursts of orange and bright lemon zest. The slightest notes of stank make their way into Gee’s perfume and hit like a classy and undeniably true reminder that she don’t play.

As for visuals, Gee presents herself with the majestic inherently-balanced flow only nature can provide. Proudly sun-grown, Gee looks molded by the elements as trichomes press, glue, and sweep together a geometry that seems negotiated by the winds and stars. Nearly the entirety of my eighth came in one regal nug, sparkling in parts and laced with thick bursts of sticky webbing in others.  I felt called to break Gee up by hand, it felt wrong to put a grinder near her. 

A slight sensation of guilt arose as I lit up this humble plant without sharing it amongst friends.  A few hits in I forgave myself.-Gee Mo’ is perfect for zoning out and going into the human equivalent of battery-saving mode. A small bowl in and I exclaimed fervently aloud “why am I still standing?”. The couch has never known a truer friend than Gee. Mental processes are definitely slowed but there’s an atmosphere of safety and clarity that is ideal for newer smokers.

I have a friend nicknamed Slo’ Mo and everybody loves him because it takes no effort to just rest in his presence and Gee Mo’ is the same in its manifestation. Sup on the fruits of heavens like a Greek God/dess from the safety of your bed as Leune feeds you a bundle of Cloud Berries one-by-one.


The Price is Right-$35 regularly $30 on sale and entirely worth either.

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