Cannabis Product Review: Ember Valley x Moxie Live Resin Kush Cake Badder

by Carrie Dabshaw
Kush Cake Badder Live Resin Review

Kush Cake Badder At-A-Glance


Emjay Exclusive extract brings together the concentrate prowess of Moxie and the flower focus of Ember Valley.


Playful, dreamy, well-being aligns the system with a sense of peacefulness and ease.


$50 for a gram you will joyfully blow through quickly.

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Available only through Emjay try Ember Valley x Moxie Live Resin Badder now.

About Ember Valley x Moxie’s Live Resin Badder

Moxie proudly deems itself “Cannabis for Everyone” with the founding intention of providing access to safe, sustainable flower for all who need it. Moxie is relentless in its innovation towards capturing the highest possible caliber of cannabis. From flower to strain-specific vapes and edible “sweets”, Moxie’s got just that when it comes to getting after it.  “Without the Earth, We Have Nothing” reads Moxie’s homepage. If you need me, I will be snapping in support of this sentiment into infinity.

Moxie aims to become a carbon-negative cannabis company and pays the proper level of due respect to the marvel of our living planet. Moxie is FSC Certified for its responsible use of forest resources and its process is chlorine-free to ensure its paper packaging is fully recyclable. Founded in 2015, Moxie was the first company granted a cannabis business license in California and now operates a manufacturing facility in the Lynwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, back at the farm Ember Valley arose from humble beginnings around the founding members’ kitchen table in Downtown Los Angeles. With a focus on quality over quantity, Ember Valley has tested over 5.000 seeds and 200 strains to find their favorite terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles to share with us.

Ember Valley runs two 55,000-foot cultivation centers in California- one in Redding and one in Shasta Lake-to oversee every aspect of their flower’s progress. They even customize the conditions of each strain’s environment to best maximize the genetic potential of each plant. In combination, Moxie x Ember Valley is a responsible, diligent, grassroots California cannabis effort and it is a true treasure to be its exclusive plug. 


Moxie’s Live Resin extracts are made exclusively from a top-shelf indoor flower that is frozen immediately upon harvest and never dried or cured. This Live Resin is then whipped into a cake batter (hence the nickname) consistency that is jam-packed with full-spectrum terpenes. For this collab, Ember Valley steps in to handle the grow process and in combination with Moxie’s concentrate wizardry, a stunning 77.97% THC concentrate is born. 

The label lists 95.32% total cannabinoids and that’s on sheeeessshhh.  The CBD content clocks in at a meager .12% which in fairness is higher than many but I wish more of the cannabinoid load came in the form of CBD.  Perhaps the world’s greatest backup singer, I think CBD deserves her day in the spotlight. However, the high cannabanoid content ensures a riotous entourage effect that will play our endocannabanoid sytem like a joyful xylophone solo. 

So how do we get this cake cookin’? Live Resin can be smoked in combination with flower either sprinkled on top of a bowl or rolled into a jay as seems to be in vogue these days. Alternatively, live resin badder is an ideal canindate for Ye Olde Dab. Whether you have an old school rig or are a filthy monster still taking knife hits, concentrate taken on its own can truly be something special. I prefer (and solely use) PuffCo’s remarkable Portable Vape Pen. Since trying this Goddess amongst men I am never going back and if you want to get in on it, lucky you, Emjay delivers it. Whether you roll, bowl, or PuffCo pass let’s see what Kush Cake got cookin’.


In addition to being ethically and sustainably sound, the tactile experience of the fully recyclable packaging is very pleasant.  Kush Cake offers a very bright nose and, maybe taking the name a little too seriously, I tasted some off the PuffCo scooping spoon. The flavor is surprisingly orange and lemony and almost had the numbing effect of a topical on the roof of the mouth.

The inhale is remarkably delicious-I shouted “what?!” out of genuine surprise and enjoyment on my first hit. PuffCo delivers vapor so clean and smooth it barely registers as a smoking experience. Someone said beloved seltzer La Croix is like drinking a glass of water and someone shouts the name of a fruit in the other room. Kush Cake x PuffCo is like meditating beachside as the formless concept of plant medicine floats by in another dimension.

Kush Cake is orange-forward and sweet. I’ve consciously made it a point to not get too into dabbing because I know it could easily sweep me up never to return and after this, Kush Cake has me ready to risk it all. Anything that the human does presents an opportunity to either check out or dig into whatever experience they’re having. Cannabis x self-discovery is next-level medication and this badder provides the opportunity to sink more fully into the moment.

Kush Cake vibes very respectfully with your experience-whatever you’re doing becomes a current you float on easily. Outdated terms like Indica and Sativa, oversimplify how vast the range of mental and physical experience can be. The bodily effects of Kush Cake are not arresting or sedating but aligning. This is a great fit if you want to cuddle, connect, or simply need to make it through a day of work and not knock your annoying co-worker out. Kush Cake is perfect for star-gazing or anything you practice with reverence.


It costs $50 for the gram of Moxie x Ember Valley Live Resin. Yes, it’s a fair price. Yes, you can expect to power through it quickly.

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