Cannabis Product Review: Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream

by Fredrick Miller
Blue Dream Pacific Stone Review_Emjay

Pacific Stone's Blue Dream At A Glance


Blue Dream from Pacific Stone comes in eighth, quarter, and preroll sizes. This sun-grown strain hits with a balanced 16.9% THC.


This is an affordable 1/8th, going for $19 before tax. Pacific Stone is a beloved brand in California partly due to its accessible price point.


The effects of hybrid Blue Dream are mildly sedative and euphoric, sparking joy and relaxation.

Find It On Emjay

The Pacific Stone Blue Dream 1/8th alongside other Pacific Stone products are available on Emjay.

About Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream

For many familiar with Blue Dream it is a strain synonymous with bliss, a well-balanced hybrid bred by crossing Blueberry x Haze. Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream is no different. Whilst their indoor sun-grow process might not produce the most potent Blue Dream on the market (16.90% THC), they do manage to capture the essence of the beloved plant.

Pacific Stone is popular because it’s so accessible and consistent. With a low cost and a low-end THC level (16.90%), I believe this product is for anyone wanting to try smoking cannabis for the first time, or for the first time in a long time. 


Opening up the bag and taking a big whiff will transport you to an open field of blueberries where you’ll smell the earthen dirt and the sweet berry simultaneously. The sun-grown process works stunningly to produce a sea-green flower dusted lightly with trichomes, and sprouting orange hairs here and there. This bud comes fluffy and pulls apart like freshly baked bread, a personal favorite trait of mine, as it makes it accessible to roll on the go. 

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As mentioned in the intro, the THC levels might not send you into the next dimension, but that certainly doesn’t mean you won’t still feel the effects back here on Earth. Starting with the relaxation of the shoulders and the mind, I found myself comfortable drinking my coffee and smoking my morning joint. Next was the mental stimulation, as they say in the Konmari Method: This one sparks joy.

While I didn’t find massive amounts of motivation, I felt a prominent and peaceful head-high worthy of the name “Blue Dream.” If I had to summarize the effects all in one word I would go with “content.” 


At $19 an 1/8th, Pacific Stone is again putting down decent bud for the most accessible price. Is it Top Shelf? No. Is it bad? No, in fact, this is some of the best sun-grown bud I’ve ever seen. Will it get you to a higher state of mind? Yes. Is it really $19 an 18th? Absolutely, before taxes and with free delivery from Emjay.

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