Product Review: Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake

by Carrie Dabshaw

Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake At-A-Glance


Ember Valley humbly knocks a homer out of the park with a top to bottom good time.


Carefree, confident, and uncomplicated-Ice Cream Cake is a purely celebratory treat.


$48 feels like the friends-only discount for this awesomely airy uplift.

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Grab a plate and go back for seconds. Scoop up some Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake for in-store pick up or free delivery.

About Ember Valley Ice Cream Cake

Ember Valley founder Zombie started his decidedly California brand long before the mainstream acceptance of cannabis we enjoy today.  With humble beginnings over 7 years ago, Ember Valley first got its start around the founding members’ kitchen table in Downtown Los Angeles. With a focus on quality over quantity, Ember Valley has tested over 5.000 seeds and 200 strains to find their favorite terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles to share with us.

Ember Valley runs two 55,000-foot cultivation centers– one in Redding and one in Shasta Lake-to oversee every aspect of their flower’s progress. They even customize the conditions of each strain’s environment to best maximize the genetic potential of each plant. Ember Valley places an emphasis on the importance of the curing and drying process which is often overlooked in large-scale productions. Although the plant may already be removed from the earth the way it is treated at this critical moment of the process can severely impact how it arrives to you.

Ember Valley offers three tiers of flower to best hone in on the smoker’s intended experience. For the ultra-high-end user, Ember Valley offers their Blackline for top-shelf flower. With hilarious offerings like George Costanza and Peaches Be Crazy, the Blackline is reserved for limited release exotics. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the adorably named Remember Valley showcasing old-school offerings that predate present-day sophistication. Remember Valley doffs their cap to the OG strains that founded the cannabis game but have since gone down in popularity like Headband for example.


Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Ember Valley’s Ice Cream Cake is Wedding Cake x Gelato #33– a beloved cross quickly gaining more and more traction in the California cannabis scene. Because recreational legalization is so new and (unfortunately) still so rare, the industry’s evolution is a really fascinating survival of the fittest. Because there is no formal education on cannabis nor federal regulation, it is somewhat of a Wild West in determining what flies off shelves.

I used to work at a restaurant that occupied a tiny, unremarkable Manhattan-sized space for many years. One day paparazzi caught Megan Fox leaving the establishment and business went up 300% immediately and a decade later hasn’t gone down since. C’est la Los Angeles.  This also seems to be the case with cannabis. Strains, brands, and new methods of consumption get thrust into the spotlight and overnight are everywhere.

Cannabis trends point to the habits of the consumer and the long dreamed of needs that were not met in the unlicensed cannabis markets. Jumping on the beloved infused pre-roll trend, for example, Ember Valley’s Blackline just dropped a 2gram infused glass-tip blunt a la Packwood’s fame to provide potency and quality that simply did not exist before legalization.

Ice Cream Cake is another of these grassroots trends that speak to the heart of the cannaseuir’s desires. With a reputation for brilliant trichoming and bud structures, Ice Cream Cake speaks to the visceral delights of its namesake and incorporates the beloved qualities of each parent strain.

Does Ice Cream Cake hit as tasty as its name? Let’s find out.


Ember Valley starts the experience off properly with a really gorgeous scent. Ripe berries, rich cream, and a foundation of earthiness enliven the senses. The entirety of my eighth came in three sensationally meaty buds and it adds a great shade of reverence to the visual experience.  The cake is nicely frosted with sprinkles of snow-capping and some really pretty sparkling parts.  A nice baseline of purple ties together tons of orange hairs in a dense nug structure. 

The inside of the bud is even more remarkable with a visible flow of trichome magic and a traceable path with which the flower extends out into existence. I don’t know what’s goin’ down in this valley but something about Ember’s flower seems much more alive.  The inhale is very pleasant and has a classic feel. Images of smoking out of an apple before homeroom are evoked. 

In craft beer circles you can politely call a beer trash by deeming it “sessionable” (low alcohol content) or “crushable” (with absolutely no flavor at all). Ember Valley’s Ice Cream makes these terms words of praise. Ice Cream Cake’s strength resides in its approachability. The light, crisp mouthfeel is lovely and uncumbersome.  The mid-range THC content (26.23%) is a welcome alternative to the supercharged smokes of today. If you had a rough day this is the perfect taste and speed to chain-smoke. EV’s ICC is undividedly pleasant and encouraging. Ideal for blunts, fatties, and bongs, bring this cake to the party or festival with the intention of sharing and powering through the whole thing.


$48 is a nice midrange price point for this really enjoyable smoke.

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