Emjay Exclusive: Midzotics x Feeling Frosty Live Rosin Zoju

by Carrie Dabshaw

Zoju Live Rosin At-A-Glance


Midzotics psychedelic irreverence meets Feeling Frosty's concentrate obsession in this Emjay Exclusive.


Check out into your own little world with artic levels of chill and a heavy zone out.


$80 for 1gram of solventless cryogenic cannabis.

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Get Frosty, buy Midzotics Zoju LIve Rosin exclusively through Emjay.

About Midzotic’s Live Rosin Zoju

Midzotic may roll with Frosty but their aesthetic is straight up sexy. For all lovers of our current fashion throwback remix, Midzotics pops off on their website with oooey-gooey psychedelic colors and heavy Miami Vice vibes jerseys. In collaboration with Riff Raff, this merch sent me with it’s funky out-of-this-world alternate reality vibes and if this sets the tone for the cannabis, count me in for seconds.

Midzotics’ website plays mum’s the word when it comes to their cannabis but they pop off on the ‘gram. In league with cannabis heavyweights, Midzotics proudly announces their placement on the shelves of the biggest names in California cannabis: B-Real’s Dr. Greenthumbs, Berner’s Cookies, and of course our very own game-changer Mario Guzman’s Sherbinskis.  With stunning flix and useful information on their unique and rare strain offerings, Midzotics IG makes a compelling case for joining the #midzgang. 

Midzotic’s approach is unapologetically whacky and colorful. From Divorce Cake to Ultra Violet Pirate, Midzotic adds hilarity to their naming and packaging and I am all in for the madness. Beyond making the dope aforesaid jersey set, Midzotics also worked with Riff Raff (apparently….a….rapper?) for the Riff Raff x Shotty “SMOkiN ON MiDZotics” video that only YouTube can explain. Hip Hop and Cannabis are separately and in combination sacred but almost anything can benefit from some irreverence, especially with this much Yay Area in the air.


Mid’s partner in crime for this gorgeous masterpiece is Feeling Frosty which specializes in small-batch concentrates out of Sonoma County. Using fresh frozen (hence the nickname) top-tier NorCal flower, Feeling Frosty aims for everyone from the cannaseuier to the canna-curious. Taking cannabis to its cryogenic state is exactly as your favorite Sci-Fi storytelling device would have you believe-the flower remains alive but it is de-animated in subzero temperatures. Whether it bursts out screaming Austin Powers quotes we will soon find out.

Feeling Frosty pride themselves on a broad selection of strains from Humboldt to the Central Valley and have found great celebration in the prowess of their process.  Feeling Frosty has taken home several awards from across the globe for their rosin since 2017 including a big win at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2018. 

Although Frosty does use solvents in its resin, the Ice Water Hash and Live Rosin featured here steer clear of the butane for a purely divine natural experience. If you’re unfamiliar, the process for making Ice Water Hash freezes the fresh bud and separates out the glands with all of the plant’s psychoactive ingredients.  These isolated trichomes are then put under great heat and pressure that results in clean, flavorful potent cannabis magic with no plant matter. Live Rosin is newly my single favorite method of consumption so enough with the intro let’s get to it.


Opening the Midzotics packaging is an experience in and of itself. Fresh out the fridge, Zoju is frosty and clean. London Pound Cake x Kosher Kush x Zkittles looks gorgeous in the patent-pending peek-a-book packaging. Every aspect speaks class and once you open the jar-the rosin greets you with a full nose of clean pineapple. I wish we could go back in time and let smokers in the 60s know that this is what “grass” looks like these days. It’s hard to believe that this unremarkably colored wax holds so much cannabis alchemy. Digging in an extremely satisfying grown-up Play-Doh texture greets you with the excitement of what’s to come.
The inhale has a much more true-to-flower flavor than I was expecting based on the bouquet. Some citrus makes it through on the inhale but the vapor is so impeccably clean it is nearly weightless. This is ideal for situations in which you want to be discreet. You could exhale this sitting next to someone at a restaurant and there’s a good chance they wouldn’t notice. The high itself is really low-key as well.  Zoju offers a subtle zone out that doesn’t make itself known until you start doing stuff. Each subsequent dab I loaded into my PuffCo Plus got more and more difficult. This is definitely not a smoke for concentration.
Use Zoju when you want to space out. This is not a getting-things-done vibe. A perfect fit for events you don’t really want to go to and/or don’t want to use your full energy for. Zoju absolutely encapsulates you in your own little world so don’t use for public speaking or performance but is excellent for listening to music and screaming along to your favorite band.  The high is balanced to the point of flatlining-you’re not really in your body but you’re not really perceptually changed either, you’re just high. This dab doesn’t make you better as a human so save for moments when you’re wanting to check out.


$80 is too much for the gram. Overpriced.

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