Cannabis Product Review: Pacific Stone Private Reserve OG Prerolls

by Carrie Dabshaw
Pacific Stone Prerolls Review

Private Reserve OG Pre-Rolls At A Glance


Get high-high quickly and unpretentiously with these to-the-point stoney smokes.


Accessible pricing for all day, everyday tokers. $40/7 grams of pre-rolled flower. Buy it is on sale and each of the 14 pre-rolls is barely over $2. 


PR OG sends you inward with a heavy body and inebriated mind. It's an introspective strain, and in preroll joint pack-form, very sessionable.

Find it on Emjay

The Pacific Stone Private Reserve OG Prerolls are available for delivery or in-store at Emjay.

About Pacific Stone

Pacific Stone flower is grown in coastal greenhouses. Founded in 2015, the brand was built by childhood best friends and family in the prestigious 805 area code of California. From beginning to end, this flower is grown, rolled, and priced for sharing. An accessible price point allows you to give generously or spoil yourself lavishly without a second thought. 

Cannabis takes on the spirit of its hometown. And the laid-back central California coast is alive and well here. Warm weather, the beach, street art, and taco stands as far as the eye can see unfurl in each puff.

This pre-roll pack is meant and priced to be an everyday staple smoke. It’s easy and affordable to always have on deck. The packaging is convenient for backpacks, beach bags, and purses. This is a great choice for festivals and parties. 

14 pre-rolls amount to 7 grams-a quarter ounce of flower so there’s plenty to go around.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Stone


Pacific Stone takes us back to a simpler time—when cannabis wasn’t so complicated. You reached for what made you feel good and no hipster in a slouchy beanie made you feel bad about it.

Their jays roll 14 deep in this sleek clamshell packaging. Each is filtered and slender-the dream of buying a pack of joints instead of cigarettes. This preroll pack is that dream realized. Although the child-proof lock may still confound some of us after all these years (…me) there’s nothing else standing between you and your good time. At 16.6% THC, these are a good dose for people with a lower tolerance or very sessionable for those with higher tolerances who want to keep smoking joint after joint without getting too high. This is a good dose to stay lifted but not twisted for all day at the beach or festi. 

Included with the pre-rolls is a cute little silica-esque Terpe Shield packet—a really wonderful detail for the consumer. It’s good to know the flower is safe. On the nose, not much aroma makes it through the paper but the Pacific Stone logo on the filter adds a little jolt of joy. What a time to be alive.


Private Reserve OG pre-rolls are surprisingly strong. They feel like cigarettes so you unconsciously power through them without realizing how fast you’re going. There’s half a gram of flower in each so you can fast-forward into inebriation very easily. 

These hit a lot harder than I expected and deliver a very paradigm-shifting stoney experience. Heavy limbs, impaired cognition, and the feeling of landing with a thud in a whole new reality. If a bowl of Pacfic Stone’s flower is a cocktail, these babies are the shots. 

Some people go to a bar and read every single ingredient the mixologist muddles, zests, shakes, or stirs. Some people get a whiskey and coke every single time. This is the cannabis equivalent of the latter. It does its job and that’s that on that. 

This is a very introspective strain so it’s not great for meeting new people or taking adventurous risks. This is for situations where you feel comfortable and safe and have no responsibilities. 


$40 for a quarter rolled into joints is what my father would call “a screamin’ deal”. On sale and with no fees for delivery, the Private Reserve OG Prerolls from Pacific Stone offers a scream-at-the-top-of-your-lungs type bargain.

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