How Much CBD Should You Take: Finding the Right Dosage

by Emjay

At first glance, CBD seems like a vanilla cannabinoid. It doesn’t get you high, it’s on the shelves of every health food store, and it even binds to your vanilloid receptors. 

The gentle and tame nature of CBD is exactly what makes it so beloved. If you want to chill out but you still have things to do, you can use CBD to have a better time working or handling your chores without feeling too stoned to function. 

CBD has also been extensively studied for its potential medical benefits, but we’re still learning about how CBD works and its applications.

CBD is the right combination of making you feel good while being potentially good for you, depending on the form of CBD you take. 

The form is one of the most significant factors in determining what dose of CBD will be right for you. 

What form of CBD are you using?

Some forms of CBD are superior to others. 

Depending on who you ask, you might hear that certain forms of CBD are designed to be used as supplementary forms of CBD. This is an accurate description of things like CBD-infused food and drinks, which often contain very little CBD. 

CBD in food and drinks

Most CBD edibles or CBD-infused beverages only contain a modest amount of CBD. 

By the time your digestive system is done processing the CBD and sending it to your endocannabinoid system, the effects produced by this CBD won’t likely be noticeable. 

You’re still getting a little bit of stimulation to your system, but not so much that you could use these forms of CBD to target specific wellness concerns. 

CBD tablets or softgels

CBD tablets and soft gels often come in much higher doses than CBD-infused food and drinks, and for good reason. 

When CBD goes through your digestive system, it’s subject to something called the “first-pass effect.” Your body breaks it down and your liver metabolizes it, sending it off in a gentle and steady stream throughout your body.

This can change the potency and effects of CBD, which may begin to wear off before it accumulates. You may notice some of the effects of the CBD, but they won’t be as pronounced as delivery methods that work almost instantly. 

CBD tinctures

CBD tinctures are the halfway point between soft gels and vape carts. 

You don’t have to smoke or vape anything if you don’t want to, and you don’t have to wait for a tablet or soft gel to be broken down and metabolized. 

CBD tinctures are CBD-infused drops that you place under your tongue

When you hold the drops there, they start to enter your bloodstream through the thin tissue. This allows them to get to work relatively quickly, usually within half an hour of using them. 

CBD flower or vape carts

Although not always the healthiest way to consume CBD, many users prefer the relaxing actions of vaping and smoking. Not to mention, its increased bioavailability. 

If you already smoke weed or vape, you’re probably more open to the idea of smoking or vaping your CBD. 

CBD extracts come in vape carts, and CBD flower looks just like pot. The only difference is that it’s a high CBD variety of hemp, which means it doesn’t contain more than 0.3% THC. As such, the low qualities of THC produce a clear-headed effect without a high. 

In fact, it tastes and smokes exactly like any other bud.

Inhalation is the fastest and most effective delivery method for all cannabinoids, but some people have reservations about using CBD products this way. 


What do you want CBD to do for you?

CBD is often used to support restful sleep, promote relaxation, and boost workout recovery. 

Some people take it as a general wellness aid without any specific concerns in mind. The proper dosage of CBD for you depends on the form you’re using and the effect you’re looking for. 

If you’re just dabbling around with the potential benefits of CBD, opt for edibles and drinks. If you want an overall boost, taking a higher dose of a soft gel will provide those benefits.

If you want your CBD to provide on-demand relaxation or promote restful sleep, you’ll need a form that works quickly. 

Flower, vape carts, and sublingual CBD products are your best bet when you don’t want to wait a few hours to experience the benefits.

You’ll see plenty of recommendations about how much you should be using, but everyone is different. 

Most studies show that people can tolerate about 1,500 mg of CBD daily without any undesirable side effects. That’s a lot more CBD than you’ll ever need, especially as a beginner.  

But a little trial-and-error will be your key to success. 

The best way to determine how much CBD you need is to review the research and feel your way through it. Your body will tell you how much CBD you need if you’re patient and willing to listen.

How much CBD do you need to experience the effects?

The amount of CBD listed on your product is for the entire tincture, cart, can, bottle, or package of edibles. Not for a single dosage. 

The serving size will tell you how much the company intends to serve, and the number is usually fairly low. In most cases, the serving size suggested is nowhere near enough.

Most clinical trials and studies involving CBD use 300 to 600 mg of CBD ingested orally to see the benefits early on. 

When you use tinctures, flower, or vape carts, you’re bypassing your digestive system. Less than half of the same amount of CBD will take you very far. 

The CBD gets to work almost immediately. You’ll notice the benefits starting within minutes when you smoke or vape CBD, or within an hour when you use it sublingually. 

When you reach the point that you notice CBD beginning to work, take a moment to pause. Determine if you’re good where you are or if you want a little more. 

It’s not possible to overdose on CBD and CBD won’t get you high. Worst case scenario, you get too relaxed. Oh no. Order some Thai food and take a nap! The rest of the day is going to be too chill

The only potential side effects you may experience from CBD products at less than 1,500 mg will usually relate to the other ingredients. 

Many CBD dropper products are suspended in oil, and if your stomach doesn’t do well with a lot of oil, you may encounter some tummy troubles. 

Eating a full meal before swallowing CBD oil may help to offset the potential for these side effects.

The takeaway

CBD works differently across a wide variety of scenarios. 

It all depends on the form you take, the goal you’re trying to accomplish with your CBD, and the way your body works. If you’ve tried CBD before and feel like it wasn’t working, you might want to give it another shot with a different approach. 

Experimenting with CBD will help you determine the best way to enjoy it. 

Emjay has plenty of CBD products, with or without THC. You can enjoy your CBD however you’d like, and you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home to do it. 

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