How To Stay Focused & Creative While High

by Bridey Hicks
photo by alice dietrich on unsplash_How To Stay Focused & Creative While High

Cannabis means many different things to different people. Some people swear by its pain-relieving properties, while others love it for the energy bump it brings to their everyday life. Isn’t that the beauty of cannabis? How easy it is to personalize your own goals?

But how effective are we at using weed to actually achieve these desired effects?

In a 2020 study from Jointly, their data from 80,000 different consumers paints an insightful image of how cannabis users purposefully use marijuana for their own goals. The lowest on the consumer success ratings? Focus and Creativity. Let’s see if we can change that.

Change your environment 

The Jointly study shows that out of 80,000 people, 50% consume cannabis alone.

Data like this begs the question, what would happen if you changed your consumption? Maybe the kicker is that while the creative part of your brain is stimulated, there isn’t a safe or comfortable outlet.

If you’re usually a loner smoker when you try to get some work done, try adding a trusted friend or significant other to your cannabis sessions. Even just having another body nearby makes it more likely to share what’s happening in your head. Before you start consuming, put a notepad and pen nearby. Hell, maybe add that to your everyday routine. There’s no pressure to add anything to the notepad. You can just stare at it and think about how they made the lined paper have lines. Knowing it’s there will let your brain take a break from trying and unlock the creativity that’s already swimming around in your head.

For focus

“PICK A STRAIN THAT ENHANCES YOUR FOCUS,” we scream from the top of the Chrysler building. There are a million strains for a reason – they all affect us differently.

There are people who know the ins and out’s of cannabis like the back of their hand. Talk with your budtender, or even hop on the phone with a dispensary to ask them for what type of product they’d recommend to get your desired effect. That way, when the time comes to focus, you’ll know what to use to lock in.

Find your go-to strain for focus and creativity

What is it about cannabis that makes people unfocused on their creativity? Could it be the strain they’re using? How much they had in one sitting? Their environment? We’ll be the first to say: it’s probably all of those things.

Here are three strains that will help you stay focused and enhance your creativity.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a fantastic strain if you’re looking for a balanced high, as you’ll feel energized and in tune with your mind and body. This sativa-dominant hybrid is made by crossing Blueberry with Haze. Its berry-like taste will leave you wondering if they made this with real blueberries.

Users report feeling calm and focused enough to trust their creative process & instincts.

How To Stay Focused & Creative While High_Blue Dream

Purple Haze 

We all know the song, and it’s named after it for a reason. Another sativa-dominant hybrid (are you catching on?), this strain is a mix between Haze and Purple Thai.

When you’re wrapped in the warm hug of Purple Haze, it’ll make you more aware of your senses. A particular smell may be more intense, or colors may seem brighter- almost psychedelic. Since this strain has very few sedative properties, you’ll feel cerebral enough to focus on what’s in front of you. Write a poem about the carpet of your apartment, or paint a photo of the bush outside. Either way, this will heighten your productivity and creative side beautifully.


Euphoric, focused, and creative. While the genetic makeup of this hybrid strain has been lost throughout the years, it’s popular for a reason. You’ll feel energetic and upbeat, which is a wonderful mindset when looking to amplify ideas. Whether you’re headed into a brainstorming session or want to take the first pass at a creative endeavor, this is the strain to do that. Fire off, get weird, and think outside the box with Chemdawg.

It’s incredibly cool to have goals for yourself with cannabis. Knowing what you want from your cannabis consumption can help you look for the right strain or environment you want for the day. The best thing about cannabis is that you can cater to what’s missing or add to what’s already there. Pick a strain known to boost creativity or heighten focus, be open to changing your environment, order delivery from Emjay, and get to writing that novel.

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