Cannabis Product Review: Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake

by Fredrick Miller
Pacific Stone cannabis


Pacific Stone found a niche where classic indoor sun-grown bud and cheap prices meet to exchange glances.


I can’t believe there is flower of this quality on the market for this cheap. For $19 an 1/8th, it seems the days of brick weed and ditch weed are long gone, at least in California.


Not the heaviest hitting indica out there, but this Wedding Cake will leave you in a happy state of mind and body.

Find It On Emjay

You can find the Wedding Cake strain from Pacific Stone for delivery and in-store on Emjay.

Highlights of Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake

Pacific Stone has found a niche where classic indoor sun-grown bud and cheap prices meet to exchange glances.

This flower is for old-school fans of organic highs, favoring a more natural cannabinoid profile over potent THC levels. Coming in at a whopping 18.27% you won’t find a trichrome-infested bud here, but you also won’t find a better sun-grown flower for this price. In a more fair world, sun-grown flower would be gladly accepted by any and all who wish to get high, and we could all have our Wedding Cake and eat it too. Who knows? Maybe all you’ve got is $40 for a date and you still need weed and food money? I’m a bit of a dreamer, but I believe Pacific Stone could be the reason you find “The One.”

Perhaps that is what Pacific Stone is looking to provide, a future where decent weed is produced and sold at an affordable price. As their story goes, Pacific Stone was started by a group of friends and family who were passionate about providing clean, consistent, and affordable cannabis. This ethos is popular with consumers. Pacific Stone also boasted the highest sales of all California flower brands in the first quarter of 2021. If this were the business model for the future of cannabis, then I’d say we are in good hands.

Pacific Stone Wedding Cake


A little heavier on the fruit side than the cake side, this weed tastes more like a Tres Leches cake than a Wedding Cake. There was a hint of the usual vanilla cream taste, for which Wedding Cake got its name. On the other hand, the terpenes were quite fruity—possibly a result of the more organic indoor sun-grow process.  

Within minutes of smoking Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake, I was met with a surprisingly giggly onset. This was followed by a very friendly body high that left me feeling a bit weightless. The giggles persisted for about the first hour and then gave way to a euphoric feeling of wellness and calm. No sedating effects were present, and so I was allowed to take my groovy little body high with me as I went about my day.

If there was a couch-lock present, I wasn’t made aware of it. The high lasted exceptionally long, at about 2-3 hours per joint, and didn’t result in burn-out at the end of its run. Overall, I’d smoke this flower any day of the week. 


At $19 an 1/8th, it seems the perfect price to leave you with a dollar leftover for papers. This flower breaks apart perfectly in your hands and it’s not too dry, and not too sticky.  Pacific Stone’s Wedding Cake is perfect for rolling on the go. 

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