Cannabis Product Review: CANN’s Lemon Lavender Tonic Drink

by Carrie Dabshaw
CANN review of Lemon Lavender from Emjay

Lemon Lavender CANN At-A-Glance


CANN perfects micro-dosing with this effervescently social and delightfully manageable sparkling buzz.


CANN tastes, feels, and unwinds better than any of it’s alcoholic counterparts. Consider the price point the cost of admission to the VIP tent for the night.


Lemon Lavender CANN is built to lift you up and never hold you back. Go about your day enhanced, not impaired.

Find It On Emjay

You can find Lemon Lavender CANN, alongside other flavors and the company's newest Hi-Boy offerings, on Emjay.

About CANN

When I quit drinking alcohol, CANN was the first drink I reached for to fill its place. With none of the destructive physical and social side effects of liquor consumption, CANN is precisely dosed to avoid the pitfalls of edibles as well. No couch lock, you won’t get too high, and it doesn’t last for all eternity like the frat’s boy extra strength edible tends to. 

CANN is the future of social drinking. No hang-overs. No regrets. Nothing sloppy. At 30 calories per serving, the drink offers you 2 mg THC, 4 mg CBD, and a whole lot more social grace than any beer or seltzer on the market.

CANN is the perfect option for those new to cannabis who don’t want to smoke but hope to enjoy the beneficial effects. Offer this to your loved ones who are curious about cannabis but nervous to take the dive. It’s a great opportunity to include more people in the rotation as cannabis powers towards more visible mainstream ubiquity. 

Because it’s great for beginners, let’s take a quick trip back to the basics: every human (whether they use cannabis or not) is born with an endocannabanoid system—a network of receptors throughout the brain and body that bind with cannabis to produce a wide array of effects. There are over a hundred known cannabinoids which work in concert with one another to produce the many varied experiences cannabis gives us. THC and CBD are two such cannabinoids. Separately, THC primarily affects cognition, CBD primarily the body. When cannabinoids combine, things really get interesting. This is known as the entourage effect. Wisely proportioning THC to CBD is the key to unlocking the full potential of both.


A big, bursting scent of Lavender greets you on the nose as soon as you open the can. Lavender has become synonymous with the spas, yoga studios, and self-care adventures that this aroma fits so nicely into the experience. The restful, calming joy that Lavender is known for exists here in liquid form.

The flavor is bright, floral, and agave-sweetened to perfection. It’s sweet but not overly so. It tastes like a treat but without the caloric baggage. CANN is a great way to cut back on soda. The flavor profile stands on its own and will also contribute to a meal.

CANN chooses locally-sourced cannabis with uplifting, energetic effects to keep their bubbly lively. The 4 mg of CBD hits harder than expected with a silky smooth addition to physical touch. The invigorating mental component balances out the physical effect for a combination that keeps you up and movin’. 

One CANN gets you right to the precipice of a more intense experience. Effects set in quickly so you always know where you’re at and have the opportunity to dive deeper without the risk of overdoing it. 

CANN review of Lemon Lavender from Emjay


CANN is at the forefront of a very exciting movement in the cannabis industry. Micro-dosing makes room for functional, day-to-day opportunities to use cannabis as an enhancement to and not a distraction from your life.

Getting higher than you want to is one of the worst feelings in the whole world. And it’s one some users come to know all too well after experimenting with edibles. CANN gives you full control of how lifted you get. And never feels scary or confronting. 

Gone are the days when cannabis means the skunky dirt you use to knock for the day. CANN powers you through your entire checklist with the added clarity of a more relaxed headspace. 

The dull, skunky weed taste of edibles is a thing of the past. CANN is bubbling full of life. After one or two of these, so are you.


Ditch the booze and pick up a CANN 6 pack for the cost of maybe 2 cocktails at the bar. A more evolved and much tastier alternative to the trending seltzers with none of the trash. $18/6 pack.

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