Cannabis Tech Review: Puffco Plus Vision Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw
Puffco Vision Plus review on Emjay

Puffco Vision Plus At-A-Glance


Top of the line, state-of-the-art convenience, ease and execution for any time, anyplace dabs.


Boss up with this clean, sophisticated evolution of how a grown person smokes concentrate.


The Puffco Vision Plus is $89.99 on Emjay.

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About Puffco

Puffco is considered by many to be the single best vaporizer available on the market today. With its sleek design, clean, hassle-free usage, and easy to control settings, Puffco evolves the vaporizer game to 2021’s standards to great and widespread mainstream praise. Puffco Plus is the latest to put on the jersey, and it is already earning its space on the payroll as the most awarded vape pen in the game.

Puffco Plus seeks to accommodate the high-end dabber on the go, focusing on flavor for usage with high-quality concentrates. The mouthpiece combines a splash guard, loading tool, and carb cap all in one to easily scoop concentrates without making a mess. The colorful Vision design adds an added visual appeal that frankly is unmatched in the marketplace today. The Plus feels like it belongs more in the Apple store than the dispensary with an included charger and instruction manual. And I’m positive it’s equally beloved in both.

Puffco proudly excludes chemicals, fibers, and glues from its airways to preserve a clean smoking experience and seeks to make its wares as user-friendly as possible for those newer to the concentrate game. Puffco expands into apparel that truly seems fashionable enough to make it on shelves of its own merit unrelated to the cannabis tie-in. In October 2021, Puffco will pop off with their Puffcon Block Party in Los Angeles, featuring exclusive product drops, food trucks, and remarkable Hip Hop trio Flatbush Zombies.


Like the fictional fashionista my moniker references, my dabbing experience became dated without realizing how long it had been. Looking back, I originally watched Sex & The City as a rental, from Blockbuster, on VHS tape-the trifecta now featured in the ancient history exhibit at The Met. And it had been just about that long since I purchased new dabbing equipment. My first-gen dab rig was on its last leg when she was lost to an untimely moving accident (may she rest in peace), and just like that, it was time for me to update my game. And I couldn’t help, but wonder was moving on that easy?

Going to a dispensary without much knowledge of what you’re looking for can feel really intimidating. No one wants to feel like a noob and without a basic shared language for the cannabis game (e.g., what do you and your friends say when the bowl is finished? “Kicked”? “Cashed”? Something else?) it can be hard to translate what the budtender is telling you into your own experience.

Puffco is meant to be as accessible and self-explanatory as possible so let’s see if it lives up to that founding intention. Digging into the box literally feels like opening a new phone. The gorgeous pens rest in elegant foam casing on the top layer, and all the accessories you could ever need are underneath. Puffco includes instructions, a charging cord, some conveniently shaped cotton swabs for cleaning, and purple and green Joker-toned rubber grips. I love the attention to detail, and it is v helpful for ole’ timers like me. The dart pops out to make scooping your dabs as easy as humanely possible. Clicking the button on the chamber vacillates the pen from low to medium and high heat. The included booklet lets us know this is not a vape pen but the world’s first portable nail. Every aspect of the design-even charging it-is evolved and gorgeous.


Charge up the Plus with the included charging cord, and then five clicks are all it takes to get the heat going. Press the same button four times to switch between low, medium, and high-temperature settings.  The tool for scooping the concentrates is well designed and efficient.

I used my Puffco Vision Plus with two separate concentrates: Alien Labs x Friendly Farms Milky Way Sauce & Lowell Farms Strawberry Bananaz Live Rosin. With varying textures and lineages, I was hoping using this on a few different would provide a more comprehensive encapsulation of the benefits PuffCo on-the-go offers. Alien Labs x Friendly Farms Milky Way sauce is viscous, a syrupy joy that burns nicely for quick glittery bursts of THC. Clarity and mood enhancement make for an all-day wingman on whatever you’ve got planned. It is sophisticated and manageable for a discreet but potent rose-tinted perspective on the day. Lowell Farm’s Full Plant Live Rosin is a waxy, crumbly, thicker alternative. With a mouthwatering smell and taste, Strawberry Bananaz nails every tangible element. A profound connection to the ether and a deep, grounded rooting in the body make for a really loving and special experience.  

The Puffco performs miracles on both. Milky Way you’ll want to devour as voraciously its candy bar namesake. Take the whole gram to the beach or festival and ride a consistent uplift for waves and waves of productivity. Grab Strawberry Bananaz for self-care, interpersonal connection, yoga, and sex. All of which will likely be made better by its presence. Whatever you’re go-to for dabbing, you’ll want it heated and nailed out of this – unfettered 10/10.


The functionality, experience, and eye-popping design are enough for me to pay double what they’re charging. $89 is a steal for the Puffco Vision Plus, a state-of-art piece of dab tech.

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