Here Are The Best 10 Prerolls In LA

by Carrie Dabshaw
Baby Jeeters _ Best Prerolls in LA list from Emjay

From blunts to jays, California cannabis companies are scrambling to make your life as easy as possible with prepared smokeable treats with no assembly required. Whether you’re looking for flower only or want an infused supercharge here are the best pre-rolled offerings in LA.

The Best Flower Only Pre-Rolls in the Game

1. Pure Beauty Hybrid Babies: Best Quick Smoke

           Moderation is key. And sometimes that gets lost in the cannabis game. Perfectly portioned to burn quickly, and marvelously dosed to keep you lifted not stoned, Pure Beauty is here to save you from the hype strong blends of the day. Hybrid Babies fit unobtrusively into your pocket, purse, or beach bag just as respectfully as they hit your internal systems. Don’t underestimate this little one. They are small but mighty and balanced in their strengths. Co-founded and Chaired by a woman of color and invested in social justice initiatives, Pure Beauty is just that.

2. Miss Grass 1:1 All Times : Best Social Smoke

           Miss Grass was my steadfast wing woman for my first re-entry into social society post-2020. I wanted a robust, layered inebriation but without getting so high I got awkward. And man did Miss Grass deliver. The perfect balance between joyful relaxation and lively moment-to-moment participation, the 1:1 blend really is great for all situations. Not too strong and well dosed for a single session, these are great to bring to a party to share. Woman-owned.

3. Lowell Farms Smokes Bedtime Indica: Best for Nicotine Cessation

          Lowell Farms grows weed for the outlaws and sometimes Miley Cyrus’ Dad. So if you are either of these two, please stick around (and if you’re reading this Billy Ray thank you for introducing us to Lil Nas X). With everything from flower to their incredible live rosin, Lowell aims for clean, timeless simplicity. If you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes (and you should!) these untapered, wide-filtered cowboy classics are just close enough to the real thing to keep your fingers busy while the cravings pass. 

4. Glass House Farms Ice Cream Cake: Best Uncomplicated Good Time

       Ice Cream Cake is as delightful, carefree, and pleasant as the name makes it sound. Go back for seconds and take as much as you’d like-these babies are deliciously calorie-free. Reach for Glass House Farms when you just want weed and not a thousand descriptors or explanations on what it means. Glass House Farms offers the best affordably priced eights I’ve ever tried and it’s important that flower remains accessible to everyone who can benefit from it.

5. Alien Labs Moonbow Pre-Roll: Best for Spacing Out

       Alien Labs transmits their Moon Grown Flower from the year 2069. With rave-adjacent branding and tons of fun in strain selection, Alien Labs makes to-the-point joints for people who don’t take weed too seriously. When I was tasked with covering the blast off from Alien Labs Moonbow and Baklava I got so lifted from the Baklava I lost the Moonbow for several hours. Put your keys somewhere safe before you light one of these.

The Best Infused Pre-Rolls in the Game

1. Packwoods Cherry AK-47 Infused Blunt: Celebratory Triumph

           Tell Jay-Z and his little friend they better Watch The Throne when Packwoods steps in the building. This is one of my favorite things I have ever smoked and I smoke weed for a living. From flavor to effects, kief-coated-tip to glass-perfected-mouthpiece, these hand-rolled beauties are literally perfect. A powerful, effervescent joy hits the system for an uplift that leaves you feeling like royalty. If I ever win the Super Bowl, fuck Disneyland I’m goin’ straight to one of these.

2. Leune Calibre Hash Infused Pre-Roll 2 Pack: Gentle, Sparkling Love Fest

Leune brings grace and moderation to the cannabis space. Even with a massive 30% THC content, Leune encapsulates a well-paced approachable experience. These slim, barely tapered jays are reasonably sized and great for multiple good times or a killer single sesh depending on your tolerance. Cannabis flower is a living being and responds to the effort and intention put in. Leune cultivates supportive plant medicine and Calibre is here to share that love with you. Founded and owned by a woman of color.

3. Presidential Moonrock Infused Watermelon Pre-Roll: To The Moon & Back

          Presidential’s blunts and jays are the cheapest way to join the Space Race (and they won’t massively destroy our ozone layer either). With oodles of infused flower “moonrock” you are locked and loaded to infinity and beyond without leaving your couch (or having to pee in zero gravity). These one stop smoke shops are (space) jam-packed with supercharged distillate infused directly into the flower and then finished with a dusting of kief.  Sci Fi Fantasy? Nope, reality. Tread lightly as 2 or 3 hits was enough to send me.

4. Claybourne Power Series: Electrified Flyers and Stacks

       Claybourne offers an expansive line of reasonably priced and inventive cannabis treats. From their awesome single infusion flyers to their triple-infused party packs, Claybourne has got you, your lungs, and your bank account covered. Feel like leaving the house and getting some fresh autumn air? Check out LA’s first dispensary owned by a Black Woman and Claybourne’s Power Stack for one of like literally five things on earth Emjay doesn’t carry. Black women get us higher and Claybourne’s Power Stack will too with a pocket sized tube of flower and kief packed separately for you to go at your own pace.

5. Infused Baby Churro Jeeters: Carnival Grade Indulgence 

We all know the name. We all know the hype. Somehow Jeeter lives up to the word on the street. Our Emjay drivers frequently drop these off to budtenders on shift at rival dispensaries. And they routinely sell out almost immediately once we get them back in stock. They’re that sought after. Do yourself a favor and take a mental vacation to the state fair with these gorgeously tasty and curiously strong treats.

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