How To Know How Much Weed is Too Much

by Emjay

Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. There are several reasons why you might feel like you’re smoking too much weed. If you feel like weed is hurting your body, if you or someone around you seems too high, or if you feel like a bottomless weed pit, there’s a remedy for everyone.

Taking a sabbatical from smoking isn’t a bad idea if you feel like it’s not agreeing with you. If it’s just the form of weed you’re using that’s giving you some issues, switching things up can help in the long term. 

Do you feel physical discomfort from smoking?

If your chest feels heavy, you’re coughing a lot, and you find it hard to catch your breath, you definitely shouldn’t be smoking weed. Weed is actually harsher on your lungs than cigarettes due to the sheer volume of smoke, and the huge clouds from things like gravity bongs definitely don’t help. 

Some people find that weed simply doesn’t agree with them and their bodies. If this is you, you shouldn’t smoke weed. If you use weed for its medicinal benefits or prefer its effects to other recreational indulgences like alcohol, you don’t have to give up weed entirely. Simply changing the form you use can solve the problem. 

Using vape carts

Vape cartridges from reliable manufacturers that lab test their products are always the safest thing to use. Black market cartridges are sketchy and potentially dangerous because there’s no way to know what’s in them. If you live in a state where medical or recreational cannabis use is legal, safer cartridges are incredibly easy to find. 

Manufacturers focused on creating a pure and contaminant-free product don’t use ingredients like vitamin E acetate or artificial flavorings that are linked to dangerous vape effects. They’re using pure extracts from the flower, and putting them into a form that you can inhale without fire or smoke. You might find them gentler than flower. 

Using extracts

Solventless extracts, particularly those made from live cannabis plants, are a pure and tasty way to enjoy your weed. They’re highly potent and they vaporize quickly. A small puff of an extract is a tasty experience that doesn’t require a lot of inhalation to enjoy the effects. You definitely won’t need a lot. A single dab will do you most of the time, especially if you aren’t a heavy cannabis user. 

Using edibles

Edibles will get you high without affecting your lungs at all. You eat them, your body digests them and metabolizes the THC, and you slowly get high via your bloodstream. It’s important to note that edibles work differently. The high lasts for a very long time, and it’s slightly unpredictable. If you’re new to edibles, start with a very low dose. 

Don’t take more if you feel like it isn’t working. You just have to be patient. It may take up to two hours for the effects to begin, and if you take one an hour and forty-five minutes after you take the first one, you’re probably not going to have a great experience. Be gentle with them until you understand how your body reacts. 

Using tinctures

THC tinctures are designed to look and operate like medicines. If you’re a medical cannabis patient, they are medicine. They’re cannabis-infused drops that you place under your tongue. Rather than entering your body through your lungs, they enter through your soft tissue and go right into your bloodstream. Tinctures get to work quickly, and they’re very potent. Make sure you’re paying attention to the recommended dosage on the packaging. A tiny bit goes a very long way. 

Do you feel too high?

If you feel like you’ve had too much weed in a specific situation, the biggest thing you can do is learn from that mistake. We all overshoot our limits sometimes, especially when we’re having fun or we aren’t being mindful. Paying close attention to how much you’ve smoked and how you feel will keep you from overindulging. Setting limits for yourself before you start can help you prevent a horrible case of couch-lock that you weren’t looking for. 

If you or someone around you is in the throes of being too high, there are a few things you can do to help manage the situation until a natural comedown occurs. 

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Use some “antidotes”

CBD naturally limits the amount of THC that can bind to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body. A large dose of CBD can ward away THC, preventing it from escalating or prolonging a high that you’re looking to get out of. A very high potency CBD vape can help to counteract the effects rather quickly.

If you don’t have any CBD on hand, you can use black peppercorns. Black peppercorns contain a terpene called beta-caryophyllene that also naturally occurs in weed. It’s a terpene that’s naturally positioned against THC. Eating a very peppery snack or chewing on raw peppercorns may not be the most delicious experience, but it might make a bad high substantially better.

Manage emotional factors

Being too high often makes people feel anxious or overwhelmed. Removing negative stimuli can help. Taking off restrictive clothing items like belts, bras, or tight jeans and slipping into something loose and comfy will reduce negative bodily sensations. Bonus points if a comfortable bed is available. Isolating yourself or the affected person from outside noises and placing them in a low light environment can help them breathe themselves into a meditative state of calm. 

Tend to your body’s needs

Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Refueling your body will make you feel better, and it will also get your metabolism going. The faster your metabolism goes, the faster it can metabolize the weed in your system. If you’re dehydrated, opt for a drink with some electrolytes.

If you’re hungry, don’t go for salty junk food. You need a real meal with protein, fat, and healthy carbs. Order a grain bowl with grilled chicken and avocado or sushi with salmon and brown rice. If you don’t want to wait to eat, grab the healthiest snack you can find until you have access to a substantial meal. A banana and some yogurt might help. 

Keep it familiar

Focusing on a familiar task can keep you distracted in a positive way. Watching something you’ve already seen a million times, listening to an album you know inside and out, or playing a game you’ve already completed all of the achievements for might help. Before you know it, an hour or two will have gone by and you’ll be down. 

Smoking too much because you can’t get high

Some people wind up smoking a lot more because smoking doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. If you’ve developed a tolerance, smoking an eighth of flower a day isn’t going to do your body or your wallet any good. Switching to something like a vape distillate can help. It’s four times as potent as weed, so you’ll experience the effects you want without any smoke. Don’t burn through your money.

Alternatively, you do have the option of giving your body a break. If you stop smoking for a month or two, your tolerance will drop to a manageable level. Being mindful of how much you smoke when you start again can delay your tolerance from quickly rebuilding. A little bit of moderation and management can keep everything rolling smoothly. 

The takeaway

Too much weed can ruin your fun, just like too much alcohol can mess up your weekend. Although flower is the tried and true original way to enjoy weed, it isn’t for everyone. If it was, there wouldn’t be so many alternatives available. 

Smoking responsibly is important, and not smoking at all is a wise choice for some people. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your pot without burning it and inhaling it. You don’t need to do something that’s making you feel bad. 

Emjay wants you to have options. We have every form of cannabis you can imagine, and we’ll deliver it to you in half an hour or less. When you’re recovered and ready for a do-over, choose a form you feel would work better for you than flower. We want you to enjoy your weed, but most importantly, we want you to feel good about the way you choose to enjoy it. 

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