Leune Calibre Infused Pre-Roll 2 pack

by Carrie Dabshaw
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Leune's Calibre Infused Pre-Rolls At-A-Glance


Trendy, woman-owned lifestyle brand nails a 360* top-to-bottom first-class experience.


Cosmic elevation resonates with a potent, loving high for a passionate celestial opening.


$18 is a truly surprising bargain for its quality-30.64% nurturing THC.

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About Leune’s Calibre Infused Pre Roll Pack

Founded and owned by a woman of color, Leune aims to avoid the hypermasculine bro culture of prototypical cannabis brands for a more socially aware aesthetic. Nidhi Lucky Handa uses every aspect of her lifestyle brand to appeal to everyone, from the cannabis newcomer to the seasoned expert. With her revolutionary categorization of cannabis, it seems more appropriate to say Lucky is our middle. 

Inside the Leune-iverse, the false binary of Sativa versus Indica dissolves into a handful of specific archetypes on the spectrum of effects and characteristics in between.  For their big bud eighths, newly released large quantity littles, All-in-One vapes, Pax Era Pods, and infused pre-rolls, the selection is limited to 6 mood-specific blends: Cloud Berry, Sol Berry, Desert Gold, Naked, Piña Dream, and Calibre. Cloud Berry, for example, houses flower with a focus on the intersection of full-body relaxation and mental ease for chill, laid-back stress relief.  Leune advances the conversation on how to best talk about weed.

Handa also hopes to normalize conversation in the AAPI community about cannabis and the more significant intersection between race and weed. Leune puts its money where its mouth is to participate in the work needed to undo the racism inherent in the “War on Drugs.”  Leune’s All-In-One Piña DayDream vaporizer donates all its net profits to Last Prisoner Project’s efforts to free all 40,000 people behind bars for weed.  Leune is a proud member of the Floret Coalition, which funds equity-oriented actions prioritizing the needs of Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities. Anyone making legal money off weed has this responsibility, and it is fantastic to see Leune takes the reins on being accountable.


Calibre is the newest edition to the Leune-iverse with a full-throttle concoction for the more seasoned consumer. In 2 high potency pre-rolls, Calibre combines full flower cannabis and ice water hash for a more intense user experience. No strain is listed, so it is left to our imagination which lineages have landed in our gorgeously designed tin. Every step of Leune’s Instagram-worthy aesthetic is clean and inviting. Leune comes across as trustworthy but playful and classic without sacrificing innovation.

In April 2021, Leune added some high-profile names to their roster on the strength of their branding and loyal customer base. Available in over 130 dispensaries and 19 delivery services, Leune is poised to expand even further with these power players in their backcourt. Please allow me to be the first to welcome Carmelo and La La Anthony to Los Angeles and our beloved dynasty franchise. Now that they have a feel for how we smoke out here in El Lay, Melo can bring that heat to hardwood.

The bottom line-Leune is exciting. Beloved for its quality as much as its branding, Leune is a who’s who of the Los Angeles cannabis scene. Their commitment to social equity and black, brown, and Asian teams profiting off legalized weed make their popularity the least interesting thing about them. Leune has created something new in the cannabis space. Let’s see what Calibre adds to the conversation.


With all the options we are so lucky to have in the California cannabis landscape, it can be hard to believe that there is anything new under the sun. But somehow, Leune manages to continue to innovate. The cosmos-inspired spectacularly designed tin is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and it just makes sense. A whiff of the flower’s essence makes it through the packaging, and it smells so sweet and beautiful. Slide it open, and each jay sleeps adorably in its own little cubby. Thin and more mildly tapered than most, Calibre looks like the Virginia Slims of cannabis, and I am fully here for it. 

Leune’s Calibre smells trustworthy and respectful. These are not Mountain Dew strength for frat boys-this is a grown woman’s smoke. And proudly so. Spark up, and Calibre seems engineered for a gentle and moderated, well-paced burn. The filter very efficiently provides a manageable, respectful inhale. If you are someone or with someone who doesn’t smoke often, this is your ideal purchase. Calibre is smooth, accessible, and moderately paced.

A lot of pre-rolls these days are going in the exact opposite direction with the intention of getting you as high as humanly possible as quickly as you can. I think we, the people, and the divinity of this cannabis plant magic deserve a higher level of attention and care. Don’t ruin how special smoking flowers (flowers!) can be by blasting it out of a t-shirt gun. Let it be like the ballet-sit back, keep your composure, and even though you’re not really sure what’s going on, just enjoy it. 

Calibre’s high is effervescent and affable. The buzz is both loving and attentive with a really flowy peaceful aire. Leune’s Calibre makes you want to fall in love so share accordingly. Cannabis is a literal botanical miracle and, like any other microscopic dot of plant life, a sparkling cosmic treasure. Let the Leune-iverse welcome you gently. But don’t get it twisted Calibre smacks, and you can get a robust, potent blast-off from a quarter of the pre-roll’s length. Depending on how often you smoke and your tolerance, each Leune could last you a week.


Pay whatever it costs to get your hands on it. Jaw-droppingly $18. Buy immediately.

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