Product Reivew: Wyld Elderberry 2:1 CBN Gummies

by Carrie Dabshaw

Wyld Peach At-A-Glance


Wyld marries real fruit with the full spread of cannabis magic in their jammy and inventive blissful chews.


CBN & THC pair up for an unbeatable somatic experience that immerses you fully in a pool of contented relaxation.


It's time we evolve past bottom shelf gummies-Wyld's $20 bag is worth several times most priced only a few bucks less.

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About Wyld

Founded in 2016, Wyld set out to use only real fruit and natural flavors in what would just 5 years later become the nation’s best-selling cannabis gummy. With distribution at present in California, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona Wyld began over a two-burner stove by three college friends in Central Oregon. With a focus on staying true to their founding intentions, Wyld maintains stringent standards on quality control and integrous business practices.

Wyld is a carbon-neutral company by offsetting all greenhouse-gas emissions of its operations and switching to 100% renewable energy. With the goal of becoming eco-champions, Wyld is on track to reduce their emissions even further and move towards fully recyclable and compostable packing options. In another move towards accountability Wyld also works in partnership with organizations doing the work of undoing the harms of the racist “War on Drugs” and the many damning tentacles of White Supremacy writ large.

Root & Rebound restores power and resources to the families and communities directly impacted by the War on Drugs’ targeting of black and brown communities and Wyld supports them in these efforts.  As a member of the Oregon Cannabis Association, Wyld supports the efforts of combating the many impacts of the failed “War on Drugs”.  With a focus on legislative efforts and clinics to expunge cannabis charges from folks’ criminal records, the Oregon Cannabis Association allows cannabis companies to play a more proactive role in using the privilege of legalization for good.


Wyld ventured into the CBD space with Wyld CBD in 2019 and just two short years later their gummies and sparking water CBD options are also ranked atop the list of best sellers. With no THC these bad boys ship nationwide in 25mg seltzers and 500mg CBD supplements in their same signature flavors. Interestingly, Wyld offers a subscription service for their exclusively vegan and gluten-free CBD only products and as someone who goes through CBD nearly immediately, this is a very welcome opportunity. CBD has exploded in popularity (and for good reason) in recent years and I think CBN will be the next to have its moment.

Wyld’s inventive move to include under-utilized cannabinoids like CBG and CBN in their THC blends is a spectacular forward-thinking move and really rounds out their roster for more complete marketplace domination. The Entourage Effect (combining a cocktail of cannabinoids to get the fullest expression of each as well as synergistic Gestalt) highlights the effortless perfection of the cannabis symphony at its best and I highly recommend you get into it. 

Like a healer mixing their signature potions, it is a joyful spiritual and intellectual endeavor to find the right ratio of cannabinoids for you. I really enjoy high levels (60 mg) of CBD with a dash of THC (2.5-5mg depending on what I’m using it for) and it is a distinctly different experience than either independently. Similarly, CBN seems to be one of those ingredients that mysteriously makes everything better (e.g. salting your watermelon) and I find it best suited for cocktails of CBD, CBN, and THC. CBN  makes the somatic effects of CBD deeper and more full while gently steering the course of the THC ship. Emjay is known for our screamin’ deals-next time Wyld is on sale get a 20:1 Strawbery and 1:1 Elderberry and find the right combination for you.

So what is CBN exactly? Like most great mysteries of The Multiverse-we don’t really know. CBN is widely agreed upon to be non-psychoactive with some great neuroprotective and antibacterial aspects but after that (the few, limited studies) begin to disagree. Cannabis researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Ethan Ross thinks CBNS effects alone are negligible but in combination with THC can really turn up what we love about the OG. Dr. Ross cites a rapid increase in the potency of  THC’s euphoria and sedation as CBN is introduced into the bloodstream. CBN supercharges its buddy for a more robust and full magical effect.

Elderberry CBN 2:1 offers 5mg of CBN in support of the 10 mg of THC in each gummy. This is amazing because most brands get stingy and will normally only toss in 1mg or 2 of CBN into their blends. If you prefer higher doses of THC, the CBN will continue to round out and deepen your experience as your hungrily gnaw your way through the delicious bundle.  If you are on the fence or even suspicious of CBN, this is a great opportunity to try it within the safety of a tried and true friend-even if CBN isn’t for you, your ole’ pal THC is still there to make it a worthwhile venture. THC similarly unlocks the full effects of CBN and can open it up in a way that is more meaningful to your somatic language. 


Things start to get Wyld as soon as you check out the packaging. Deep purples make the pictured Elderberries look even more scrumptious and ripe. Wyld’s signature antlers make the logo really exciting and this looks and feels like a top-tier product. The beautiful geometric design unfurls with a really cool spiraling design that begins to differentiate the experience from the trillions of other options.

The tub which stores the gummies is also unique and looks like something you’d pick up at the pharmacy. Underneath it is an inscription that reads “perfect for preparing for sleep…it’s a little like watching sheep count you” and for this type of extra effort, I am always giving extra credit. CBN thus far has been pegged as a sleep aid in the marketplace. Let’s see if that reputation holds up.

Wyld lists half a gummy (2.5mg CBN, 5mg THC) as the serving size. I’ll take their word for it and start small. As soon as you get the gummy’s tub open a rich jam of berries awaits-Wyld smells much more like actual food than most gummies I’ve ever encountered. The powdered sugar peppered against the rich indigo of the bites makes the combination look like the night sky. Wyld’s flavor is really outstanding-some weediness makes it through but they really let the fruit do the talking. 

About 25 minutes after consuming the first 5 THC: 2.5CBN a spectacularly pleasant silky sensation lands on the body. It’s like the feeling of putting the best quality lotion on your legs right after you’ve shaved or the first stirrings that your pill is working at the rave. A simple willingness to open more fully to happiness emerges effortlessly as physical touch becomes instantly more reassuring. The CBN lands like really good CBD on the body will a surprisingly powerful boost on THC’s thrust.

I prefer a robust, long-lasting steady high over the rollercoaster peak that edibles normally offer. 30 mins after taking the first half I took the second in hopes that they would blossom on two intersecting timeliness-this is a high you don’t want to let go of. Elderberry effortlessly leans you towards your contentedness and well-being. This is a peaceful, gentle beast with truly joyful vibrations. CBN may help you get to sleep but this is a buzz worth staying up for.


Stuttered buffonishly like a cartoon character when I saw the price point-$20 is a steal for the quality.

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