Product Review: Level’s Indica Protab

by Carrie Dabshaw
Level_Indica_Protab_Product Review

About Level’s Indica Protab

Level uses scientific innovation to formulate effects-driven cannabinoid ratios for their products that do not exist in the flower alone. Level utilizes the power of the entourage effect by including lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and THCV in their final product for a more expansive and nuanced effect. A commitment to consistency, purity, and predictability is the core of Level’s ethos.

Level boasts their final product as “the confluence of small molecule chemistry, plant medicine, and an obsession with cannabis”. Chaired by a Ph.D. who holds the title both CEO and head scientist, Level aims for consistent, customizable dosing on par with the precision of pharmaceutical drugs. Level crafts specific cannabinoid profiles for a variety of intended life-affirming purposes.

Ph.D. Chris Emerson aims to unlock the full potential of the cannabis plant as medicine. Instead of focusing solely on the HBIC, we know and love (delta-9 THC) Emerson focuses on the 65 lesser-known cannabinoids in the plant’s molecular composition. Level digs into the micro-chemistry of our favorite flower with an unparalleled knowledge base to provide a medicinal approach that is nearly unmatched in the California cannabis scene.


Level’s extra strength tablets take effect in about 30-90 minutes and are said to last for about 3-6 hours.  In my experience, I did still feel some groggy effects about 9 hours later the next morning.  As with any ingestible cannabis, start low and go slow. The Protabs featured here are intended to be taken with liquid but Level also offers dissolvable sublingual tabs for those unable or uninterested in swallowing medication. 

The Indica Protab is crafted to calm and relax the body with 25 mg of delta-9 THC. In addition to Sativa and Hybrid options, Level also offers their tabs in CBD, CBG, THCA, and alleviates hangovers. Protabs are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and have no calories.

Level Protabs are not “edibles” but instead medical-grade tablets founded in the precision and consistency of molecular chemistry. Protabs are an excellent alternative to traditional pharmaceutical offerings for people who take their well-being seriously. Of course, these can be used solely for a good time but they deserve more than that. Honor the intention and effort of the artist and allow these to be your plant medicine.

Block out some time to really be with the cannabinoid profiles of tomorrow.



Space-age packaging really elevates the protab experience. It is classy, refined, and with instructions printed on the side, it imputes a professional, trustworthy aire. Level offers a pharmaceutical-grade experience that feels like an advancement in both cannabis and prescription drugs. These tabs are truly one of those amazing moments where consensus reality surpasses your wildest dreams. I never thought I’d live to see legalization come this far and it’s an honor to be a part of it.

Each protab is scored to easily break into 2-12.5mg halves. You can use a credit card to divide the tab and swallow with liquid as directed or walk on the wild side and bite right in. Choosing the latter summons a totally bearable chalky up front followed by a standard weedy backend. The tab dissolves immediately and would be a well-advised emergency go-to if you get sucked into a shitty social obligation and need to make the night more bearable. 

12.5mg is more than I normally take in products I’m not intimately familiar with. A good practice for any drug is to start with half and wait 45-60 minutes to proceed. Depending on your metabolism this should offer insight into what half of the high looks like for you and if you are interested in cranking up that dial you have the opportunity to take the remainder. This offers a more, prolonged and balanced experience of two spread-out peaks in effect rather than a singular double-strength peak which may be too much.

12.5mg comes on very gently and in a deeply comforting therapeutic fashion. It hits more like wellness than highness. Somatic sensations become silky smooth and embody an overarching calm and clarity. This is the exact opposite of that one awful experience we’ve all had with edibles that scared you off for good. If you are not normally a fan of the effects of edibles but prefer to ingest them orally, this is exactly what you need.

I have a lot of experience with licensed and unlicensed edibles sold in several jurisdictions and these are without parallel on a Level of their own. The experience is so far evolved past most edibles that it’s unfair to even classify them as such. CEO Scientist Emerson makes good on every single one of his promises-this is peak optimization of the gifts cannabis offers. 

I ended up taking (in the above two-step fashion described) all 25mgs of the Protab-a dosage much higher than I’ve ever intentionally chosen. Even at this strength, the Protab is gentle, manageable, and healing. It never gets scary or overwhelming. The Indica Protab is excellent to use to sleep through the night (though there will be some slight grogginess in the morning).


Jaw-droppingly affordable. $26/250 mg. Worth at least 3x the listed price. Utter excellence. 10/10 

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