Product Review: Apex Extractions Black Label Gelato 33 Diamonds

by Carrie Dabshaw

Gelatio Diamonds At-A-Glance


Unpretentious quality obsession lands Apex Extractions exactly where their superlative suggests-top of the food chain.


Apex's Gelato 33 Diamonds open your senses into a bejeweled field of boundless love and comfort to snuggle into.


$26 for a gram of extract is among the lowest I've ever seen. Fantastic bargain for the quality.

About Apex Solutions

Apex Extractions is of a rare breed-a premium cannabis brand that doesn’t spend all of its time trying to convince us how dope it is. Apex’s website is largely blank-a power play indicative of the confidence of the top of the food chain. Apex is 5 years into their evolution towards the perfect extraction process. Each batch and additional strain is appraised for additional opportunities to improve. The importance of retaining the flower’s innate terpene, cannabinoid, and THCA superpowers are focused on and filtration is used only to remove impurities to hone in on the nicest elements of our favorite bud.


With 8 cannabis cups under their belt, Apex Extractions is an increasingly decorated addition to the moderately priced shelf and added some additional hardware in 2021 with WeedCon’s prize for Best Extract in the Indica subdivision. For my buck, cannabis concentrates are without a doubt the caviar of weed.  Although we cannot outdo the innate perfection of nature, science can help us zoom in on it. In this same way a lot of staples in western medication come from traditional indigenous uses of plants, cannabis concentrates parse out the most lively elements of the flower in supercharged doses.

If you’re unfamiliar with THC diamonds they look and sparkle exactly as you’d expect and derive from similar pressure (as well as heat). Trichomes glands are responsible for all the cannabis good stuff (terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids) that produce the aromas, flavors, effects, and sensations we love and the extraction process is like juicing them. Everything we enjoy is squeezed out of the flower and smashed together into an ultra-concentrated structure. Diamonds can be dabbed as is or broken up and added as a boost to bowls, blunts, and jays. Recently diamonds have been trending as a premium addition to prerolls or in liquid form as the juice for vapes.


Apex’s low-key confidence shines through in their packaging. In low key black and emerald green, Apex’s black label gives you everything you need to know immediately-cannabis extracts with a bonkers attention to quality. Lab testing reveals a smokin’ hot 91.81% cannabinoid percentage (which I personally find just as if not more valuable than the THC content) in addition to 2.5% terpenes (a more rare stat to find on these types of breakdowns), a little over 1.4% CBD and a lovely 78.40% stacking of THC.

If you’ve ever suffered the disservice of high THC but low cannabinoid weed you’ll know exactly how party-pooping this shallow cocktail can be. If you’re lucky enough to have avoided this I would advise you to continue to do so. Tons of THC without any cannabinoids is like the beer bong of weed-you’re flooded with the lowest common denominator with none of the enjoyment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a high cannabinoid count can really elevate and nuance a lower THC count into a more layered, immersive, and comprehensive experience.

The diamonds look dope through the tiny jar they come in and as soon as we dig in we are treated to the literally sparkling homage Apex’s Gelato Diamonds provide to their namesake. It is very clear what these cannabis marvels have in common with Marilyn Monroe’s best friends when they hit the light. A wonderful scent arises from the crystals in a way that both honors and improves upon what’d you get from a Gelato bud-it hits like weed perfume that cranks up the volume on its best traits. Gelato 33’s nose is a bright fruitiness with just the right amount of skunk. The beginning of my personal sense of taste in cannabis began with the realization that I always like anything Gelato including their descendant Sunset Sherbet. 

Something logistically amazing about Apex’s diamonds is that they inherently avoid all the major bummers of more runny and sticky extracts. Sauce, resin, and rosin are all great but they can be annoying the more you smoke and start slopping them all over the place. The PuffCo Peak pen is great but the longer you own it the more impossible it seems to un-sticky it. I like that diamonds are dry and a lot more convenient to handle. And they just look cool. Dabables can tend towards ugly but these offer a visual appeal lost on most extracts.

Apex’s Gelato 33 is as light, crisp, and delicious as it gets. With the lights on it’s almost hard to tell if you got a hit because the inhale is so untroublesome. Well heated high quality dabs must, quite simply, be the single finest way to smoke. Gelato’s signature icy smooth cooling of your nerves sets in quickly and all of your senses seem to release any heavy baggage immediately. The body really gets some TLC in Apex’s diamonds and I don’t mean Left Eye’s friends. Muscles unwind and accumulated stress dissipates effortlessly. The hits only get tastier as the Gelato diamonds start to set in and any instinct to stress about unimportant matters fades just as readily.

Apex’s Gelato Diamonds shine with a decided well-being that makes you want to call your closest friends and tell them that you love them. So post up with loved ones or whatever it takes for you to feel safe and let the unnecessary go.


Unbelievably priced for the quality-$26 for a full gram is a steal. 

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