Are Packwoods Worth It?

by Carrie Dabshaw
are packwoods worth it

Yes. Here's why:


Packwoods is a Los Angeles-based brand that keeps some very high-profile company. They’ve collabed with LA’s cannabis A-List: Cookies, Sherbinskis, and Runtz to name a few. Packwoods hosted the weed ball pit at this year’s Rolling Loud music festival and is spotted in the arms of the likes of Rick Ross and Lil’ Baby. Packwoods makes good on their slogan “We Roll Different”. But what makes Packwoods worth the top-shelf price tag?

Hand-broken & hand-rolled

The flower used in Packwoods Blunts and Packarillos are broken down by human hands, not machines. No matter how good technology gets there is a human element that machines cannot replicate. Packwoods flower isn’t pushed through a conveyor belt with fingers crossed all goes well. Human oversight means no stems, seeds or impurities make into your blunt. If you’ve ever suffered this type of mishap you know how thoroughly it fucks the entire experience. Connecting humans with the flower instead of using machines also add an intangible spiritual component. Cannabis is a living being. Although it is not ostensibly alive in the same ways we are-it is interacting with and experiencing the world. If you’ve ever smoked cigarettes you know exactly what I’m talking about-the tobacco smashed and packed by machines feels dead. It’s hard to imagine that it was ever part of our living earth. Using human hands maintains that relationship with the natural world. 

Hand rolling is indispensably part of the cannabis ritual. It is a deeply personal and inescapably human component of communing with the cannabis plant. Rolling up is a hand-made presentation of flowers finished with a kiss to make your body, mind, and spirit feel better. It’s an act of love for whoever you share it with. The process of grabbing the plate, prepping the wrap, grinding up the flower, and making something new is an awesome creative act and in groups a special interpersonal moment. It’s one of those small slices of life we share only with certain friends that then become how they live in our minds forever. Pre-rolls manufactured by machines don’t have the same soul as the hand-rolled. Packwoods insures top quality by providing the care only other humans can give us.

Glass tip

Packwoods Blunts and Packarillos use a glass tip to avoid the inevitable failings of using the wrap alone. Putting your mouth directly on the paper gets nasty quickly. It starts to stick together, stick to your lips, interfere with the free flow of smoke, and taste dag nasty. Matted down, disgusting blunt wraps are something we are more than good to leave in the past. Using a glass tip mouthpiece avoids all the grossness of over-moisturized blunts and allows for a consistent draw throughout the entire smoke. It elevates the tactile experience in addition to the functionality.


When I tried Packwoods flower for the first time I was incredibly skeptical. I assumed all of the magic of the Packwoods blunt lay in the extras and the flower wouldn’t be able to stand on its own. Man, was I wrong. The Wedding Mintz eighth is one of the best eighths out today bar none. [link to review] The flower is fragrant and alive and sticky and well-loved. The high is uplifting and nuanced and offers a really adventurous perspective switch.

The flower in the Packarillos and Blunts really shines. GMO Cookies as mini-blunts are remarkably balanced. The Cherry AK-47 in the 2gram is delicious and confidence-boosting. It’s not just an ingenious process and packaging-this is All-Star quality top to bottom. The completely tobacco-free wrap allows the cannabis to shine without distorting the flavor profile. 

are packwoods worth it

What does Infused Pre-Roll even mean?

Packwoods makes infused blunts. But what does that even mean? Packwoods uses 2 cannabis byproducts to really beef up their potency. A strain-specific highly concentrated extract is added to the flower to increase the THC content. Using only that strain’s extract instead of whatever is just laying around makes for a zoomed-in ultra HD version of that strain’s essence. It’s like Urkel walking in and Stephan Arkel walking out-it’s the same DNA but enhanced. The second in the 1-2 punch comes in dry-sifted kief sprinkled on top of the blunt. Kief is the accumulated collection of cannabinoids and terpenes shaken from the flower’s resin glands. In simpler terms-it’s the good stuff. Adding more of the active ingredients means you get a more intense high when you smoke it. 

The experience

Hand-breaking up the flower, hand-rolling the blunts, adding the glass tip and two bursts of superpowered cannabis magic make for a superior smoking experience. You don’t need to hit the Infused Blunt for too long to summon a sparkling best-night-ever vibe. If you have anything less than a sky-high tolerance you can stamp out the Infused Blunt and put it back in the tube to come back to at your convenience. No quality is lost and the wax-top lid keeps all the re-fry smell in. The Packarillos are relatively small but are also strong enough to put out and come back to later and they even have a tiny cap included to do just that. Flower obviously offers go-as-you-please flexibility and at this quality, it can last longer than the usual schwag. 

I’ll put it like this: with the distinct pleasure of trying Emjay’s most beloved treats, I am normally on to the next one without much thought about what’s passed. Packwoods Cherry AK-47 Blunt is the only product I’ve gone back to. Like I rushed through some of the other reviews to come home to her. It’s that good.

Bottom Line

Because the Packarillos are 2.25 grams of flower only and the same price as the single Infused 2gram if you are tight on cash skip the minis and go straight for the Original. The Original Infused Blunt is absolutely worth the price point even if you only get one sesh out of it (though you most likely can cash in several highs several times).  If you’d rather stretch your dollar a little further go with an eighth of flower for $10 bucks more.

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