Cannabis Product Review: Kanha Nano Sublime Key Lime Gummies

by Carrie Dabshaw
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Kanha's Nano Sublime Key Lime Gummies At-A-Glance


Going beyond the basic childhood flavors of many edible brands, Kanha elevates the genre to new and exciting culinary frontiers.


A delightfully affordable price, these Kanha gummies cost $16 for 100 milligrams.


I got the first inklings of its calm, relaxing effects within 5 minutes. These babies really waste no time on spicing up your bloodstream.

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You can purchase Kanha's edibles, including the Sublime Key Lime gummies, on Emjay for delivery or in-store.

About Kanha

Kanha is quintessentially Californian with bright colors, inventive culinary combinations, and vegan options packing So-Cal vibes in every bite. Available in the great American Southwest and across state lines in Canada, Kanha is a proud member of the Sunderstorm family of brands which also includes the Nanotechnology featured here.

Founded in 2015 by Sunderstorm, Kanha’s gummy roster is stacked with a variety of lines for every edible consumer. You’ll find tropical THC to high CBD and vegan options. The Nano product lines offer an additional advancement to the genre. Kanha hangs their hat on flavor and texture first and foremost and prides themselves on offering a pesticide-free product with all-natural ingredients. Very honorably, Kanha distinguishes between their Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid gummies for a more informed decision-making process for their consumer. 

Going beyond the basic childhood flavors of many edible brands, Kanha elevates the genre to new and exciting culinary frontiers—lychee, pink guava, passionfruit, cran-pomegranate, and the epicurean’s beloved key lime featured here. Kanha also offers a variety of dosings and cannabinoid proportions for their delicious treats including 5’s 10’s and amazingly a 5mgs THC: 5mgs CBD: 5mgs of vastly underrated CBN. Kanha serves a rainbow of options with something for everybody.


Introducing nanotechnology into the cannabis market is a fascinating concept and it really sets Kanha out of the pack. Kanha’s Nano series provides a fast-acting onset that circumvents the delay and unpredictability of edible usage. If you’re like me you have on more than one occasion—consumed more than you meant to because you got impatient and convinced yourself it wasn’t working—only to get way too high about 45 mins later. 

The course of each edible’s high is unique to each specific body. It is generally recommended to wait at least 30-45 minutes to see how the edible affects you before taking more. Something to keep in mind during this calculation is that (at least for my body) the experience will peak about an hour and a half in before it the effects start to decline. So if you wait 15 minutes, don’t feel anything, and take more the first and second dosage will be peaking 15 minutes apart which can make for a sustained experience of the most intense high the edible gives you. More simply—you will end higher than you want to be for longer than you would have been if you don’t wait long enough between doses. 

Whether you want to play it safe or go all out, Nano offers you the opportunity to modulate that experience on your terms. With nanomolecular technology that makes the cannabis particles smaller than the wavelength of light increased surface area allows for more rapid, higher absorption. Kanha lists 15 minutes as the average time for the onset of their Nano line and this is excellent for the most impatient amongst us.

Kanha Nano Key Lime_ Photo by Kanha


Inside Kanha’s gorgeous, Day-Glo, lion-hearted bag, a beautiful aroma awaits. The key lime flavor shines brightly with a true-to-fruit elegance. It completely avoids overly saccharine sweet notes and the skunky weediness of first-gen edibles. Each is bite is uniformly sized, perfectly shaped, and lightly sugared. The precision and consistency of the gummies garner a lot of trust in Kanha’s attention to detail. The bag reads 5mgs in each bite and it’s nice to feel confident that that is what we’ll actually receive.

I ate unlicensed edibles recently in Phoenix in a pinch before its 2020 recreational legalization. The bag wasn’t much past a ziplock and the label looked like the product of a hasty last-minute high schooler’s group project. A stale, tangled mess or rainbow ropes equally skunky sour and sickenly sweet set into the bloodstream with a clumsy thud. Cringe-worthy memories like these make edibles as well-executed as Kanha’s all the more special and worthy of praise and adoration.

The key lime flavor is incredible. Every note of the beloved dessert is executed flawlessly. The flavor profile tells a complete story from beginning to end with no discordant notes. Whether you take a bite off or let the gummy dissolve slowly, it is an excellent piece of candy. I would eat this without the cannabis supercharge because the flavor is that amazing. Great mouthfeel and a clean aftertaste make these very easy to eat and eat and eat so choose your dose ahead of time and hide the bag away before they become your new favorite munchie.

I was fascinated by the promise of rapid onset so I set a time for 15 minutes to track it and to be completely honest I got the first inklings of its effects within 5 minutes. The “nanotech” is not a marketing gimmick. These babies really waste no time on spicing up your bloodstream. Sublime Key Lime is just that in the body—a really effortless calm rests in easily and lightly. There’s just enough energy to keep you moving and feeling good.

Within 10 minutes, a respectful, active uplift sets in with very little interference in cognition and motor skills. Microdosers rejoice! These are perfectly crafted for getting shit done and going about your day with enhancement, not impairment. From caloric load to psycho-spiritual imprint, Kanha treads lightly and respectfully. I made tea before I dug into the bag and my uplift was rockin’ before my drink had reached drinking temperature. 

Believe the hype, these are awesome.


Audibly shouted “what?!” when I saw the price point—purchase Kanha immediately if not sooner $16 for 100mg THC.

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