Cannabis Product Review: GMO Packarillos Mini Blunts from Packwoods

by Carrie Dabshaw
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Packarillos At-A-Glance


Packwoods supreme blunt prowess gets bite-sized in this GMO Cookies 3-pack.


Turn on, tune in, drop out. Remarkably balanced interconnectedness with the moment makes for an insightful and personal high.


$45 for 2.25 grams hand-rolled into three good-sized top-shelf mini blunts.

About GMO Cookies Packarillos from Packwoods

GMO Cookies is a seminal, wildly popular cross of Chemdawg OG x Girl Scout Cookies. In combination with the wildfire fanfare around LA’s very own Packwoods line, these Packarillos pack the potential to join GMO in the Cannabis Hall of Fame.

Packwoods’ stand-alone 2-gram trichome dusted hand-rolled, glass-tip blunts are the unparalleled boss of the pre-roll game. Dosed for high tolerance smokers or nights and nights of more conservative use, Packwoods offers this 3-pack of minis for a more accessible dosage. If you don’t like stamping the larger sizes out and relighting them later, this is a much more manageable-sized smoke. Often, people will finish whatever serving size they’re given, even if it’s more than they need. Portion control with these Packarillos.

Each of the three hand-rolled blunts comes in a slow-burning 100% tobacco-free wrap. Unlike the one-off bigger size, these blunts are flower only and not topped with trichomes. Again, making for a more manageable dose for low or moderate-tolerance smokers. Those with higher tolerance may find these appropriate for more casual, daytime usage.


Packarillos 3-pack is an awesome, utilitarian manifestation of the progress legalized cannabis has made. Cannabis OG’s all know the experience of walking to the gas station to get the cheap cigar to gut and use to wrap your favorite strain immediately. This process is now streamlined and professionally manufactured with the highest quality legal flower available, which is beyond even the highest 90s stoner’s wildest dreams.

GMO Packarillos is the star of the original franchise coming back to shine in the reboot. Technology has evolved, Legality has evolved. And now, the ones who were there from the beginning get the spotlight. I very distinctly remember wishing for packs of joints to be sold as readily as cigarettes, but frankly, it never crossed my mind that would get the opportunity as well.

The Packarillos pack travels well and is packaged discreetly enough to brandish in shared company. You can “take a walk” with your cool cousins at Thanksgiving without grandma noticing you’ve got weed on you from across the room.

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Unboxing the hand-rolled 3-pack realizes one of our wildest prohibition fantasies. Call Celine Dion because a new day HAS come. Each mini-joint is adorably sized and comes with a lid to keep the flower in and a mouthpiece to keep it classy. It’s cool innovation in the pre-roll space where I’ve always felt packaging is doing the least. I don’t like paying top dollar for something that looks like a friend can roll it at home. Gimme some pizzazz for the price tag. Respect for the flower comes across in the profesh, industrial-strength presentation, and Packwoods nails it. Each blunt is hand-rolled, and you can tell that it’s done with care and attention to quality and not a one-size-fits-all machine press.

Not much on the nose besides the comforting smell of the tobacco-free wrap. A little plastic nub closes off the mouthpiece until you’re ready to inhale and a plastic sticker near the base gives a shout to the presentation of tobacco cigars-but don’t forget to inhale this one, Mr. President.

The minis burn well so you can put it down and pick it up on your time and it will still be cherried and waiting for you. This is a great one for intense conversations where you get so into what you’re talking about you forget to hit your shit. Perfect for outdoor concerts, the beach, and barbecues. The strength is solid so you can stretch it out easily.

The high is remarkably even-keeled. Your attention isn’t pulled any harder towards the mind or the body, your energy spreads out and relaxes into the moment. The lift is very vibey so do something that doesn’t require too much thinking and feel your way into it-dancing for example.

Each ‘rillo is packed with .75/grams of flower. Tolerances increase when you are always indulging to your maximum capacity and slowly pushing it further with each sesh. I prefer to indulge beyond the capacity of my minimum threshold in hopes of slowing that process down. The Packarillos can easily be split into two solid settings if you don’t seek the absolute maximum highness.  The handy dandy plastic pieces make it clean and easy to recap the mouthpiece and the stamped-out end.

GMO Cookies offers a deeply insightful and intimate psychedelic experience that deserves creative spaces and a connection to whatever the divine is for you.


$45 for 2.25 grams is steep. Style and function is everything with Packarillos. This is a good price for people obsessed with blunts and/or Packwoods and value the quality of the experience enough to pay more for less flower. I’d either splurge all the way on the 2 gram infused blunt for the same price or go for the more cost-effective eighth.

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