Cannabis Product Review: Fun Uncle Cruisers Berry Gelato Full Gram Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw

Fun Uncle At-A-Glance


Fun Uncle promises and delivers on a fully defined aesthetic- affordable, comforting low-maintenance fun.


Kooky road trip vibes infiltrate your experience with uncomplicated good times and surprising potency.


$18 for a full gram of anything cannabis related is amazing—this is a steal.

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About fun uncle

Fun Uncle is the newest brand on Caliva’s expansive roster with a retro focus on the way weed used to be. With the spirit of the ole’ timers, Fun Uncle’s prices feel like a throwback as well with wildly affordable bargains on their full line of products.  A brightly colored tee in their merch section features a Route 66 style sign that reads “Take the High Road” so buckle up for a slew of Dad jokes and sentences beginning with “Back in my day…”

Fun Uncles’ flower runs the gamut from stalwart classics to more inventive options and they couldn’t help themselves from naming one “California Dreamin'” after The Mamas & The Papas’ pied piper anthem drawing the counter culture to San Francisco in the ’60s. Whatever you call it, these whole 3.5 grams go for $30 ($30!)—a bargain-basement steal in today’s market. Pre-rolls run you $9 which seems like a misprint but are in fact really how serious Uncle is about “the good ole days”.

Fun Uncle’s gram of dab-able live resin is $24 and I literally don’t think I’ve ever seen any wax, crumble, sugar, sauce, or shatter for that low of a price. Similarly, the Cruiser gram vape featured here also comes in an alternative line mixing distillate with live resin for only $12 bucks more. Fun Uncle is like the world’s best yard sale and honors its namesake well with a approachable, welcoming air. 


Like your older relatives’ actual storytelling, Fun Uncle repeats the same sentiment again and again across their product descriptions: “Like Uncle Jack used to say ‘There’s nothin’ like ramblin’ roads to destination nowhere.”  Although I full-heartedly agree with Unc on this one, I couldn’t help but wonder who exactly this Jack purported to be. I assumed initially it was a shout to pioneering cannabis activist Jack Herer but I couldn’t find any evidence to back that up. 

Perhaps, more likely, Fun Uncle hopes to extend their nostalgia to what your Aunt, Uncle, Mama, Papa, and Jack Herer himself read as they smoked (what at the time was) the best weed of their lives. Jack Kerouac’s On The Road is widely considered (one of, if not) the definitive work of the Beat movement that preceded and precipitated the counter culture of the American 1960’s. On The Road tells of the Beat Generation’s most notable figures (Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, and Kerouac himself) on their scattered journey fueled by sex, drugs, and jazz (The Great American Art Form).

Written in 1951, it was directly and intentionally antithetical to the values of the caustic and regressive politics of the time—no white picket fence, no 2.5 kids, and no 40-hour workweek. This was the first inklings of the counter culture’s psychedelic fueled rally cry to “Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out”. In other words, on a national level, this is when things started to get “far out” for a generation of teenagers who believed things could be different. Now 60 years later what remnants have we of these impassioned cries for Free Love & Peace? Let’s see if Fun Uncle can make us feel like we were there for it. 


Fun Uncle’s Cruisers packaging fully passes the vibe check. With funky retro lettering and iconography, the Route 66 sign appears again this time under Interstate FU insignia and I laughed unintentionally at how full they’ve committed to the theme. “These cruisers will get you there” reads the back in a tone you can only assume arises out of teeth grit around a Marlboro Red as they fix your carburetor. “So hit the high road, Jack” finishes the description with a groan-worthy corniness you can’t help but enjoy.

The Berry Gelato’s instructions read “Inhale to Enjoy” and the message rings loud and clear—there is something to be said about the days before shopping for weed felt like buying a new car. Back in my day, you asked for weed and got weed and that was all there was to it. Although I am thankful with my full spirit to see the increasingly inventive and exciting evolutions of how can cannabis can be used (and do not at all miss smoking across the street from school out of a crushed soda can) a little nostalgia never hurts.

In tiny lettering Fun Uncle reminds us “I’m pretty sure it’s 4:20 somewhere” and with that perfectly played one-liner, let’s get on the road. As soon as you open the bag, a burst of berry fragrance hits the nose on a lip smackers for grown-ups tip. The inhale upholds the promise the aroma makes, lots of syrupy candy berries and cherries. The flavor seems added in post-production, not endogenous to the flower. This is a great choice if you like vaping-flavored nicotine.

85.61% THC makes the Fun Uncle smoke sesh a quick pit stop on your journey instead of a full meal on to itself. This is a top contender for best smokes to take to the beach, festival, or psychedelic trip—it’s plenty to use for hours and hours and potent enough to go far, and it’s so reasonably priced that if you lose it, blow through the whole thing, or end up sharing it with a group you will know you got your money’s worth. The high is bright and uncomplicated. Mind and body are slowed but without dampening your energy levels. This is a grove to just vibe to.

Fun Uncle knows exactly the brand that they are and it is rare that a cannabis product is so clearly defined on what it’s offering—if the aesthetic speaks to you trust your gut on it (and that’s also just good advice, generally).  The price point is literally insane-like the pure magical bliss of a crackin’ dollar store-buy this immediately just to have on hand or keep in your purse for nights out. Groovy.


Simply batty at $18. Like “so good it makes you slap your mama” levels of amazing.

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