Product Review: Fig Farms Dark Karma

by Carrie Dabshaw
Animal Mints Ivory Strain

Dark Karma At-A-Glance


Flower-focused, grower-owned Oakland-based Fig Farms delivers on truly outstanding flower medicine.


A pure, loving and calm contentedness make for tidings of comfort & joy year-round in this snowcapped delight.


$55 regularly, $44 on sale worth tremendously more than either.

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Act right next lifetime. Invest in Dark Karma in this one.

About Fig Farms

Fig Farms is your most informed friend who shares their knowledge with passion, not arrogance. Fig Farms is 100% owned by its growers and having the experts at the helm of their decision-making absolutely results in a superior output. When I tried Fig Farm’s Animal Mints Ivory Pheno recently it was so spectacular it felt like I was smoking weed for the first time again. Fig’s attention to detail is so inherently flower-focused that every aspect of what we love about weed is perfected to the nth degree. Fig Farms flower feels like the HD Director’s Cut with extra behind-the-scenes footage.

Hit up Fig Farms’ website next time you are in need of some breathtaking cannabis photography. A short 360* clip of the cannabis plant in all its glory repeats into infinity on the homepage and kept my attention for nearly that long. From the jump, Fig Farms makes it clear that its sole focus is the soul of this marvelous plant.

Fig Farms offers unique and hard-to-find genetics such as The Pink and White Nectarines. Fig Farms grows out of a facility in Oakland and in line with other cannabis labels of its caliber, offers t-shirts for its most loyal devotees. It’s interesting how succinctly and precisely merch can encapsulate a brand’s identity. Fig Farms’ clothes come in earth tones and are made for comfort with logos that are discreet and understated. Fig Farms seems to come from a place of hard work and humility with the quality of the cannabis taking the first, last, and only priority in their business strategy.


Each cannabis plant is a unique manifestation of its parents’ genetics. Like humans, this idiosyncrasy may not be fully realized until maturity, and the plant blossoms into its own unique flower. Growers sequester and label seeds at the beginning of the growing process to later redeem the ones they find most favorable. This is known as “pheno hunting” as it represents the grower’s search for the offspring bearing the most sought-out characteristics of each of the parents.

Phenotypes represent an important concept in the theory of evolution. Each group of organisms represents a wide net of genetic variation and the members of each group with the most advantageous inborn traits will produce the most viable offspring as a function of their genetic advantage. After several generations of only the cream of the crop surviving, the most favorable traits will predominate the gene pool and move forward in molding subsequent generations. In the topic at hand, Fig Farms’ grower-owned mentality means their hands-on relationship with the plant is what molds your enjoyable experience.

Dark Karma is Dutch Treat x Strange Love and Fig Farms opted for this specific phenotype for its terpene profile and effects. Fig previously released a different pheno of this crossing as “Dutch Cookies” but found Dark Karma superior in the long run. It is my distinct honor to become acquainted with so many different manifestations of cannabis magic but Fig Farms really takes it to another level. Let’s see where this Dark Karma will carry us.


The joy of Fig Farms begins with their packaging. On the inner flaps, wolves howl at the moon and an ancient sea mariner tells his tale of regret. Fig Farms’ starry packaging reminds me of a night at sea and all the mysteries of our galaxy. The brazenly peek-a-boo glass jar reveals an utterly stunning flower. The entirety of my eighth came in two remarkably gorgeous nugs. Hats off to whoever named this because it looks like Dark Karma.

I audibly shouted “what!” upon opening the jar. The flower is sugared with trichomes that sparkle in an uninterrupted thick coating from end to end.  The smell is just as breathtaking and more enticing than maybe any food I’ve ever eaten. Lively peach, plum, and a subtle base of orange blossom knock you into eternity. Don’t tell the Christian religious extremists but if it was legal I would marry this. 

Dark Karma looks like it was molded with the flow of the deep ocean and its pistols seem frozen in media res as if looking at them long enough might reveal their slow crawl further out into existence. Fig Farms flower just seems more alive than any other cannabis I’ve come across. The grower’s fingerprints are indelible and exemplary. 

I took a moment to thank the sacrament before breaking it up. We’ve become so acclimated to the concept that we don’t celebrate this miracle enough-this is flower magic that binds to our insides and can open us up to a greater healing potential. Our living earth endowed us with spectacularly variant plants that change us and we do not spend enough time letting that be the unsolvable mystery that it is. Thank you to whatever Goddesses may be for this plant. 

In pieces, Dark Karma is pillowy and most likely the “these” that sweet dreams are made of. Call on some hemp wick to light your bowl and get all the flavinoids jam-packed in here. Dark Karma tastes like a Holly Jolly Christmas-it is piney, familiar, and comforting. The 28.77% THC Content makes itself known immediately.  This Dark Karma does not damn you to an unending cycle of rebirth but feels like a warm blanket you want to wrap yourself in. Comfort, contentedness, safety, and a heavy mental and physical release of tension feels like Christmas too (but still fuck the religious right tho). 

Dark Kama is fantastic and the right choice for anyone interested in going beyond commercialism into the soul of the flower.


I spit out my drink seeing it on sale for $44.  $50 regularly priced is stunning as well.

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