Cannabis Product Review: Packwoods Cherry AK-47 Blunt

by Carrie Dabshaw
Packwoods blunt review_Emjay

Packwoods At A Glance


Packwoods are stunningly prepared, hand rolled masterpieces of innovation that elevate the blunt game. 


Priced for those who don’t check the price tag. This is a special occasion purchase worth every penny. 10/10. Also available in smaller sized 3 packs for the same price.


A simply peerless blunt experience from beginning to end made for celebration, jubilation, good times, and a royal air of confidence. 

Find It On Emjay

You can find Packwoods blunts and cannabis products, like this Cherry AK-47 Infused Blunt, on Emjay.

About Packwoods

Packwoods is royalty and these pre-rolls ascend blunts to their rightful place atop the throne.

We all know the buzzkill of a sub-par blunt and the literal and figurative bad taste that experience leaves in your mouth. Packwoods is not that. 

Each blunt is hand-rolled to perfection. 2 grams of a single strain are broken up by hand and packed with precision into a tobacco-free wrap that is then dusted with dry-shaken trichomes. A glass tip for the mouthpiece is the cherry on top of this delicious sundae.

Packwoods burn slowly, evenly, and consistently releasing ceaselessly massive smoke clouds before you. It’s an ideal uninterrupted elevation for the expert-level smoker.  And it makes you feel like a  goddamn champion.

These are perfectly engineered for celebration and exultation.  Light one as “The World Is Yours” blimp floats by. Sherbinskis is proud to be one of the few top-tier brands to collab with Packwoods. Emjay has the distinct pleasure of bringing all Packwood flavors to your door with no delivery fee.


These blunts are gorgeous. Every detail is ornamental and functional. The melted wax top is equal parts high-end whiskey and childhood slime-the varying manifestations of fun over the years. The visuals encapsulate the experience that is soon to come- top-notch unapologetic revelry. 

From top to bottom Packwoods is an elevated experience. Out the glass, the AK announces itself as a pure and utter stoogie. In the best possible way, Packwoods smells like your grandpa’s den….if grandpa was crazy on the chronic. The kief dust adds an additional layer of delicious aroma that draws you in instantly.

Someone said people with a high tolerance-you respect, people with a low tolerance, you envy. Hats off to anyone who smokes these daily. 

I don’t know if Ron Swanson uses cannabis, but if he does this would be it. Packwoods is burly, stacked thick, and potent. Ideal for camping or a day at the beach-easy to transport and strong enough to keep you lifted all day if you smoke on it intermittently. I’ve never whittled or chopped my own firewood but Packwoods makes me feel like I could if I wanted to. If this is blunt is Ron Swanson I’m running back time and time again like Tammy 2.

This is not for the novice, the high is strong but it is not aggressive. It conducts itself gracefully and without confrontation. The design makes it easy to slow down before you go too far. The packaging seems built to accommodate stamping the blunt out and relighting it later. 

Packwoods allows you to choose your own journey. Take a break a few puffs in and you will still get premium effects or stick it out for the long haul and dip peacefully into a new pond of liquid reality. 

Anatomy of a Packwoods blunt


Cherry AK-47 honors both its namesakes fully-it is a delicious blast.

It’s the type of high where you can really have a great time with yourself. Watching a movie, coloring, or even just stretching in bed becomes a riot. A carefree warm buzz overcomes the mind and sets in like a bangin’ remix of your inner dialogue. You’re having fun but at the same time, you literally can’t remember how to use your phone or…like….let’s say….I don’t know….write a cannabis review….for example…

The lift is prominent but not jarring. It’s not the heart-pounding my-head-is-hot vibe. It’s a new layer of bright loving color added on to the frame of your day. Cherry AK-47 provides one of those elevations that makes you feel like royalty.  Find a rooftop. Cheers champagne. Talk like Busta Rhymes. Do something stately. There’s a good time in this glass.


This is not for entry-level cannabis users. Enter the C suite with this luxury brand. Pricey but worth it. An excellent gift for your favorite tag poppin’ smoker. $45/2 gram kief dusted blunt.

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