Cannabis Product Review: Bloom’s Limoncello Live Resin Disposable Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw

Bloom Limoncello At-A-Glance


Bloom ups its vape game with their 93% THC Live Resin discreet and disposable Limoncello.


Consider all burdens banished from your mental kingdom with a sturdy and burly no-fucks-given unwind.


Clean, quality, DL vape is exactly what you want it to be on so many occasions-$25 is a steal.

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About Bloom

Bloom’s disposable is a great alternative for those headed in the opposite direction of the most prominent LA cannabis trends. This is for folks who don’t want to rock branded hoodies and aren’t waiting outside of midnight showings for vintage B-movie stoner classics. Bloom is great for smokers of a different era who are in a new stage of life and have left rolling doobies in the past. 
Started in 2014 by 5 friends in Los Angeles, Bloom Brands is poised to expand its market presence into the South and across the Canadian border after fantastic success in a variety of markets across The States.  Bloom offers pre-rolls and vapes to the Great American Southwest (California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada) and all the way out to Washington and Oklahoma. 
Bloom makes its name on consistency and innovation.  This iteration of the Bloom One is the 5th evolution of its disposable vape technology. Bloom boldly proclaims “terpenes are religion” and they put in the work to honor the magic of this divinity. Bloom uses a proprietary process to identify the fingerprint of each cannabis strain. That unique identifying pattern is then used to recreate that exact sequence in the oil. This is the next generation of true-to-strain technology. Sometimes it’s hard to feel certain about what actually makes it in your single-use pen. Bloom does the work of clearing up that mystery for you.  
The Bloom disposable touts itself as “the One Hundred Hit Wonder” with the promise of reliable, extended use. The all-in-one includes 350 milligrams of oil and the battery needed to turn it into delicious vapor. Bloom’s packaging is simple, clean, and elegant. Nothing about it screams cannabis, making it a supreme choice for the most discreet users. Move over Wine Moms— it’s time for Cannabis Caregivers. 


Making 3 Stacks proud, Bloom keeps their concentrate so fresh and so clean-clean with Live Resin powering their upgraded line of vapes. Touting the line as “alive and well” Bloom Live features adventurous departures from their usual OG strain offerings. Amnesia Haze, Guava Jam, White Cookies, and Orange Creamsicle make for exciting and inventive options that distinguish Bloom Live from the increasingly crowded pack. 

Using fresh not frozen flower for their gentle solventless extraction methods, Bloom Live preserves 95% of the terpene profile to preserve nearly 200 different compounds for your smoking pleasure. Bloom’s hardware also focuses on precision with a focus on lower heating temperature to maximize the flavor profile of it’s resin. As Bloom promises, this allows you to use your terps, not burn them and the disposable is designed to insure maximum smoke clouds.

Limoncello crosses The Original Lemonade x Cherry Pie and shares its name with an lemon liqueur from the South of Italy. Newly gaining more traction in the cannabis space, Limoncello offers bright notes on the inhale and let’s be honest it feels cool to say. Although refreshing, lemon-forward flavor is what most drinkers will recall about it’s namesake Danny DeVito off the sauce on The View is how Limoncello will always be remembered by me. Surprisingly antiquated celebrity moments aside, let’s get to the good stuff and cheers to the good life.

Bloom Limoncello


Bloom’s Live packaging manages to easily accomplish a very difficult feat—it immediately pops off our shelves at Sherbinskis and very quickly expresses the value it is offering. On more than a few occasions I’ve been drawn in by the brilliant graphic depicting flower simply overflowing out of the disposable’s sleek plastic design. The message is clear and concise—this isn’t God-knows-what in your pen but a reliable, trustworthy classic. Bloom Live nails the greatest appeal of vaporizers in general-the purity and full-spectrum benefit of Mother Nature in the streamlined technology of human convenience.

The Bloom Live disposable is a really cool, futuristic-looking oblong that is excellent for occasions when you wish to remain discreet—if I saw this out on someone’s coffee table I wouldn’t be sure what I was looking at. Mirroring the image on the packaging a sleek matte white makes up the bulk of the piece with a slightly transparent black mouthpiece. I like that Bloom’s avoided the cookie-cutter disposable trend and made something all their own. The inhale is surprisingly robust and earthy and this unassuming lil’ fella rips much harder than you’d expect. 

Depending on your personal anatomy (all bodies are beautiful!) the Bloom Live can easily be hidden in your closed fist and because it draws so well you couldn’t easily take a few big rips quickly and stash it back in your pocket or purse before anyone was the wiser. If you’re looking for the candy-adjacent sugar rush closer to nicotine vape juice (please join me a round of collective “boo”‘s at all these products) you’re in the wrong place. Limoncello is a sharp to-the-point powerful blast to the dome that reminds me of unlicensed dabs of the past. Bloom Live is a streamlined boost to an instant lift—in the best possible way, it’s not a sipping bourbon but a shot of whiskey. 92.90% THC gets you there quickly and cleanly.

Limoncello is hard to put down. Its airy inhale leaves little to no footprint on the throat or lungs so you have no urgency to stop hitting it and its buzz is so thoroughly chill you remember there’s always room to get just a little bit higher than you are. One of my highest honors for any cannabis product is whether or not I take it to bed with me (same with first dates) and this tall glass of water made the cut. If sometimes you just need to get cross-eyed watching cartoons in bed—now’s your time.


Bloom’s live resin vapes are regularly priced at $25, which is an absolute steal. On sale, it’s bonkers.

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