Cannabis Edible Review: Rose x Brain Dead Cherimoya Sannam Delights

by Carrie Dabshaw
Braindead x Rose collab_ review on Emjay_ Photo by Lindsey Bartlett

Braindead x Rose Los Angeles Collab At-A-Glance


Fascinating, off-beat art collective meets chef-driven, precision focused edibles in this unique advancement of the canon.


Priced for refined cannaisseurs and/or Braindead diehards.  Buy without question if you are either or both. $36 for a 100mgs of sophisticated live rosin elevation.


A clean, mystic elevation provides an unobtrusive vibrational bliss light years beyond the blunt force of first gen consumable cannabis.

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You can purchase the Rose Los Angeles x Braindead rosin rose delights on Emjay, either with free delivery or in-store.

About Rose and Brain Dead Los Angeles

Brain Dead is a disruptive lifestyle brand with a variety of artistic tentacles. With distinctive apparel and a wide array of home goods from color-changing cups to pillows and rugs, Brain Dead is a collective of international designers and artists who defy easy categorization and definition. Brain Dead Studios occupies LA’s historic Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax just blocks away from Sherbinskis and the West Hollywood Emjay hub.

From vinyl Record Fairs to Magic the Gathering nights and curated themed screenings of cult classics, Brain Dead Studios offers a distinctly LA experience unlike any other. Upstairs is a green room turned clothing store, outside a gorgeous patio with Slammers Cafe serving delicious traditional and plant-based food and drink options, and inside are bizarre and eclectic movie posters for vintage films. A beautiful, intimate single screen awaits past the ticket-ripper and concession stand of popcorn, soda, kombucha, and plant-based Swedish Fish. If you’re lucky you might even catch the CBD-only version of these incredible edibles in stock before the picture. 

In collaboration with the impeccable artisans at Rose Los Angeles, Brain Dead enters into yet another avenue for their ineffable artistic signature. As more and more creatives enter the cannabis space, the possibilities for exciting and increasingly immersive experiences are born. As several high-end cannabis brands enter into the merchandising and apparel space, it is somewhat satisfying to see an apparel brand try its hand at cannabis. Brain Dead chooses an impeccable partner and produces a high-art final product with these artisanal edibles.

Rose Delights x Brain Dead Cherimoya Sannam Edibles Review


Rose prides itself on being the world’s first to infuse its edibles with single-strain rosin pressed in-house. Like Brain Dead, Rose is a collective of creatives seeking to advance and step outside the mainstream narrative. Headquartered in San Francisco’s Mission District, Rose only uses locally sourced ingredients in their chef-driven gummies. Rose focuses on the highest possible activation of our endocannabinoid system by using only pure, high terpene, solventless low heat extract for their delicious bites.

Rose are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and comprised of predominantly organic ingredients. Avoiding the heavy-handed, sophomoric flavors of most edibles, Rose Delights opts for much more inventive ingredients and flavor profiles. From “milky fruity” to dirt flavored offerings, Rose goes awf marching to the beat of their own drum. Their collab with Brain Dead is similarly inventive offering a tripped out a tropical cocktail of lime, Gunter Sannam Chilli (named after one of the districts in India where it is grown), and cherimoya-a tropical fruit also called a “custard apple” for its creamy texture.

Rose Delights x Brain Dead manages to express and evolve the most interesting aspects of each of its parents in its stunning packaging. Brain Dead’s signature bizarre, irreverent, and macabre style shines through in the disturbing psychedelic cover art. On top a frenetic “Brain Dead” in arcade age video game font sets the tone for the multifaceted experience to come. Calling on Rose’s fantastic slogan the inner flap reads “transcendent meditation software” amongst a handful of other inward-looking phrases on the box. 

This collaboration deftly evokes curiosity. And intrepid travelers, there’s only one way to find out what lies beyond the veil…

Rose Delights from Rose and Braindead. Photo by Lindsey Bartlett


The rosin version of Turkish Delights, Rose offers a new take on the classic gummy candies traditionally made of chopped dates or pistachios bound by gel. Rose opts for a vegan alternative free of gluten to pair with their in-house pressed rosin. For these brilliant bites, the Hammerhead strain born of White Rhino x Medicine Man takes the lead. 

Nothing on the nose for the individual cubes or in the aggregate but Rose Delights offer a surprisingly complex flavor profile. A beautiful, evolved cannabis flavor emerges first-the stale, heavy, bongwater-reminiscent flatness of many edibles is replaced with a crisp cleanliness that recalls the exhale of a quality extract.  Weediness begins the conversation with the taste buds but it doesn’t end there. Lots of bright tropical fruit notes comes through and outlast each bite in the aftertaste. Edibles of this quality are the type that you’d eat just for flavor so be careful not to overdo the right dosage for you with absent-minded snacking. 

Rose Delights framing their cannabis products as transcendent meditation software is fascinating.  Mindfulness encourages us to get in personal, somatic touch with each new moment. With no need to stop or change the flow of thought, emotional sensation, or what may be going on around us, we are tasked only with noticing  and offering  acceptance to whatever arises and inevitably passes. So what’s really going on in the moment-to-moment fluctuations of the Rose Delight x Brain Dead experiment?

Instead of the blunt, one note blast most edibles offer, Rose Delights really blossom into a dynamic unfolding. The mind and body are mellow and balanced. The rosin feels very in touch with the mystical quality of cannabis and the uplift is very still. The buzz is clear and sophisticated, 5 mg is a great bite sized dose to accommodate busier and more professional lifestyles. The clarity of rosin-all terps, all cannabinoids, no solvents-really shines through in its effects. Many edibles can make you feel bogged down or like you’ve been hit with a tranquilizer dart, these skip the stoneyness and just leave you with the elevation. Rose Delights x Brain Dead offers a blissful connection with the body and a vibrational uplift of carefree ease to sit nicely in the background of whatever the rest of your experience may be.


$36 is steep for 100mg of THC but the price point reflects the quality, not the strength. This is top dollar for refined, top-shelf rosin X gorgeous, evocative art.

Rose x Braindead rosin delights _ Emjay Review_ Photo by Lindsey Bartlett

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