Cannabis Product Review: Cannatique’s Lemon Cherry Infused Preroll

by Carrie Dabshaw
Cannatique Review_Emjay

Cannatique's Lemon Cherry Canna-Wandz At-A-Glance


Giant, delicious smoke clouds make for a hefty well made blunt-adjacent pre-roll.


$26 for 1.5 gram preroll you can smoke on for several days but may not be worth it as a one-off.


Cognitive impairment and a zoned out mind-body stoned effect.

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About Cannatique

Cannatique’s Instagram page describes itself as “your favorite rapper’s favorite smoke”. And its website, a bevy of branded clothing items with little reference to cannabis. Cannatique is known for buzzy delicious-sounding strains—Red Rum, Blueberry Cruffin, and the Lemon Cherry Gelato featured here

Born in 2011 in Oakland, California, Cannatique Farms was founded by Rebecca Kirk and her father. Cannatique plays its hand close to the chest—not much info is available on its grow process, background. Appropriately, they offer a No Cap strain to underscore their reliance on quality and word of mouth versus a prolonged origin story, and an ideology the orbits beloved exotic genetics.

The bottom and top of the infused preroll carton depict a delicious overflowing soft-serve swirl of the eponymous delight. With absolutely no other info it is enough to make you want to buy it, try it, and tell all your friends.

Cannatique's CannaWandz preroll in Lemon Cherry Gelato


Cannatique’s packaging signals status and quality with a very LA understated approach e.g. the trendiest club in town not putting a sign out front. It’s the social practice of being in the know and being able to flex on those who don’t. 

Cannatique pops off shelves with its soft-serve logo and enticing strain names. Blackberry Gelato was the first I saw and it made my mouth water. The brand’s Blueberry Cruffin preroll—wrapped in holographic foil—is enough to shut off the logical side of your brain and hypnotize you into a “whatever-it-costs” impulse buy. 

I heard from a budtender at Sherbinskis legendary home on Fairfax that Lemon Cherry Gelato was his personal favorite at the moment and that sealed the deal for me.

This type of organic hype is what fuels and sustains the culture in Los Angeles. Artists are made and broken by their reputation in this town. And the same goes for cannabis brands. As more and more options become available, it takes a lot more than hype to get customers to keep coming back. 

Will Lemon Cherry Gelato ever work in this town again?


From jump, this preroll is surprising. I expected a bright, fruity, and perhaps overly sweet aroma. But the Wandz casts a different spell-really earthy, really dank, with a faint skunky backend on the nose.

The preroll lands about halfway between a joint and a blunt. It’s rolled well and packed generously but is in a clear, joint paper instead of a cigar wrap. The Wandz is really pretty and the glass mouthpiece is convenient and user-friendly. It really elevates the tactile experience and makes for a better schmoke.

The inhale is even more magical than the smell. The flavor is very savory and really tasty. I grasped to find lemon or cherry but they just weren’t there for me. The flavor profile is more umamilike the aftertaste of a great dinner.

The Wandz rips really well. Giant smoke cloud after giant smoke cloud makes it hard to put this one down. Depending on your tolerance you might want to take things slowly.

The high is very powerful. The mind-body divide becomes even less relevant as overall disorientation presides. The Wandz are for experienced wizards only. 

This is a premium smoke to power through to extreme elevation.


Great quality infused preroll feels inflated at $26/1.5 gram. 

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