CannaCation Adventures: What to Do When You’re Stoned in the Thirty Mile Zone

by Carrie Dabshaw
The Museum of Dream Space

Bring all the joy and excitement of vacation to your home city with our curated tours of every neighborhood’s under-loved attractions.

This is all the best to See, Hear,  Taste, and Experience in the epicenter of Los Angeles’ Thirty Mile Zone with cannabis as your co-pilot. 

The Thirty Mile Zone (the phrase from which TMZ‘s name is drawn)  is the contractually defined boundary past which production must pay their actors an additional per-diem for leaving Los Angeles. That’s right, in the eyes of California contract law, anything past a 30-mile radius of the Beverly Center counts as a different city. 

So what’s this part of town got cookin’ that makes it so Los Angeles defining? Let’s find out with a walkable jaunt through LA’s Fairfax and famed Beverly Hills districts

See: Art Angels

Founded in 2013 by two women, Art Angels showcases a rotating selection of breathtaking exhibits at their flagship galleries in Miami and here on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles. Art Angels curate permanent collections for Nobu Miami and Catch Los Angeles and it seems their bread and butter is remarkable and accessible pieces. You don’t need to be an art snob “to get” how dope these works are. 

This fantastic visual feast is best paired with a mildly psychedelic joy ride. I like Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato. Shown by appointment only: [email protected] or make like me and creep on the pieces through the glass walls.

9020 Beverly Blvd 90048

Hear: Braindead Studios

Braindead is a fantastically bizarre lifestyle brand with disruptive, innovative works in a wide range of interests. With a full line of apparel and collaborative works from rollerblades and home decor to hardware and hard hats, Braindead sells just about everything you might need in addition to running this arthouse, repertory theater on Fairfax.

Movies are shown Wednesday through Sunday and fit the rotating monthly theme. Come early before showtime to check out the full clothing store upstairs and open-air café out back. You’ll want to be well toasted to pick up what Braindead’s puttin’ down so partake accordingly. Luckily, you guessed it, they make edibles too. Check out their fabulous live rosin Cherimoya Sannam Edibles in collaboration with Rose Delights for a clean mystic buzz.

611 N Fairfax 90036

Taste: Vegan AF Food Truck

Recently boosted by a shout-out from Lizzo, Vegan As Fuck Food truck is the brainchild of Chanel Goodson and an exciting new take on LA”s plant-based food scene. With the monster deep-fried egg roles featured above and loaded monster fries in bright pink take-out containers, Vegan AF is made for the stoner’s palette. 

Usually posted up just a few blocks from Braindead Studios, Vegan AF is busy these days with stops all over the city so check their Instagram (@veganafoodtruck) for their weekly schedule before you get tummy set on it. Vegan As Fuck is black woman-owned and will pair well with anything that gives you the munchies. I’d grab Pure Beauty’s Hybrid Babies the perfectly sized pre-rolls to savor on a walk around the block while you’re waiting for your food (and another enterprise co-founded and chaired by a woman of color.).

Usually parked at 7951 Melrose Ave just a few blocks from Braindead. 

Experience: Museum of Dream Space Beverly Hills

The Museum of Dream Space is a collection of digital art and light projections crafted to tickle your trippy bone. With locations in Vegas and Beverly Hills, MoDS is one of those exhibits that seems built for social media. Resist the temptation and put your phone down to really be with the experience.

With a running promotion on Groupon, you can get in for under $30. Take your time venturing through the multi-room experience and maybe make like Billie and ponder where we all go when we fall asleep. You’ll want to be high high for this one. Try the Cure Company’s Marathon OG for a beautiful philosophical experience.

8500 Beverly Blvd about half a mile from Art Angels

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