Product Review: Calihash Infused Hybrid Pre-Roll

by Carrie Dabshaw

Calihash's Infused Hyrbrid Pre-Roll At-A-Glance


The laidback California lifestyle meets mindful attention to quality in this quintessentially West Coast love letter.


Easy breezy beachside ease meet surfer dude psychedelia for a comfortable, snuggle of stoniness.


Drop $20 bucks on the integrity of the ingredients and not how many people posted it on Instagram.

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About Calihash

Calihash deftly and immediately achieves a full mood with their brilliant logo and packaging. The sun rises over the ocean with its cosmic energy reverberating on the surface of the water and encapsulates the benefits of living in The Golden State at its meeting point with weed. The Emerald Triangle in Northern California is revered globally for producing some of the most glorious cannabis fruits on the planet and that molds the Cali lifestyle as much as California guides the germination of this fantastic seed. Even the capital of the world, New York City, has not caught up to the Golden Coast when it comes to weed.

A pink and orange sunset over palm trees welcomes us to Calihash’s “About Us” section of their website and informs us of their basis in LA. Los Angeles is a place (alternative take: open-air mental institution) that can be very difficult to love at times. But it’s moments like this that make Hell-A so undeniably attractive. Calihash proudly reps the home team and uses only California-grown indoor flower for their pre-rolls.

Calihash avoids all solvents and uses only the most gentle practices available to produce hash that retains each flower’s unique cannabinoid profile. Using both traditional dry-curing [link?] and freeze-drying methods, Calihash produces their ice water concentrate in-house alongside their flower selection for comprehensive oversight on what makes it into your inhale. Lots of companies bundle weed and extract without much of a say in how either is produced. Mindful, deliberate attention is how you make things great and it’s awesome to see Calihash put that effort into cannabis.


Each Calihash preroll packs a full gram of cannabis goodness with .8grams of flower electrified by .2grams of hash. The Hybrid blend featured here is Wedding Cake flower with MAC strain hash as the FINNEAS to its Billie. Short for Miracle Alien Cookies, MAC is Alien Cookies x Colombian x Starfighter and unfortunately not yet the subject of an infomercial as the title may lead you to believe.

Calihash recently launched cold-pressed ice water hash (also known as rosin) for the 2021 return of Hall of Flowers. If you are unfamiliar (and no cap I am just learning about this in this moment) Hall of Flowers is an annual trade show where cannabis businesses present their newest wares to dispensary buyers. Taking place in 3 locations this year (2 in Cali and 1 in Vegas) Hall of Flowers offers an on-site consumption lounge to try out the newest goodies. 

Calihash dons a down-to-earth unpretentious vibe and centers the sell on quality. Their pre-rolls are intended for a slow burn to best modulate dosage and prime the consumer’s optimum enjoyment of each blend’s terpene profile.  Let’s see if Calihash brings the sunshine.


Calihash had me at “Hello” with their stunning packaging and fragrant bud you can smell through the paper box. A seemingly Joshua Tree landscape graces the cover with magic hour turning the peach-pink sunset into the first light blues of evening. During the social shutdown of 2020, I took to capturing this cosmically perfect moment on as many days as I could. Watching the sky turn from day to night (and night to day) is a treasure and focusing on this moment makes me interested in what Calihash has to say. 

The cone they’ve prepared is rolled generously and well proportioned.  Calihash burns really nicely and smokes surprisingly smooth for a pre-roll. Calihash is perfect to put down and come back to a few minutes later and still have it cherried. The jay really seems designed to be chilled on instead of powered through. And take your time with it because it wields a much stronger influence than 23.7% THC would lead you to believe.

The high is distinctly far out and makes me blacklight posters (R.I.P.). This is a pairing for trippy music and/or flashy cinema. I like The Doors Strange Days or The Wachowskis’ Speed Racer. Don’t get too bogged down in anything heady or responsibility-laden, Calihash is best suited for a day at the beach whether that manifests literally or figuratively. Wedding Cake x MAC feels like kickin’ it with a tight group of close friends-the experience flows easily and unpretentiously with an implicit safety and comfort. 


$20 well spent on quality over quantity. 

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