Product Review: Yada Yada’s GG4 5 Gram Smalls

by Carrie Dabshaw

Yada Yada GG4 At-A-Glance


Maintain your sunny disposition at check out with Yada Yada's surprisingly easy purchasing decision.


GG4 offers a simple stoniness without any twists and turns for a dulled mind and physical lethargy.


$27 for the pouch makes for just over $5 per gram. Better than its competitors at this tier but don't expect the best.

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About Yada Yada

Yada Yada may have single-handedly removed every annoying element of shopping for cannabis in Los Angeles. Avoiding the pseudo-day-spa wellness chic and clout-chasing cannapparel motifs so en vogue these days, Yada Yada intentionally and with wonderful brand awareness states their raison d’etre simply as “a brand of flower that’s just easy”. You’d imagine a field geared primarily at stoners would have more of these. But alas, like everyone and everything else in Los Angeles, cannabis companies also have side hustles in like ten other things. 

Yada Yada is ideal for those who just want a bag of weed. Preferably that doesn’t cost a lot of money. And one they have to spend very, very little time thinking about. The sunny yellow bag reads “easy breezy” and precisely zero lies are told. The packaging is reminiscent of Abba Zabas-an underloved candy that always hits the spot when you need it to. Similarly, Yada Yada is the reliable flower friend that is always there to serve its exact purpose whenever you need them. With an Instagram page that cannot be bothered to be anything but outright looney, it’s refreshing to see a cannabis brand that doesn’t take itself so seriously.

The majority of Yada Yada’s line is focused on our favorite dessert flavors. Ice Cream Cake, Cherry Glazed, and the surprisingly-good-for-the-price Cherry Do Si Dos to add a spoonful of sugar for our medicine to go down. Today’s focus on GG4 is the rare stand out in their strain selection. Opting for ape adhesive over decadent sugary flavors should clue you into the reputation universally beloved Gorilla Glue holds. Amazingly and aptly named, this strain is known for keeping your chubby butt exactly where you plant it-couch, forest floor, candy aisle at the 99 cent store, wherever that may be. The simplicity of Yada Yada from strain to shelf is some welcome relief in the anxiety-inducing culture of consumerism.


If you were watching television in the 90s you already know what “Yada Yada” makes me think of. The infamous Seinfeld episode has and maybe will always continue to live rent-free in my head. In complete seriousness, I lost a few days on completing this assignment because when my boss told me to do a “Yada Yada review” I actually thought he was expressing that at some point he’d have me do something of which the details were not important. If you missed the “Must See TV” moment with Jerry and his friends this is basically all you need to know: “yada yada” = the part of the story that doesn’t matter.

And I think that’s another element of Yada Yada’s brilliance. It doesn’t matter what kind of weed you got-it’s fuckin’ weed. Those who have never lived in the shadows of cannabis prohibition will never understand the full significance it holds. If you could transport across time or present-day space you would know how minuscule additional details can be when you just need some weed. My teenage self regarded every opportunity as a miniature successful treasure hunt. And a hunt it could often be. I know I can’t be the only one who felt a small pang of loss at the ease with which you can now procure weed. It used to have an additional flavor of triumph and success when you were able to (figuratively in my experience at least) dig some up.

Of course, the benefits of legalization outweigh this minor and very privileged perspective as searching for and procuring cannabis used to be and still is illegal to this day. When we are privileged enough to live in a state and have the financial ability to access licensed cannabis it can be truly mind-boggling to think back that at one point that wasn’t an option. That this flower can, was, and is treated with such unfounded injustice by our government. There are still 40,000 people behind bars for weed. Overwhelming folx of color in over-policed neighborhoods. 

One’s zip code and skin tone (unfortunately) decide a substantial portion of their life opportunities in this country. And that assignment at birth is completely of chance-you don’t do or not do anything to deserve that. If you were born, like me, with a zip code and skin tone that made you better positioned to access what society deems important to achieve success I invite you to join me in supporting the work of the Last Prisoner Project as they puff puff pass some of that chance you inherited. When it’s landed human beings in cages-it is no longer yada yada speak.


 Yada Yada nails “easy breezy” with their dayglo bag that gives you all the info on GG4 you need in a quick wayward glance. With a snapping cartoon hand on the back, Yada Yada sells itself as “that kind of easy” and they’re absolutely telling the truth. With a lab-tasting label making up the only other noticeable insignia 27.37% THC pops out at the viewer-a robust but relatively manageable dosing, by no means on the gentle end of the spectrum but within range for most moderate smokers these days.

With its point of origin listed as Carpinteria, California there is no other reading to bog you down-yada yada let’s get to the smoking. As soon as I ripped off the top of the bag but before I even opened it a wonderful skunky earthiness greeted me. I don’t come across as much stanky weed as I used to and it is a welcome throwback for the nasal cavity. Yada Yada’s bag is marked “resealable” which they all are but having it labeled that way makes it feel more convenient. Once you overcome the always troublesome childproof packaging, the aroma gets even better and more complex. 

GG4 smells creamy and much sweeter once you get the bag open and some bright pineapple arises when agitated by shaking the bag around. The small pack included and marked as a “terpene shield” seems to be an employee of the month as this surprising bargain-priced bag smells WAY better than I imagined it would. The buds similarly outshine their “smalls” designation. A nice cheesy coating of trichomes mats the baby buds into very friendly and frosty-looking nuggets. If you’re unfamiliar “smalls” are exactly how they sound-they are the most wee of the flower’s children and are basically a step between flower and shake. More notable names are increasingly offering this more cost-effective alternative and if you’re short on funds it’s a great way to get what you need without grimacing at check out. 

Cheers to Yada Yada’s trimmers as these babies don’t suffer from the scourge of steminess that plagues most smalls collections. Yada Yada’s pequenos are not the prettiest, best build, or sparkliest weed I’ve ever seen but they absolutely are on par with what you should expect from economy-priced legalized weed-it checks all the boxes just in a much smaller package. Let me be more pointed-this cost you $5/gram and you absolutely get better produce than you’d expect for that. I really like the 5 gram portioning-just enough to comfort you when you’ve blown through your eighth faster than you meant to and without the burden of a quarter that you may tire of or watch lose quality over time. 

GG4 grinds up back into some of the delightful stankiness I clocked before. Even with a hemp wick not a lot of flavor comes out of the bowl and it’s definitely not the lightest or crispiest inhale of my life. GG4 thru the lens of Yada Yada has me recalling the experience of clam baking a friend’s car in high school. It’s not about flexing your knowledge or status to afford the most expensive brand. It is fucking weed and there is no need to complicate it beyond your enjoyment and in commune with friends. 

I didn’t find Yada Yada’s GG4 to be assedative as its reputation may lead you to believe. I experienced more of a stoney fugue than the characteristic body heaviness but trust and believe I was gladly posted up on the couch. GG4 is good because it’s weed but by no means great within the now broad range of options.


$27 for 5 grams of weed is a red hot bargain without question. If you’re in a pinch this packs more punch for the price point than you’d expect. If you want the best weed of your life. This is not it.

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