Product Review: A Golden State Snow Dream Eighth

by Carrie Dabshaw

Snow Dream At-A-Glance


A Golden State harnesses nature's seasons of change with their lovely trichome sparkling flower.


Snow Dream whispers "Winter is Coming" as you melt into hibernation mode with this heavy sedation.


A Golden State offers grace to the top shelf with a well designed and lovingly grown slow-motion smoke: $60.

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About A Golden State

A Golden State’s website offers information on the endocannabinoid system and the terpenes most effective for each ailment cannabis can help with. Due to Draconian and repulsively antiquated restrictions on the scientific peer-reviewed study of the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system (which all humans have regardless of whether they’ve danced with our Green Goddess or not) was not discovered until the 1990s. That’s right, we’ve known about Whitney Houston (may she rest forever in power and paradise) longer than this fundamental system of our bodies.

Tasked with regulating homeostasis, the endocannabinoid system seems to have its many healing tentacles in everything from cardiovascular functioning to motor control and the inner workings of our skin and nerves. In addition to the most obvious marvels of cannabis magic (mood enhancement, sensory and creative evolution, sleep induction, and pain relief), these still unexamined effects hold great potential for further advancing our enjoyment of life with flower. Connecting with cannabis’ healing powers on a sincere and in-depth level is how cannabis cultivators can stand out from the pack. 

“A golden state is not a brand or place. It’s a state of being.” Born in the shade of the Cascade Mountains in Northern California, A Golden State uses water from the Mount Shasta snowmelt to hydrate their plants. As adamant cannaseuirs, A Golden State has carved out a distinctive space for themselves in the ever-expanding horizon of cannabis possibilities.  A Golden State seeks to shepherd the healing spirit and the flowers that hold it.


A Golden State keeps their genetic information secret as this proprietary advantage keeps their high-quality flower exclusive to their watchful eye. A Golden State’s distinctive offerings are part of what makes them special and their efforts to preserve these beautiful strains are admirable. Nearly every cannabis brand uses words like “premium” or “top quality” in an attempt to distinguish themselves. With A Golden State, the superlatives are earned. Their Caramel Apple eighth is excellent and immediately put them atop the list of my most respected brands.

Snow Dream, gorgeously named and spectacularly packaged flower also comes in 1.5-gram pre-roll pack rolled with organic hemp paper. Further delving into their online storefront, A Golden State brilliantly curates sets of their craft cannabis in “Dusk” and “Dawn”. With effects-driven pairings “Dusk” is aimed for nighttime flower with Night Sky, Shasta Bloom, and Caramel Apple strains included. “Dawn” seeks to energize with Lava Flower, Woods, and Honey Flower in a gorgeous keepsake box.

For comprehensive cannabis powered self-care and a wider social purpose, A Golden State offers the Open Your Heart gift set which includes an eighth of Lava Flower, an eighth of Honey Flower, and a Sunbeam inspired terpene infused vegan candle with 100% of the proceeds benefitting the work of the Shades of Pink foundation in California. Beyond being the single most forward-thinking cannabis packaging I’ve ever seen, A Golden State uses this innovation to provide financial assistance to those struggling from the cut-throat costs of health care following a Breast Cancer diagnosis. A Golden State sets new standards for flower and the good organization can do in selling it.


Everything has a rhythm and a pattern and in most instances, the majority of the manifestations in its spectrum will not go beyond the bare minimum. I had a professor that would tell us “most lawyers are shoemakers” to say that most people would be better suited for other interests. Hate to be the one, but a lot of cannabis companies are shoemakers-the focus on the majesty of the plant and planet are lost and flower medicine turns into something closer to poison.

A Golden State is the polar opposite of that and Snow Dream might just be in league with the big guy at the North Pole with the fantastic presents and presence it offers. The fantasy begins with Snow Dream’s suit of armor-the packaging is remarkably clean, inviting,  and aesthetically gorg. The light lavender insignia showcasing one of the best strain names ever has me at “hello” and I already feel safety and confidence in the brand.

After being completely blown away by their Caramel Apple, I am very excited to see if Snow Dream can live up to their robustly rich standards. Snow Dream is the type of present that you open slowly because you want to hold on to every last drop of its perfection.  The jar is vacuum sealed but I managed to catch a full breath of the flower’s aroma through the jar, through the box, and even the Emjay bag it came in.

Earthy, stank, and wistful purple fruit come together in a delicious and woodsy musk. Snow Dream is what I imagine Ron Swanson must smell like. I would gladly buy this aroma in the form of incense and can’t help but picture a warm fire-placed log cabin in the woods when I inhale it. By some stroke of wizardry, the flower looks way better than it smells and I assure you that is truly saying something.

Purple takes the lead on a sparkling breath-taking, densely packed pistol-heavy, ripe treasure. The entirety of my 3.5 grams came in robust show-stopping nugs-each better looking than the last. I felt called to verbally thank Snow Dream for existing and I highly recommend introducing whole-hearted gratitude into your cannabis practice. With some time to aerate, Snow Dream’s aroma gets much more purple and full of ripe berries. 

Ground up, all of Snow Dream’s deep purples pop against the light grey of dismantled trichomes. The inhale is perfumed and piney and reminds me of how good the mountain air tastes when you go camping. Snow Dream sets in quickly with the same feel as frosty winter weather (or anything under 70* in Los Angeles)-its time to get in bed, snuggle up and drift off into your own individual experience. Don’t share this with your friends who always slow down the rotation by talking forever with the piece-Snow Dream is spacey.

Like the week between Christmas and New Year’s Snow Dream will have you jammied out with a dormancy of winter vibe. This isn’t the smoke for getting things done or making engaging conversation-Snow Dream is for drifting into isolation and staying there until the weather clears. Snow Dream is great if you use cannabis to knock out for the night or to check out for a while. I did find my Snow Dream to be noticeably dry which is not what Martha Stewart (nor Snoop Dogg) would call “a good thing”. Snow Dream is an uncomplicated, one-note experience-I found their Caramel Apple much more lively and nuanced so if you only have enough for one, I personally would invest in the latter.


$60 for a distinctive hibernation lean.

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