Cannabis Product Review: Bedtime Smokes Preroll Pack from Lowell Farms

by Carrie Dabshaw
Lowell Smokes review from Emjay

Lowell Bedtime Smokes At-A-Glance


Vibe like a Wild West Outlaw with this brilliantly executed pack of cannabis cigarettes.


The experience absolutely exceeds the price point, $38 is well worth the high, novelty, and convenience.


Dip into an affable stoney floatation to release the day with a lovely mental vacation.

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About Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms oversees its California-grown cannabis from seed to sale in dedication to the memory of William “Bull” Lowell who was incarcerated in the early 20th century for growing cannabis. After the 1913 Poison Act made it illegal to sell or use cocaine or opiates without a prescription, it was later amended to reflect a wildly incongruous inclusion of cannabis. Yep, that’s right-doctors could prescribe heroin and cocaine (the latter with such ubiquity it made its way into one of the original Coca-Cola formulations) but the US Government (for a myriad of racist reasons) made sure to draw the line at weed. Unsurprisingly, in 1914 when cocaine was made completely illegal, nearly 200 thousand Americans were addicted. Fast forward to 2021 and the Sackler family is poised to escape financial liability for the 600 thousand lawsuits filed against them for fueling addiction to their drug oxycontin under the guise of medical care while cannabis remains federally illegal. Lowell recalls the past to highlight the need to change our future as it intermingles with this magical plant.

Lowell seeks to impart a positive social impact through a variety of means. Lowell places an emphasis on hiring people negatively impacted by cannabis prohibition and the racist “War on Drugs”. Lowell annually releases a Pride collection and donates 20% of those proceeds to GLAAD and The National Black Justice Coalition. Lowell has also partnered with female-owned Fire Farms for a line of products benefiting The Women’s Foundation of California.  To support vaccination efforts, Lowell partnered with the State of California  to offer penny pre-rolls to people getting vaccinated against COVID-19. Like Emjay, Lowell supports the Last Prisoner Project in their efforts to release everyone behind bars for weed. Round up the change on your delivery of Lowell’s smokes for double the sociological impact.


Lowell uses only recyclable, food-grade materials in their packaging and up-cycles magnets (which can’t be recycled) for their nifty pre-roll packs. Inside each of these marvelously exact, prerolled jays are sun-grown pesticide-free California cannabis which Lowell tends to with a sommelier’s obsession. Applying the concept of terroir and appellation to cannabis, Lowell focuses on the importance of the microclimate in maximizing the potential of each strain.

Innovation hallmarks Lowell Farms’ business strategy. In 2019, Lowell opened the first Cannabis Cafe in our nation’s history right here in Los Angeles serving a chef driven menu alongside a variety of sippable, edible, smokeable, and dabbable cannabis products. Although now defunct, Lowell Cafe was a fantastic cultural moment in the history of Los Angeles and the evolution of cannabis culture at large. Enjoying a full meal and espresso bar in a packed room with people from all walks of Los Angeles life openly smoking cannabis was truly something special. 

The Bedtime Indica pack featured here offers an eighth of 20%THC flower rolled into 6 shareable joints with matches included. Bedtime Smokes is 50% Lemon Larry OG x 50% Legend OG.


The feel of the Lowell Pre-roll Pack is worth the cost of admission alone. It is the tactile equivalent of delicious. Lowell is a great approximation of a pack of cigs while massively surpassing it in quality. The recycled paper feels amazing and the thickness and weight of the packaging is really pleasant. A magnet holds the pack shut and that is way cooler in real life than it sounds. Matches and a place to strike them are also included. Lowells’ pack telegraphs pure, unpretentious class. 

The pre-rolls themselves are beautiful and sleek. Instead of the cone shape most jays inhabit, Lowell copies the untapered cigarette design in a slightly shorter format-think Marlboro 72’s. The paper and flower smell amazing and remind me of a fine cigar. The included matches are one of those small details that feel like a much bigger deal-the convenience is unparalleled. Throw this in your purse/pocket/bag and you are ready to go without any further accessories. Great for those times when a walk to the gas station to buy a lighter feels as far as the Pacific Crest Trail.

Lighting your professionally rolled cannabis cigarette with a match instead of a lighter adds an additional element of old Hollywood cool to the experience. On the inhale, the nuance of the flower’s flavor is muted in this format, due most likely in large part to the wide, lengthy filter but a nice generic weediness still makes its way through. Most of the intricate flavors blend into a dull blur like the heaviest, richest notes of tobacco. If you love cigarettes and are trying to cut back or quit, stop what you are doing immediately and buy these pre-rolls right now. Everything mind-blowingly amazing about cigarettes is present (except for the tobacco of course) and vastly improved upon.

The high is really unobtrusive and pleasant. This is a great alternative to the uber strong infused joint trend we see today. Bedtime Indica has a sessionable THC content and relights easily for smoking at your own pace. If you have a low tolerance, one of these pre-rolls could last you an entire party or day at the beach. Bedtime absolutely is a strong choice for digging into these but depending on your tolerance they will fit nicely into any situation where you can take off all your responsibilities and just sink into the background-great for movies, the planetarium, or getting a massage.


$38 is a great price for an eighth and this Lowell Smokes preroll pack makes the 3.5 grams even more convenient and fun.

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