Product Review: Lowell Farms Gelato Cake Cold Pressed Rosin Disposable Vape

by Carrie Dabshaw

Gelato Cake Rosin At-A-Glance


Discourse molding and perpetual game changer Lowell Farms again raises the bar with their cold pressed virgin disposable.


Mellow melting and joyful inundation of ease meet in a savor-to-the-last-drop treat of a concentrate.


For the quality they could have charged me way more without objection. $42 for top to bottom magnificence truly low balls it.

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About Lowell

If you haven’t heard of Lowell by now you just woke up from under a rock or just landed on a spaceship. Lowell is and always has been a major player in California’s medical and recreational cannabis game. Named after a rebellious and seminal cannabis outlaw, Lowell upholds the memory of William “Bull” Lowell with their expansive roster of goodies. From single flower only and infused pre-rolls to their newest jays wrapped solely in hashish (no paper!) Lowell has the doobie market cornered. Their Bedtime Indica Pre-roll Pack is one of my favorite incarnations of cannabis and based on my love for their dabble rosin, I have a strong feeling this disposable may soon be the same.  

Vertically integrated from seed to sale, Lowell Farms uses cannabis for social change. Starting with the 1913 Poison Act, Lowell has stood for more equitable and compassionate treatment of cannabis and its users.  Lowell focuses on hiring those directly harmed by prohibition and like Emjay supports the Last Prisoner Project in their work to finally release everyone behind bars for weed. Lowell’s annual Pride collection donates 20% of proceeds to The National Black Justice Coalition and the Gay and Lesbian Association Against Defamation. The Women’s Foundation of California also gets some love with Lowell’s line of products in partnership with female-owned Fire Farms.


Lowell’s packaging uses only recyclable, food-grade materials, and up-cycled magnets.. Their sun-grown, pesticide-free flower is tended to with a sommelier’s focus on terroir, the unique benefits of each specific region are wielded to maximize the visual, aromatic, and experiential benefits of each strain in their rotation. Flower treated properly is a completely different ball game than the trash pumped out mindlessly for cash. Lowell is artisan quality wrapped in avant-garde packaging and it’s hard to believe this comes from such a large operation. 

Continuing to blaze new trails within the confines of mainstream cannabis acceptance Lowell is responsible for the (sadly now defunct) first-ever cannabis cafe in the nation. Insistent on attending opening night and a stalwart at the bar and lunch service across its tragically short life span on La Brea in West Hollywood, the cannabis cafe brought into existence all of our (or at least my!) weed fantasies united. With breathtaking and wonderfully ventilated indoor-outdoor offerings patrons were treated to a chef-driven menu (vegan options available), espresso bar, and full line up of cold-pressed juice offerings among the plant life of their indoor seating or the gorgeously decorated patio.  I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday there in March 2020 before our old life went bye-bye.

When about a year later, science offered us a new lease on social society with multiple iterations of highly efficient vaccine options, Lowell again led the way in cheers’ing to our most equitable and desirable future. In collaboration with the state of California, Lowell offered pre-rolls to everyone who got vaccinated. And you’ll excuse me as I wipe a happy tear from my eye at the realization of trading illicit drugs for legal ones. Lowell is the team in the league with some of the sport’s greatest superstars but with the championship underneath their belt due solely to their focus on fundamentals and unflinching hard work.


When Lowell first started offering these gorgeous disposables and again when they first opened their weed-smoking eatery they shipped out a ton of these to influencers and local WeHo celebrities. Although I am normally not one for social media hyping, this was one that got me immediately. Like lovers crossed into damnation by the stars, Lowell’s disposable and I seemed to always just miss our perfect moment.  I was overjoyed when Emjay picked up this spectacular looking all-in-one and I am openly excited to dig into it.

The ability to access weed at all is magnificent. But to have it delivered! and of this quality and artistic production is truly something special. I treat each Emajy delivery like Christmas morning and I invite you to join me in welcoming in some childhood delight when you get your next one. When I finally got my grubby paws on this disposable I’ve sought for so long, I was struck by how spectacular it presents on tactile sensation. Maybe it’s the recycled products but Lowell physically feels like you’ve got the good stuff. 

I audibly repeated “just gorgeous” to myself more times than you would imagine once I got the full-on masterpiece out of the bag. I am not a possessions person but if this is what luxury feels like, this is by far the most I’ve ever understood the appeal. Lowell hits like a relic from a different-the Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil feels like a priceless family heirloom passed down the generations. 

The story of their namesake is shared on the back as well as an easy to read lab testing results and instructions for use. Lowell ups the ante the closer you get to the disposable -nobody show Apple the stunning rose gold metal they’ve fashioned to harness their cold-pressed magic-it is quite simply one of the sharpest looking gadgets I’ve ever seen. With the bull mascot’s silhouetted bust featured in a slightly deeper tone of rose gold on the barrel, I feel like a fucking boss that I even own this.

Much more surprisingly (and amazingly!) the vape comes in one of Lowell’s signature pre-roll tubes now oversized to fit the larger body of gorgeous. It is only at my highest levels of awe that I start to lose articulation and to this, I can simply say-it is fucking awesomeOn the insight flap of this rare-and-expensive-Cuban-cigar adjacent masterpiece of a presentation, Lowell adds a word on the extract they so lovingly have crafted. Citing the many problems with distillate Lowell emphasizes the importance of maintaining the plant’s natural complexity and richness. Although rosin normally arises from pressure and heat, Lowell chose to go with a cold press to keep the product as true-to-earth as possible. Lowell grabs the cannabis discourse by the horns and continues to shape and mold how we think and talk about it.  

Hitting the disposable feels like an expertly heated dab of the finest concentrate caliber. The draw is robust but smooth and it definitely yields more than vapor than how light and airy the mouthfeel makes it seem. The vapor is so minimally intrusive that if you’re smoking in a bright area it’s easy to be uncertain whether you’ve gotten anything. From the first hit, it becomes abundantly clear that there is nothing but the sweet nectar of the essential spirit of cannabis in this pen. If you have trouble putting your vape down like me know that left to my own devices I  could easily blow through the whole 500mg quickly

Rosin just hits different. And for Lowell’s cold-pressed I beg of you to only savor it during the most pleasant of experiences-don’t use this to mentally check out of a whack-ass workday or annoying social obligation. Lowell’s Gelato Kush Cake is only for the sweetest of occasions: snuggle, color, listen to your favorite artist’s new album, splash around the jacuzzi, or do whatever it takes for you to soak life up. Gelato Kush Cake feels way stronger than its approximate 74% THC potency because it brought its entire cannabinoid profile came with it. The more you smoke it gets relaxingly trippy-there are no high-intensity distortions but a comforting and mellow melting into going with the flow.


$42 for a top-of-the-line cannabis product. Lowell’s Gelato Kush Cake disposable is one of the most enjoyable and convenient cannabis incarnations in all of my experience. 

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