Product Review: Pure Beauty Hybrid Babies Prerolls

by Carrie Dabshaw
pure beauty hybrid babies product review

About Pure Beauty’s Hybrid Babies

Pure Beauty is mindful about what they put into the plant and what they do with what comes out of it. Pure Beauty doesn’t pull any water from the California tap to grow their flower and instead only uses water pulled from the air. Because surrounding indigenous species are unaccustomed to the fertilizers used in cultivation, none of the water that runs off the plant is released back into the ecosystem.

Pure Beauty works with the cannabis plant and planet to cultivate and nourish the natural conditions that best support the flower. Pure Beauty uses a “soil food web” by incorporating the collaborative effect insects have in nourishing healthy plants and gives love to the roly-polys and nematodes for the part they play in growing robust, aromatic flower.  

If you’re the type that talks to their plants, Pure Beauty is for you. Their flower was born, cultivated, and blossomed in love and that energy comes across in every aspect of the smoking experience.


Pure Beauty’s CEO and co-founder is a woman of Indian and Mexican ancestry named Imelda Walavalkar. In an industry (and country) dominated by men and white folks, that matters. Pure Beauty’s name and branding speak to a reverence for femininity and it’s important to support women in cannabis and other fields where we are underrepresented.

In the interest of our environmental health, Pure Beauty ditches plastic for a plant-based mylar bag to hold their paper pre-roll carton. The outer bag lists the flower’s stats with a level of precision that really demonstrates the attention Pure Beauty pays to quality. 

The Hybrid pre-rolls list a blend of 45% Girl Scout Cookies 30% Lobo Loco and 25% Wedding Cake. 20.58% THC and 25.21% Cannabinoids power these babies and Terpenes also get a shout out: .28% Caryophyllene (known for its cracked pepper flavor) .10% Humulene (herbaceous cousin of the hops used in beer) .08% Linalool (a duo of terps found in over 200 plants including lavender and Indian bay leaf).

This is free game that Pure Beauty is giving away. Because we don’t get a formal education on cannabis this is a great opportunity to learn more about the flower and your individual tastes.

Popping open the ingenious packaging reveals ten (yes, 10!) miniature pre-rolled babies with cartoon eyes printed on the mouthpiece. Lots of pepper and spice on the nose with some background hints of citrus.

Each sweet lil’ baby is perfectly sized for a single dose-you don’t need to put this out and come back to it later. It may look small but it is mighty.

pure beauty hybrid babies


Hybrid Babies are packed like sardines in the gorgeous paper box they come in. Emoji vibe cartoon eyes pop up and out on every filter. It’s a tiny detail that makes a huge impact. The box is discreet and easy to fit in pockets and purses. It’s about as convenient as carrying an eighth of flower can go.

Light these babies up and there’s a lot of pepper and huge smoke clouds on the inhale. Each pre-roll burns in a really convenient amount of time. This is for adults with full lives in the middle of a big day. This is a great option for situations where toking up openly isn’t encouraged e.g. on break at work or staying with disapproving relatives. 

The high doesn’t interfere with your ability to go about your routine. There’s a great sense of comfort in the body like the warmth of a long hug. Your mind is engaged and interested-experience becomes just a hair more mystical. These babies are great for socializing and mentally stimulating conversations and art. 

Pure Beauty is a supportive date that uplifts your experience without interfering. This is not portioned to get baked but for a solid manageable lift for low or moderate tolerances. 


$40 is a spectacular price for 10 really enjoyable pre-rolls. These are dosed for active, on-the-go lifestyles and perfect for people who don’t like going too far down the rabbit hole. Go get ’em!

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