Cannabis Product Review: Camino’s Limited-Edition Blood Orange Halloween Gummies

by Carrie Dabshaw
Review of Camino's Halloween themed gummies

Camino Blood Orange Gummies At-A-Glance


Camino defines a full mood deftly and lovingly with their gently dosed, gorgeously designed, and invigorating Halloween themed gummies.


Enough to raise you from the dead-get lively with an engaged and curious mental effervescence and unbothered somatic experience.


Unbelievably affordable at $16/tin-completely exceeds that in value.

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About Camino

Camino seeks to move your mood with their flavor-forward effects-focused THC, CBD, and CBN gummy cocktails spiked with terpenes. Each Camino product—and these bites run the gamut from Sparkling Pear to Pineapple Habanero—is meant to encapsulate the feel of an enchanted landscape. In other words—each Camino tin serves up a full mood. And each of these weedscapes is perfectly designed for the canna-user on the go. These are not zoned-out mallet strikes but nuanced experience enhancements.

Camino seeks to provide the most specifically tailored and immersive experience available and that is so valuable in a marketplace that often doesn’t give much more than the bare minimum on what you can hope to expect. Their Midnight Blueberry, for example, provides 5mg THC alongside 1mg of wildly underused CBN to lay you down peacefully for a full night’s slumber. From the illustration on the tin to terpenes added and cannabinoids used, Camino is a straightforward jaunt with clear intentions.

Keeping impeccable company, Camino is housed alongside Petra, Terra, and Lost Farms under Kiva’s illustrious umbrella of products. If you are unfamiliar with these product lines (mircodosed mints, chocolate-covered espresso beans and blueberries, and live resin chews, respectively) you are missing out on some of the most fun, versatile, affordable, and approachable edibles on the market. Kiva’s products are great for beginners or for more functional daily uses for higher tolerances.


Kiva is the term used by Hopi, Zuni, and other Pueblo people to denote the large circular underground spaces where spiritual ceremonies are held. Although the scope, variety, nuance, and cosmological significance of the rich history of Indigenous spiritual practice is well beyond the purview of our time here, dear reader,  introducing ancient wisdom into our understanding of how cannabis can (and should) be used is important. It’s easy to get caught up in consumerism but no matter how bomb the packaging (and I think we can all agree this is a 10)  we must never lose sight of Mother Earth as its creator.

To paint with a broad stroke, mysticism and ancient wisdom traditions often rely on the natural world for insight into just what exactly the fuck is going on out here in the world. Halloween, for example, has roots in the ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain—the day (October 31st) when the veil between the physical and spiritual world is the thinnest and people would disguise themselves as monsters to avoid being dragged into the underworld. Similarly, in Mexico, the 31st is celebrated as El Día de Los Muertos when children who have passed may return to this realm to visit their loved ones.

In the ancestral wisdom teachings of several tribes Indigenous to North America, specific species offer teachings, wisdom, and medicine beneficial to the human’s healing and awakening. For example, in Sacred Medicine of Bee, Butterfly, Earthworm, and Spider authors Linda Star Wolf and Anna Cariad-Barrett offer shamanic healing based on each insect’s archetypal energy. For example, Spider “is a being from which we can learn how to open, listen to the wide universe around, and wait for the telltale vibrations of Spirit sending us signals through the strands of the universal web”. How can plant medicine make us more available to receive and enact these signals?

Cannabis is a teaching plant and several cultures have designated October 31st as one of massive importance in our culture. With their forces combined, what can this harken for the human? What illustrious atmosphere awaits at the far end of this Camino? Let’s keep asking these questions as Emjay makes the cannabis ritual as easy and affordable as it literally has ever been in the course of human history.


Camino is Emjay’s fourth best-selling product line which is sayin’ somethin’ when you realize we’ve got nearly 600 on deck.  Taking one look at this festive, inventive, and inviting tin makes it very clear why Camino has found such success.  Blood Orange is on theme, gorgeously designed, and modestly dosed for approachable experimentation. With on point fruit selection, Blood Orange offers a more subtle sweetness and dynamic tartness than the one-note Navel. 

“Thrills & Chills” is the vibe and the inside of the tin explains why-with an infusion of energetic terpenes, Camino’s Blood Orange seeks to fuel your wild night. I love the ambition of this intention and it is a very interesting trend to see edibles focusing on an uplifting experience (the antithesis of their stereotyped KO effect). Like Sundae School’s recent Yuzu Elderflower Mochi drop, I hope these will stir instead of stifle. 

The Blood Orange bite sized Chills & Thrills come in a square shape that seems peroforated for easy micro-dosing-a brilliant and useful innovation for newcomers and precise explorers alike. Camino opts for a rich onxy color for their gummies instead of the party store orange I expected but lots of orange and sugary sweet come through on the nose. I heart microdosing so I thought I’d start with half to see how precise these bites get.

The flavor is nice and even in half the bite you get the nuance of blood orange’s balanced grapefruit undertones. I waited 10 minutes to dig into the other half and that was not easy. Camino’s stunning tin and thematically dressed noms make these perfect for a party or group hang. The price is so spectacular you can empty it while you’re out and know you spent less than you would have on 2 drinks at the bar. 

Camino’s Chills & Thrills are suprisingly even-keeled with a precise dosage you can rely on. 10 minutes after consuming 2.5mgs I felt the first rumblings of some fun and couldn’t contain myself from adding an additional 5mg.  Blood Orange delivers on its promise of a lively influence-the mental experience is invigorated with curiosity, laughter comes more easily and the world grows just a little more engaging. 

Camino fully accomplishes their intended vibe-these are ideal for whatever your Halloween plans may be. Parties and theme parks will sparkle more fully and an extra layer of joy will accompany your scary movie marathon. This is perfect for psychological horror like Hereditary if you like them ghastly, The Babadook if you’re more reserved. Blood Orange retains your connection to the body without bogging you down.  Keep these on deck for lively philosophical debate or a work shift you need some pep in your step for.

Camnio’s Halloween Limited Edition Blood Orange Gummies are the rare treasure that makes it absolutely clear what it is to be used for and fully fullfilles that aim. These tell a complete story and share a bright rose tinting on your day or eventful evening. 


Make like *NSYNC and Buy, Buy, Buy this screamin’ $16 bargain.

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