Cannabis Product Review: 805 Glue Sauce Vape Cartridge from Pacific Stone

by Carrie Dabshaw
Pacific Stone's Sauce Cartridge

The 805 Glue Sauce Cartridge At A Glance


Cali besties x 805 vibes make for liquid gold in this affordably priced sauce cart.


Accessible for all budgets. $35/1 gram live sauce cartridge. 


Upbeat, resourceful mental state vibes well with an at-rest body in this really fun hybrid vape.

Find It On Emjay

Pacific Stone offers its 805 Glue Saucey Cartridge on Emjay, for delivery or pick-up, alongside a ton of other products.

About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone is known for its affordable flower and preroll packs. Childhood best friends founded the company in 2015 and even built their coastal grow houses themselves. The carefree California vibe runs heavily through their products as does the spirit of friendship, with everything priced to share. 

Pacific Stone products are wildly popular at Emjay. Some days it seems almost every other bag has their cannabis in one form or another. The sauce cart is the new kid on the block and, frankly, it has big shoes to fill. 

The 805 Glue Sauce cart is 1 full gram of terpene-rich resin that contains cannabis and only cannabis. It’s made for 510 compatible threads and looks extra cute on one of our signature bright orange Sherbinski batteries.

Pacific Stone's Sauce Cartridge


Are Pacific Stone carts good? Yes, one of the best products that the company makes in my opinion. Pacific Stone is uncomplicated. 805 Glue is 805 x Gorilla Glue #4-informatively named and straightforward.  In the sauce cart, the Glue strain hits really smooth. This is a great option for someone who wants to give their throat a break from flower.


Clocking in at 70.24% THC, this cart is great for someone new to the vape game. It can be easy to overindulge when you’re just getting started so this is a strong choice for a novice. 

Vapes are ideal for situations in which it’s a priority to be discreet or you don’t have the opportunity to mess with all the accouterment of flower inhalation (I will be gottdamned if I ever knock another bowl over in bed).

The lift that a vape pen offers, for me, also lands more squarely in the mind—it never fully engages the body. 805 Glue adds a big scoop of amusement to the mental experience and uplifts your mood. 

The 805 Glue vape is built for the concert hall and movie theater and offers a really easy engagement with art. In my opinion, the Sauce cart is the best product in PacStone’s lineup. 


Pacific Stone respects their consumer by not overpricing its wares. $35 for a 1 gram cartridge is a really good deal. Catch it on sale and you’re basically robbing them blind.

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