Maven’s Midnight Snack Strain Review

by Carrie Dabshaw
Maven Midnight Snack review

Midnight Snack At-A-Glance


Maven Genetics prepares an elegant luxury with its powerfully high THC flower at a surprisingly affordable price.


Aptly named Midnight Snack is a brief last jolt of joy for the day before catapulting you into deep snuggles and slumber.


$48 is an excellent steal on this high powered, fragrant and pretty eighth.

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About Maven Genetics

Maven Genetics has over two decades of experience in cultivating award-winning strains and hard-to-find exotics. With beloved offerings in eighths, prerolls, concentrates, and vape carts, Maven is a major player in LA’s cannabis scene and uses this platform to uplift the work of The Last Prisoner Project. Every 48 seconds someone is taken into the state’s custody for flower.

In hopes of alleviating the harms of for-profit incarceration, Last Prisoner Project focuses on releasing and rebuilding the lives of the (disproportionately black and brown) people impacted by the carceral state.  Maven released 7 limited edition strains to raise awareness and funds for the Last Prisoner Project and donated a portion of their sales to supporting LPP’s work. Emjay makes it even easier for you to do the same by rounding up the cost of your purchases to donate to LPP’s vital work each and every time you check out on our site.

Maven centers freedom, well-being, and authenticity in its mission to cultivate the maximum enjoyment of cannabis smokers’ lives. Cannabis is for digging into life, not for checking out of it and it is so refreshing to see Maven recognize the reality check cannabis can provide. Weed is for the weirdos who are unafraid to diverge from capitalism’s “work! work! work! buy! buy! buy!” indoctrination. No one profits from you being centered, self-sufficient, secure, and awake which makes every action in support of these goals revolutionary.

So keep fighting the good fight-they’ll never take us alive.

Maven Midnight Snack


Freshly dipping their toes into the live rosin game and pre-roll pack space, Maven sticks to the fundamentals when it comes to flower by hand trimming each plant to preserve its peak integrity. With gorgeous, enticing headshots for each of their offerings, Maven firmly centers the quality of the flower over marketing gimmicks, graphic design, and high-profile endorsements. Los Angeles is a high-functioning alternate reality but Maven makes sure its sell is grounded in the unknowable majesty of our living planet.

Midnight Snack is brilliant nomenclature that speaks to the smoker’s lifestyle. Maven knows their audience and the name alone is enough to spark our interest. Characterizing flower as “indica” or “sativa” is can be misleading. As there is no biological basis to “race” (under a microscope it simply does not exist), the multifaceted verdant agriculture of our Earth is much too complex to bifurcate into this or that. 

Midnight Snack is listed as a hybrid and as holds true for all cannabis plants at this point in the game that just means a collection of divergent influences-it is not just one thing. And when you’re raiding the fridge in the middle of the night I hope your grubby paws are enacting the same policy. Salt can bring out the sweet, bright can underscore the spicy, and it is in a collaboration that transcendence can be found. Midnight Snack marries Dosidos x Dark Helmet and like its namesake is needed in our experience immediately. So let’s get to it and dig in.

Maven's Midnight Snack nug close-up_ Review and photo by Carrie Dabshaw


Maven opts for classy, timeless packaging for its widely respected flower. Something about the labeling feels familiar like your grandpa’s favorite cologne or the color scheme on the luxury car you always wanted. The side of the box reads “grown with integrity, care, and love” and now, baby, you’re talkin’ my language. Maven has been a notable stalwart on dispensary shelves and this promise of integrity doubles down on that steadfast reliability. 

The branded jar inside the wonderfully designed box feels like your invitation into a notable, sophisticated secret society. The flower inside the jar is plump and extravagant and it felt more like a swag bag filled with diamonds than an eighth.  A chorus of “wow!’s” unintentionally escaped from my chest when I got to the aroma. I was expecting something sweet from the naming but it seems we were craving savory for the midnight snack. 

Pungent, sour, stir-fry adjacent notes come together into an aroma that is nearly impossible to wrap your head or nose around. The smell of Midnight Snack made me very very hungry and desperate to know what vegetable it so closely was mimicking. Combined with the remarkable trichome cobwebbing, profuse flowing pistol formation, and dynamic bud structure Midnight Snack made me feel like I had never seen weed before.

If this was presented to me as the sole remnants of Superman’s dying planet I just might believe it. GMO is known for its uncanny savory grilled onions and mushrooms character but this is a horse of a different color. Breaking up the Midnight Snack results in the olfactory experience of eating at a restaurant and constantly being seduced by the smells of the plates the servers are rushing by.

The flower becomes a gorgeous peach purple when you grind it up and based on the experience thus far this might be the single most unique flower I have ever encountered. Midnight Snack’s inhale tastes like the afterglow of top-notch fine dining-it is all but absolutely required to use a hemp wick on this, it’s worth the extra effort. 

Snack is the type of high that gets you spacey and debating your besties about the probability of the multiverse theory-it’s active and engaging mentally but sedating for the somatic systems. Midnight Snack will remind you of your best guy friend who only gets nicer and more pleasant when he’s faded. This is a great option for people who want an even-keeled high. The totality of the effects shifts as you continue smoking. Low doses favor lively energy whereas the sedative effects multiply with each hit. The first bowl has you lifted, the second face down on the mattress. 

Midnight Snack is just enough to prolong the night a little bit longer before plunging into snuggling, loving, and satisfying slumber. I got about 10 hours in off the 37% THC so indulge wisely my friends. 


$48 per eighth for Midnight Snack, for a strain of this strength and quality, is frankly shocking. Maven is an affordable, accessible, yet high-end brand. 

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