Cannabis Product Review: Source’s Lavender Sky

by Carrie Dabshaw

Lavender Sky At-A-Glance


Single minded flower-focus catapults Source into the stratosphere of relevant cannabis brands .


Happy, unbothered paradigm-shift makes for a goofy and loving Snuggie of a buzz.


Lavender Sky is better than several $60 brands. $45 is suprsingly low for the qulaity.

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About Source

Source operates in accordance with the golden rule: they only cultivate cannabis they would smoke themselves and they’ve got some high standards. Source cultivates indoors for precise, controlled geoclimate modifications best suited to each strain’s specific needs. With a focus on the importance of soil in the grow process, Source hand waters their plants to deepen their intimacy with the flower. Each bud is hand trimmed and glass cured with a through flushing process to maximize flavor and minimize harshness.
With Clean Green Certification, Source is as close to “organic”  as cannabis can get. Because (apparently it is still the stone age and) cannabis is still federally illegal it cannot pass the legal barriers to get the official “Organic” seal of approval from the USDA. Clean Green Certification speaks to the sustainability practices of the grower as well as their compliance with cannabis and agricultural standards. Put simply Clean Green denotes responsibility in agriculture and signifies an evolved metric of quality in the cannabis game.
Co-founded by its Master Grower, Source draws its connoisseur attention to detail from cultivation mastermind Ali. With precision focus and a sense of other-worldly reverence for the cannabis plant, Ali fine tunes the many intricate steps of the grow process. Ali thinks of the indoor cultivation centers as a sacred space and heads a team of growers with the expertise to maintain his high standards for this process. Ali and Source CEO Atari acknowledge the ripple effect of their actions and take responsibility for the energy they are putting out into the world. This is exactly the type of leadership we need to bring LA cannabis on par with more counter-culturally minded markets.


Source groups their cannabis offerings seasonally as any fruit of the Earth should be. We are so accustomed to seeing genetically modified fruits, veggies, and grow practices that we lose touch with a basically unwavering reality of life on this planet-there are seasons of growth and there are seasons of stagnation. Nothing blossoms all year and we cannot avoid winter. Dealing with the rhythm of nature head on denotes an evolution and maturity in cannabis and agriculture writ large that the profit-at-any-cost mentality ignores.

Each seasonal offering in Source’s arsenal is given the respect of a description that avoids antiquated tropes and get’s straight to the heart of the matter. Royal Highness, for example, is the match for when you want to “relax without losing your keys”. It is this type of experience based focus that anchors cannabis in the reality of the smoker’s moment-to-moment enjoyment of the flower. Lot of cultivars, dispensaries, and reviewers cling to nebulous “which face on the chart are you?” descriptions that just don’t amount to much in the smoker’s reality. I’ve smoked a lot of weed and I’ve never remarked to a friend that it felt “euphoric”.

Lavender Sky is a cross between Grape Pie and Animal Cookies and sounds like the single best lunchbox combinator a kid could hope for.  Source seems to be one of the few if not the only outfit offering this strain and  the commitment to trying something new must be praised. There are certain strains that have been here from the beginning and with all due respect to the OG’s I think it’s time to let them go. Let’s keep pushing the canon forward and move towards more radical innovation. Source shows us that the Lavender Sky is the limit. Let’s see how high it takes us.


Source goes gutsy with a markedly minimalism packaging-a bold choice on coveted retail space crowded with flashy insignia. It feels like a bold challenge to trust the brand over the window dressing. To be completely frank, the bare bones design has caused me to skip over Source on more than one occasion. Lavender Sky is such a sexy, alluring name I wish that was represented more literally on the label. 

Source doubles down with a clean see-through jar that lists the flower’s harvest and packaging dates. Source seems to have flower-focused tunnel vision and that is much appreciated in today’s glitzy scene. Torn in two by urges to luxuriate in the sparkling visuals and delicious aroma, Lavender Sky quickly establishes why it doesn’t need a flashy label.

Nearly the entirety of my eighth came in two tremendously sparkly, frosted buds. The health of the plant is remarkable and there is no doubt that they were cultivated with pure love. The nugs are visibly sticky and surprisingly dense- if there were bets being placed on which plants would survive winter my money’s on this obviously fit-as-a-fiddle vegetation.

I am drawing a blank on any flower with a similar aromatic appeal-Lavender Sky has some rich grape, light spice, and if you really search for it the second to last smell of the Lavender profile. The scent is very dynamic and there’s no viable alternative to going back in to smell it again and again. The effort Master Grower Ali has put in is clear as day in this already outstanding verdancy. Ground up, Sky has the mythic appeal of the first time you laid your eyes on the best weed you’ve ever smoked. Grab an eighth of this if you need to impress company.

Source’s attention to the importance of flushing the flower extensively after harvest is remarkably successful. This might be the cleanest inhale & exhale I’ve ever had. This is a great choice for people who don’t smoke much or often as there is no danger of coughing. Great fruit flavor on the exhale and some in a really light aftertaste. Lavender Sky is great in a pipe but would also pair spectacularly with a light unbleached jay paper or a super fruity blunt wrap. 

Source-if you’re reading this honestly please make this available for purchase in Half O’s. Lavender Sky is a contented, calming, crisp, carefree good time. Somatic sensation is flowy and uncumbersome and the mind is tamed into submission-you will forget what you’re doing several times. This is the type of weed that makes you want to stay up all night because it feels so nice.


$45 for flower heads and tails more magical than most in higher pay grades.

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