Cannabis Product Review: Foxy’s Ice Cream Sandwich Strain

by Carrie Dabshaw
Foxy Ice Cream Sandwich Weed Review from Emjay

Ice Cream Sandwich At-A-Glance


Foxy's whopping 44% THC flower goes well beyond it's strength and delicious naming for a respectable well priced flower.


Goofy, carefree, and comforting Ice Cream Sandwich is exactly the chill, delightful relief that being a grown-up affords you.


Save a few bucks on the usual top shelf price at $57. If it's on sale ask no further questions and order immediately.

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About Foxy

Emjay is so excited to add Foxy to our seemingly limitless selection of cannabis magic with our signature free delivery. In making the move over to Emjay, please allow me to be the first to welcome them to the best of the best, the creme de la creme, of delivery services. Foxy has already begun branching out into inventive collaborations and I am personally excited to see the plays they make moving forward.

In brilliant league with Uncle Pauli’s New York Style Deli, Foxy offers a Wake’N’Bake Breakfast Bundle that comes with an Uncle Pauli’s branded coffee mug, refrigerator magnet, rolling tray, a card to redeem a free breakfast sandwich at their deli, and Foxy’s flower specifically designed for the occasion. Ginseng OG is beautifully named and listed as providing a relaxed euphoria. Don’t try to tell me Folgers is the best part of wakin’ up with this duo around.

Foxy offers flower in eighths and quarter-ounce jars in a handful of classics (Runtz and Gelato make an appearance) with some fun new friends as well—Melted Strawberries and Dolce & Banana for example. For your 510 needs, Foxy has vape carts combining live resin, cured resin, and distillate in 3 strains including what is instantly my new favorite strain name—Pope’s Pie. Flower-only prerolls round out the Foxy roster with White Runtz singles and Jet Fuel Gelato 4 packs.


Strains can vary widely based on phenotypes and the methods by which they are grown, flushed, and dried. With the vast pool of options we have available to us here in LA, it seems a little limiting to stick to the same steeze over and over again. I’m not a player, I just smoke a lot. But Ice Cream Cake is one of the few that makes me consider settling down. From Glass House Farms’ fantastically priced iteration to Ember Valley’s more elevated manifestation, Ice Cream Cake always hits the spot.

In Foxy’s newest daydream Ice Cream Cake is made extra decadent in its cross with Oreoz and if the marketing genius behind the Wake’N’Bake bundle is listening please send us some desserts bundled with this flower! Ice Cream Sandwich is a fantastically inviting strain name and it’s always a delight to see a new spin on a classic. Interestingly, Oreoz is Cookies and Cream x Secret Weapon which is enough to pry my dollars free with the naming alone.

I normally never check the flower’s stats before digging in but I accidentally caught the lab testing results before I got into the jar. Foxy has the audacity to come in here with a 44% THC content. Forty. Four. Percent. That is bordering on the low end of concentrate’s potency. Even double and triple-infused blunts and jays normally cap out near the 37% range. Foxy is not for the faint of heart and I’m very curious to see how this massive potency strikes the endocannabinoid system. 


Foxy’s jar is comforting and inviting in its simplicity. Ever since Lars von Trier ruined just about everything good and holy with his Antichrist (which to be clear I am very much not recommending you see) I’ve looked at foxes differently. But Ice Cream Sandwich’s furry little pal might just get me back on their side. The large orange sticker announcing the strain name is a nice touch and adds some pizzazz to the understated elements. 

Underneath the vacuum seal, a lively robust fragrance awaits. The flower smells really healthy and there are a lot of divergent notes that work well in concert-each adds a layer more delicious than the last. Cream, tropical citrus, and some grounding woodsiness blend into a really lovely smooth aroma. Ice Cream Sandwich commits to the frosty notes of its namesake with beautiful nugs much furrier with trichomes than I imagined based on the smell. We deserve flower year-round that looks like Christmas. Well-structured, tightly coiled nugs came to fruition in the jolliest of them all—the one everyone just naturally assumes will dress up as Santa—at the bottom of my jar.

Ground up, Foxy takes on a very approachable mish-mash of light greens and white. Ice Cream Sandwich’s inhale is weightless and wildly uncumbersome—use this for times when you sincerely need and deserve a giant bong rip or fat ass blunt. This is the type of eighth you blow through really quickly because it’s just so smokeable. Ice Cream Sandwich gets you goofy quickly and is the type of weed to reserve especially for joking with your friends. Sandwich absolutely inherited the enchanting mood enhancement from its Ice Cream Cake ancestors.

Ice Cream Sandwich kicks in swiftly and fully with a mellow and carefree mind + body zen. I normally don’t eat an unsupervised child’s serving of ice cream at 4am but Foxy’s is exactly the perfect occasion. Ice Cream Sandwich’s high THC content never feels too overwhelming as it evenly spreads out across a broad swath of your experience. Everything feels fun and it is especially hard to put down if you don’t have to wake up early the next morning—this is a great strain for just enjoying yourself and getting a little weird.

Ice Cream Sandwich loosens you up and connects with a joyful transcendence. This is a perfect fit for festive outdoor events and goofy Christmas movies. Foxy lives up to the high standards of this strain’s namesake—Ice Cream Sandwiches remind you solely of good times and comfort and that’s exactly what this weed is for. If you’ve ever gotten lost at a concert or festi, Ice Cream Sandwich feels like the moment you finally make it back to your friends.


Foxy brilliantly undercuts their top-shelf competitors with a $57 eighth of pure joy.

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