January is CANNuary

by Leslie McMann

Dry January got you feeling parched?

You can drink the California way by replacing alcoholic beverages with CANN infused social tonics and turn that dusty annual ritual into a vibrant CANNuary. CANN is a slightly sweet, slightly carbonated beverage infused with a low-dose balance of THC and CBD. Like an edible gummy, you get your buzz by ingesting the cannabinoids– no smoke required. Each 7.5oz can contains just 2mg of THC and 4mg CBD, so they’re safe for even a cannabis newbie to try without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, since they’re made with only Mexican agave, carbonated water and juice not from concentrate, CANN is a heck of a lot better for your diet than your average empty calorie-laden beer, wine or mixed drink. So, if you’re also trying to eat healthier following the excesses of holiday feasting, you can still include the occasional CANN without getting swallowed up in guilt.

After all, THC is calorie free.

CANN is purposefully designed to promote social interaction (hence the name “social tonic”) in a less intoxicating way than alcohol. If you’re someone who feels like they need alcohol to “grease the wheels” during social situations, try replacing your drinks with a CANN for a more pleasant and relaxing buzz than alcohol – and one that won’t leave you feeling sloppy.

If you’re committed to Dry January abstinence but feel like you might be tempted to drink due to social pressure at an upcoming party, bring a six pack of CANN to the venue. You’re guaranteed to be the coolest guy there, and feel less tempted to indulge in the sauce.

CANNuary doesn’t have to end on February 1st, though. CANNuary is a mindset, not just a month. Studies show that alcohol purchases decrease exponentially in areas where cannabis is legally available, likely because people who used alcohol to self-medicate issues such as anxiety, depression or pain, instead turn to cannabis– which has, you know, an actual medical application. And no other alcohol-free drink on the market has Big Booze shaking in their boots the way CANN does. More than the new hot item in the cannabis industry, CANN is revolutionizing drinking culture.

CANN is available in a variety of flavors, with new ones constantly coming out. Plus, CANN now offers “roady packs” of dry, concentrated drink that can be added to water to make CANN on the go. Here’s the current roster available on Emjay:

The Original 7.5 oz CANN

Available in Grapefruit Rosemary, Blood Orange Cardamom, or Lemon Lavender, the original line of CANN contains 2mg THC and 4mg CBD in each can. At just 35 calories per can, they’re a low-dose, low-calorie alcohol alternative miracle elixir. And they taste good, too!

The Hi-Boys

CANN wowed the world with their first line of infused social tonics, but as with everything in the cannabis industry, someone said “I think this could be stronger.” Enter the Hi-Boys, CANN’s line of CBD-free social tonics featuring new flavors and extra THC. At 5mg THC per 12oz can, the Hi-Boys are available in the three original flavors plus Pineapple Jalapeno.

Special Edition Sundae School CANN

Partnering with the AAPI-owned cannabis and apparel company Sundae School, CANN launched a new flavor, Yuzu Elderflower. With a tangy but floral taste, each 8oz can contains 2mg THC and 4mg CBD.

Special Edition Holiday CANN

It might be a little too late to get your hands on this annual limited release, but the Cranberry Sage CANN will no doubt be back next holiday season. After all, it’s actress Kate Hudson’s favorite CANN flavor. Available in 7.5 oz cans with 2mg THC and 4mg CBD, this past holiday season it was also available in a large glass bottle containing 60mg THC and 120mg CBD, suitable for serving at Thanksgiving dinner.

January 16 is the last day to take advantage of Emjay’s CANNuary BOGO deal, where you can get an extra six pack or Hi-Boy 4-pack for just a penny when you purchase a pack of CANN at full price. California cannabis law unfortunately prevents us from giving away free CANN. Check heyemjay.com to copy the CANNuary discount codes from our homepage and see which flavors are available in your area.

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