Emjay Merges With Alcohol Delivery Service, Saucey

by Doug

Emjay and Saucey have merged!

Your eyes do not deceive you, friends: For the first time in the history of all that is fun, alcohol delivery and cannabis delivery are shacking up under the same roof.

What does this mean, exactly? Simply put, in addition to cannabis delivery with Emjay, you can now order alcohol delivery through the Saucey app. And not just alcohol; in addition to quick local delivery of your favorite beer, wine, vodka, whiskey, rum, tequila, and mixers, you can also get chips, cookies, candy, ice cream, snacks, ice, and limes delivered straight to your doorstep. Oh, and Saucey does tobacco delivery, too; need a pack of cigarettes, a tin of chewing tobacco, or a vape pen cartridge? Saucey’s got you covered.

Why should you use Saucey for alcohol delivery?

Here’s what you can expect from getting alcohol delivery near you with Saucey:

Fast delivery.

Saucey couriers are on call, standing by from open to close. Your next round is only a tap away.

No order minimums.

Sometimes you just want a bottle of wine or just a pack of cigarettes. We get it. Order exactly what you want without any hidden fees.

They have everything else you could want.

Ever think, “Hey, a bag of chips would pair brilliantly with this blunt” or “I’d like to sip some beer while I wait for this edible to kick in,” or maybe you want a pack of cigarettes too. Well, now with Saucey, all of those items are available for you!

How to sign up for Saucey

Signing up for a Saucey account is as easy as can be; simply download the app in the App Store or Google Play and take $10 off your first alcohol delivery with code FIRST10.

One quick note before this party kicks off, though: according to “the law,” alcohol and cannabis cannot be purchased together, so you’ll be asked to check out separately for alcohol (with Saucey) and cannabis (on the Emjay website). You’ll have separate couriers, too. But it’s so easy that someone who is—in theory—significantly cross faded can do it, we promise. 

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