What is the Best Weed for Sex?

by Doug

What is the Best Weed for Sex?

No matter the activity, someone out there is ready to explain that the best way to do it is after smoking some weed

Some smokers have even claimed that sex is far more pleasurable when stoned. 

This claim had come up so often, that St. Louis University in Missouri begun conducting research in the effects of weed on sex life. There’s clearly something to this claim, so what’s the best weed for sex?

Weed and Sex

Before choosing a weed strain to improve your sex life, it’s important to understand what you should improve in your sex life. 

Why is this important?

Different strains are grown to affect you differently. While some strains are perfect to knock you out for bed, and others are tailor grown to help you get work done, and there are ones for nearly every use-case in between. However, everyone’s body reacts uniquely to the effects of different weed, so it’s important to be realistic about what aspects of sex you want to improve.

One of the biggest worries new users have when considering using weed for sex is the idea that they may become “too high” to a point where they won’t enjoy sex. It’s crucial to know your own limitations and how you will be affected when smoking weed. 

Since different strains of weed will effect people differently, and people are missing certain aspects in their sex life, the simple asnwer is that weed can help your sex life when used right. 

Weed for Exploring New Things

One of the biggest sensations when considering sex is the hightened feeling of sensitive touch. Some high THC strains will give you a full body buzz, causing you to feel everything. Many of these strains will even push you out of your comfort zone and can boost your overall confidence. 

Grandaddy Purple

A bud focused on relaxing the body and creating a euphoric sensation, Grandaddy Purple is a sweet berry bud sure to enhance your night. This 70% Indica is designed to relax your mind and body, while enhancing your creative thoughts. 


Taking a different approach, Trainwreck is an 80% Sativa focused on a spike in energy, creativity, and uplifting thoughts while creating a euphoric environment. You can expect a full muscle relaxation with heightened feel, while feeling the want to be active. A perfect combination for between the sheets. 

Blue Dream

Focused on the best of Indica and Sativa, Blue Dream is a 60/40 Sativa hybrid allowing you to have an energized mind and increased sensation, while fully relaxing your body. This often opens the idea to trying new things, since the high is long lasting. Time for round two? Another hit will give you that boost of energy to keep going. 

With a massive 27% THC, you can expect a few pulls to go a long way, spending less time smoking and more time exploring. 

Weed for High Energy

Sativa strains are known for giving you a boost in mental and physical energy. This is a great option for people feeling fatigue, working long shifts, or anyone wanting a boost when getting in the mood.

Super Lemon Haze

Known for the sweet lemon flavor and massive energy boost, Super Lemon Haze is an 80% Sativa that will energize your body and mind. This bud will increase your focus, escalating the feel of every single touch. 

A strain often used for relieving anxiety, depression, and PTSD, this strain is guaranteed to melt away all of your issues and allow you to live in the moment. 

Green Crack

Green Crack is a 65% Sativa that is known to boost your mood while giving you a spike of energy, while also relaxing your muscles and soothing your body. This leads to an overall body relaxation with a boost in energy and touch-feeling. 

When smoked heavily, Green Crack is known to give slight psychedelic effects, such as slight visual distortions. This can be a great added bonus to some energetic sex. 

Weed for Increased Sensitivity

For many couples, sex is often about slow, soft sensations, focused on every kiss, touch, and feeling. Increased sensitivity can make the gentle moments feel as deep and special physically as they feel emotionally.

Each user will react to the same bud just a bit differently. This means while certain strain makes you feel extremely sensitive, your partner may not feel the same way. It’s important to experiment with different strains to see what works for you and your partner. 

Bubblegum Kush

Known for a deep high and increased sensitivity, Bubblegum Kush will have you craving every touch. This 80% Indica will create a head and body high, so you may end up moving a bit slower and enjoying every moment. You can expect a bubblegum flavor with sweet, fruity tastes. 

Bubblegum Kush is known for long lasting effects, so it’s great for late nights!


If you’re craving a long night of dirty deeds, ACDC is a 50/50 hybrid focused on high CBD. This bud is focused less on getting high and more on feeling good. 

With 6% THC and 20% CBD, you can expect a very mild high with a very deep body relaxation and sensation. A flavor and aroma of citrus and pine will create a savory warm sensation. 


Focused on users that need a bit more energy, Jillybean is a 60% Sativa known to energize the mind, while relaxing the body. Jillybean was bred with a focus on major euphoric effects. This citrus filled tropical flavor is a great option for a smooth flavor, with 18% THC you can expect a deep, full body high. 

Weed for Morning Sex


Harlequin is a low THC, high CBD strain known for sweet woody flavors and an overall body high. This 75% Sativa hybrid is sure to give you a spike of energy, increasing your overall focus. 

The low THC level (around 10%) will give you a slight buzz, without having major effects, allowing you to stay focused and keep going throughout your day after your morning escapade. This bud should keep you well grounded and wide awake. 

Best Ways To Use Before Sex

While lighting up a joint or bowl before sex sounds like the go-to for you, there are a wide range of ways to use your favorite bud. 

When looking at popular strains, they can be found as typical buds, vape, gummies, drinks, tinctures and much more. 

Which way is the best?


Whenever smoking weed, you should have a goal to keep your bud as cool as possible. If your weed gets too hot, you will actually destroy the THC before it can be consumed. 

Joins and blunts reduce this loss, allowing you to get the most out of each gram. 

If you’re looking for a one hit pull, consider using a bowl, bong, or pipe. Be sure to place any lit bowl away from the bed, since the goal is, well, you know. 


A smoking method often considered safer, vapes allow you to smoke an oil as it evaporates over a hot coil. Once you let go of the button, this entire setup cools down, making this a safe option for using anywhere, including in bed. 


From drinks to gummies, edibles have remained a favorite for THC and CBD consumption. Imagine you want a heavy hit of THC, but in a Watermelon Drink — with edibles this is no problem. 

When using edibles, you have no loss due to heating. With bud, smoking 12mg means you receive around 4mg. With edibles, 12mg means you get 12mg. This is why it’s recommended to ease your way into using edibles. 


A go-to for medical use, tinctures are dropped under the tongue. This gives the oils instant access to the bloodstream, and your body feels the effects almost immediately. 

Since there’s no smoke, this is a great option for apartments or other rented properties. If you want a bit more during or even after, simply drip a bit more under your tongue and keep moving. 


One particularly arousing way to bring weed into the bedroom is with a cannabis-infused lube. Foria hits the spot with their Pleasure Arousal Oil. This 150mg THC-infused lube is specifically formulated for women to help them get there with a heightened sense of touch and sensation while also soothing tension and discomfort.

Weed and Sex: A Perfect Combo

The idea that sex could be even better than it is now is reason in itself to give weed a try. Knowing what you want out of sex will help you better choose the right weed for your adventure. 

Since strains affect people differently, it’s important to give different strains a try. In other words, you need to smoke weed and have sex often to find what works best for you — so try a bunch of different things! 


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