Cannabis Product Review: CANN Reserve x Sundae School Yuzu Elderflower

by Carrie Dabshaw

CANN x Sundae School Yuzu Elderflower At-A-Glance


Buzzy, bubbly super duo marries Yuzu & Elderflower for CANN x Sundae School in a joyful life-affirming uplift.


Evolved dosing and impact carve out a new use for cannabis with CANN's alcohol alternative and Sundae School's energizing petals.


$17 for 100mg of Sundae School's bright, energetic edibles and $24 on the 6 Pack of CANN's Reserve mixologist grade tonic.

About CANN & Sundae School

CANN x Sundae School is freshest drop from CANN’s marvelous line of products and our first offering from the fantastic Sundae School and we here at Emjay couldn’t be happier to welcome them. With reverse-osmosis carbonated water, agave from Mexico, and juice not from concentrate CANN plays mixologist quality matchmaker with their pure cannabis extract. In collaboration, CANN incorporates the lively visionary spirt of Sundae School-a craft cannabis brand and trendy smokewear label with the founding belief that cannabis is for maximizing our potential. 

Sundae School’s intention and manifestation is non-dual: they are neither just a cannabis brand nor just a smokewear label but incorporate both into a lifestyle that speaks more to an aesthetic than an easy-to-pinpoint well-trodden trope. Like Braindead and their fantastic edibles, Sundae School is about offering a new flavor for arriving to social society. Which is where they meet CANN-revolutionizing the future of social drinking. 

Avoiding the pitfalls of both alcohol and cannabis edibles, CANN is precisely dosed to avoid overdoing it. No couch lock, you won’t get too high, and it doesn’t last for all eternity like the mega-dosed chocolate bars of yesterday. Responsible, approachable microdosing is the wave of the future and will continue to evolve as cannabis becomes more and more a part of this country’s mainstream. 

CANN is perfect for those just dipping their toes into the cannabis game. Offer these to your loved ones who are curious about cannabis but nervous to take the dive. It’s a great opportunity to include more people in the rotation as CANN provides the perfect opportunity to go at your own pace. CANN varies THC and CBD levels across their vast array of products so there’s something for everybody. If you’re new here, 2mg THC is almost exclusively the lowest non-zero dose offered in any format and 4mg CBD is just enough to crack it open into something special. 

Sundae School doses for more experienced users with 10mg of THC per gorgeous flower-shaped tapioca mochi bite. With real fruit and low sugar, Sundae School also promises effects within 20 minutes. Rapid onset is fascinating and is nailed marvelously in Kanha’s Sublime Key Lime. Sour Yuzu with Elderflower is listed as a “sativa” which is an even more controversial choice in the field of edibles. Weed hits the body differently through the digestive tract. Will this School make good on its promise of creativity?


Initially rallied behind as a resource for AIDS patients as a less caustic alternative to Big Pharma chemicals, cannabis legalization in California is due in large part to Queer Activism. It is fantastic to see this tradition upheld and done in a different socially evolutionary fashion. Both Sundae School and CANN are queer-owned and if you’re family you know we don’t always get along.  It is vital that all queer folks look out for all queer folks and I can’t slam my dollars down fast enough to support this. 

A brilliant advert near Hollywood/Gower proclaims Alcohol is CANNceled and there could not be a better description of the service this bubbly provides. CANN evolves the beverage game and is the ideal alternative for relaxation, celebration, and inebriation for those who know they deserve better than booze. This is all of the social lubricant with none of the social humiliation. Get sparkling not sloppy and skip the hang over for a brighter morning-after that doesn’t involve hours of text message mea culpas.

Diving deeper into mindful, deliberate action Sundae School focuses on energy-efficient methods, social-equity partners, and uses only recyclable and reusable packing across their entire line.  Founded by Dae Lim, Sundae School incorporates elements of Lim’s experience growing up in Korea with her time in The States. Using the gorgeous citrus of Yuzu and the ancient history of Elderflower as medicine, Sundae School brings mochi into rotation for this mouthwatering advancement of the cannon. Bye Blue Raspberry, let’s welcome ancient wisdom to the future of cannabis.


CANN’s signature graphic design explodes to exciting new heights on the Yuzu can. With gorgeous flowers, verdant trees, and yuzu pinwheels the purple and yellow joy looks as top notch as the “Reserve” label on the bottom promises. This is the first in CANN’s line to merit this designation and is well deserved for it’s ultra rare and delicious ingredients. If you are having company over and want to impress your guests I’d put this out on the snack table and would put a paycheck down on them going first-it radiates the energy of something you want to be a part of. 
Cracking open the CANN opens a superb bouquet of the bright, complex nuance of yuzu. I first became familiar with this citrus fruit working at a Japanese barbeque restaurant and it instantly evolved my palette-it is high grade and without parallel in flavors I’ve experienced. The taste is exquisite, fine dining caliber and I am so thankful the mochi came bundled with it as I will forever mourn that I can’t replicate this exact taste in every meal I eat. If I felt nothing of the cannabis effects this $24 6 pack would be worth it on flavor alone. 
CANN’s Yuzu Elderflower is so delicious I basically took it like a shot. I was in an awful mood when I first cracked the CANN and the 2mg THC:4mg CBD was just enough to make the evening bearable. (Unfortunately) no plant or cocktail, illict drug or prescribed pharmaceutical can fix things for you. But some can bring you well within your range of tolerance to fix them yourself. CANN’s Yuzu holds just enough space for you to get your self together.  This is just enough to take the edge off. 
I moved on to Sundae School’s gorgeous mochi gummies next. Beautifully pressed into a gorgeous flower petal shape, these gummies were released in honor of the Mid-Autumn Festival-an important time in Chinese culture to worship the moon and come together with family, Sundae School encourages use of these brilliantly designed bites amongst friends and chosen family.
The singular most inventive manifestation of an edible I’ve ever seen, the flower petals come in a ziplock embalzed with the words “tiny but mighty”. Inside the bag the bites are a rich, gorgeous purple with some lighter powdery hues in the center. The floral perfume is suprisingly fragrant and rich. It’s hard to believe such a grand aroma arose from the tiny bite. I cut mine in half to take in two 5mg intervals. In the center a rich purple jelly looks as inviting as candy ever could. The flavor leans much more heavily in the flower direction both Elder and cannabis. 
The Sundae School tin promises a fast onset and the way it quickly dissolves in the mouth absolutely lead me to believe that would prove accurate. About 10 minutes in I started to feel some dreamy effects and ventured in for the second half. About 20 minutes in a nice electric energetic arose in the body. Wakeful awareness is absolutely present in the uplift and offers a really unique edible experience. These are perfect if you use cannabis before you exercise or clean. Yuzu Mochi are surprisingly bubbly and buzzy.


Sundae School’s buzzy and beautiful edibles are bargain priced at $17, CANN’s $24 6 Pack is the cost of top grade class.

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