Cannabis Guides for Our Saucey Friends

by Leslie McMann

Hi Saucey friend!

Welcome to Emjay! We’re just like Saucey: same ordering process, same ASAP delivery, but instead of delivering alcohol, we deliver cannabis products. Recreational cannabis is a young industry, and we understand not everyone is aware of all the new ways to consume weed – that’s why we made this guide to help you get familiar with our store on Emjay. Even if you’re skeptical about cannabis, you just might be surprised by a few of our unique and revolutionary products.

Feeling a little in over your head? It’s ok, everybody is a beginner at everything at one point. Check out our blogs on some of the basics of recreational cannabis here:

What kind of cannabis products fit your lifestyle?

Everyone is at a different point in their cannabis journey. Let us help you with some recommendations based on where you are.

“I don’t need any beginner’s guides, I’m already a regular at my local dispensary. Show me the goods.”

In that case, let’s cut to the chase. 

At Emjay, we have some of the most sought after premium indoor flower from respected brands like Alien Labs, Connected, Pure BeautySherbinskis, and many more. With Emjay, you get free delivery with no added fees: just the price of purchase and taxes. Seriously, it’s just like going to the dispensary – only you don’t have to deal with LA traffic and finding a place to park. Our professional delivery team will bring your order to your door, so you never have to leave your home.

“Are there any cannabis drinks? I want to try cannabis, but I really hate smoking and I don’t like all the sugar in edibles. Are there, like, canna-martinis?”

Well, no one has made weed martinis yet, but there are a few cannabis-infused drinks for sale on Emjay. These beverages are made with carefully measured ratios of THC and CBD, so they will have the same effect as eating gummies or smoking a joint. Just like when you were starting out with alcohol, only drink one and see how you feel before having a second.

For low-dose infused drinks perfect for people just trying cannabis, we recommend CANN, a new line of infused social tonics in flavors like Blood Orange Cardamom and Lemon Lavender. Each 7.5 oz. CANN contains 2mg THC and 4mg CBD, so there’s little danger of getting “too high” while sipping one of these. Similar to a cocktail, you’ll feel a nice buzz come on within ten minutes but these little guys are just 35 calories per can. If you’d like to try something a little stronger, the Hi-Boy 12 oz. varieties of CANN have 5mg THC and no CBD. 

Wunder is another great choice. They make cannabis-infused seltzers with maybe the most carefully engineered ratios ever seen in the recreational industry. As Wunder puts it, each can includes “2mg THC for mind, 2mg-DELTA-8 THC for body, and 4 CBD for soul” so you can experience a perfect high without getting sloppy or overwhelmed. And the lemon-ginger variety? Only 25 calories per can!

Keef Cola makes a more traditional infused soda, each with 10mg of THC (so a little on the strong side). They have all the classic flavors: Cola, Root Beer, Orange, and Grape. While you can certainly drink these straight from the bottle, Keef suggests trying their sodas as floats with vanilla ice cream.

Even beer lovers can partake in alcohol-free, THC-infused brews by Lagunitas called Hi Fi Hops. The three varieties combine Lagunitas skill at hop brewing with AbsoluteXtracts cannabis to deliver a refreshing alternative to alcohol that satisfies both cannabis users and craft beer lovers. 

Addicted to playing bartender? Emjay also sells cannabis tinctures like ALT’s vials, which are a liquid form of pure, flavorless THC that can be added to any drink. So you can make your own cannabis martinis, or any other cocktail you desire, while tailoring the strength to your needs.

“Is there a cannabis product like coffee? My drug of choice is caffeine.”

If you’re looking for an invigorating experience, try strains marked “sativa” like Blue Dream. Sativas let you relax and focus at the same time. Sativa strains give a more stimulating mental high than indica strains, without making the body feel tired or slow. People choose these strains when they want to smoke in social situations, like at parties, or if they want to do something creative, like painting or finally writing that screenplay. 

If you prefer a smoke-free product, try Kikoko’s Positivi-tea– a cannabis infused herbal green tea, with caffeine. With 9mg THC and 5mg CBD, it’s the perfect option for wake and bake and could even replace a daily coffee.  Use it like any other tea bag: just steep in boiling water and drink.

And if you want something with real coffee flavor, we suggest trying KIVA’s Terra Bites Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans. Not only do they taste great, but they allow you to control your dose one bean at a time.

They come in a tin that’s easy to keep in a purse or briefcase, and each bean is just 5mg of THC (100mg total in the tin).

“Can weed help me fall asleep? I usually have a nightcap or take medication.”

Yes, there are several cannabis products designed specifically to help people relax, fall asleep and stay asleep, without turning you into a zombie like some prescription sleep medicines. If you’re interested in smoking flower, we’d recommend an indica strain with high THC and CBD/CBN, like Banana. A popular saying among stoners is that indica strains keep you “in da couch” because they are so relaxing. CBN (cannabidol) develops when THC is exposed to light and/or heat. Though CBN doesn’t get a person high the way THC can, it does have anti-inflammatory properties that help pain relief, and, in combination with CBD, helps people with sleep issues fall asleep and stay asleep. More research is needed, but recent studies have found that CBN might actually be as effective as a small dose of the prescription sedative diazepam (Valium) in helping patients fall asleep.

But there are also many smoke-free alternatives. Dosist makes great vapes with precisely measured and timed doses. For night-time use, try their Relax or Sleep pens. Both have carefully measured ratios of THC, the compound in weed responsible for the mental “high,” and CBD, which relieves pain and relaxes the body. Relax has ratios optimized for relieving stress and mellowing out, like a nice Scotch on the rocks, while Sleep, with a very high CBD count, is designed for falling asleep quickly and then staying asleep.

If your night-time ritual depends on having a little tipple and something to nibble on, get the kettle on and have some Kikoko Tranquili-tea, an herbal chamomile with 50mg CBN to get your body and mind extra relaxed, and a square of cannabis chocolate from KIVA. That should put you out like a light.

“I don’t know about this. Doesn’t weed just make you lazy and zoned out?”

Lies and slander. There are cannabis products that can make you feel sleepy or a bit sedated, but cannabis can provide a range of effects. Patients with sleeplessness, pain, anxiety, and lack of appetite are regularly prescribed medical cannabis in California. But now that we have a recreational market, a doctor’s visit and medical card aren’t necessary for you to try weed as an aid for your symptoms or as a way to enjoy yourself. Cannabis as a plant species contains many diverse strains that have been carefully cultivated by growers for specific purposes, ranging from medicating epilepsy in children to promoting social activity at parties.

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